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Let’s break the Customer-Trust conundrums

Updated 6 July 2021


There are multiple ways to gain traffic on your e-commerce store by putting up ads on social media & other related publicities. But getting huge traffic on your store will not profit you, converting the traffic into real customers will!

We all know that growing an eCommerce business is hard at the initial stage. It has a number of reasons:

  • People don’t trust your products.
  • They are not sure about your shipping, RMA & payment-related services.
  • If you have nothing new or special to give them then they will stick with the one they are going & will not turn towards you.
  • And maybe if your store doesn’t look as impressive as it should be.
  • Another step back maybe if you don’t have a mobile application for your eCommerce store.
  • They might have a loo…oot of queries regarding your products & store and if you don’t have a good support service or doing things for clearing their doubts then you are lacking in a lot of dimensions.

So let’s see how you can work through these issues (stop dodging them) within Shopify using their apps:

1. Setting up the perfect store:


Work on your store, look at what theme you are using, the theme colors, high-quality product pictures, etc.


The ‘About’ section on your store plays an important role, which we tend to neglect quite a lot. Use this space in the best possible way. Let your visitors know your story, your hardship & your brand. Provide them with as much information as needed.

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New visitors look for reviews and without then it seems hard to get the sales. So, what all you can do is work with your product description, proper RMA policies, shipping guidelines, etc.

Some Helpful Apps

You can provide offers to your customers & make sure your customers are well known about the offers going on in your store. For this, you can simply use the Product Flag app for Shopify which will let you display labels on your store’s home, product & collection page regarding the offers/deals going on your store.

The Product dream list is also a good app that will let your customers add products in a separate wishlist for later purchase. Admin can even send the customers emails regarding the products they have added in their dream list. Directly helps with building the seller-customer relationship.

Product zipcode validator is one other app that facilitates your customers to search for product’s availability at their location & you can even add related products on the product description page using the same app. It also allows you to add shipping rates based on the range. Giving your customers the best shopping experience is the key!


To design your store in a more socialize way, you can use the following apps:

Showing the best deals, upcoming & best selling products, exciting store-related news banners can be made simple by using this app.

Display your Twitter feed to connect more with your customers in a social way.

People are drawn by the social media concept of liking, disliking, following & unfollowing. So why not providing them the same atmosphere in your store? Use the Social Commerce app & let your customers create their own social profile where they can link their other social media profiles, like, share, follow other customers and much more.

2. If customers don’t trust you (of course why will they trust a newbie in the market), they will not buy (it’s human nature & not your fault).


It will take up time but you can make an effort to speed up this process.

Few apps that can help you do this are:

This app lets you add frequently asked questions regarding your product & store in general on product description as well as frontend menu. Add questions asked by your customers or even the one you think they might wanna know about, this will clear their doubt & might make them your customer.

You can even write down the RMA policies of your store as faqs.

Add an ‘ask a question’ button on your product description page which will easily provide your customers a way to ask questions to you without a mail-mail hassle which customers really ignore as who has the time in this world!

What’s better if your customers have the right to manage their own orders. In other words, let your customers send RMA requests, invoice requests & reordering facilities. They can even change their order shipping address from their own end. A very good way to influence customers as they’ll be having command over their orders.

3. Make your customers come again!


Provide your customers gifts on orders by using the gift on order app so that they wish to come again on your store!

This is a really old marketing strategy but works to date cause who doesn’t love free things. Grabbing such deals help you create good-will with your customers & make them wanna come again & again on your store.

4. Have a mobile application for your store customers!


Having a mobile application for your eCommerce store is a really good idea. As we know, these days no one has the time to specially go to a site and then browse for the products as it is very time-consuming. People look for something which will get to then just by a click otherwise what’s the technology for, right?

So if you want an android/ios application of your store then go for Mobikul.

If you are looking for an installation-free web application go for PWAfy.

5. E-Wallet Facility for your customers?


E-Wallets are not only beneficial for customers but also for the store owners. They provide a good way to boost up your revenues & lower your operating charges.

One such app that is perfect for this scenario is Wallet Management by Webkul. Hands down, it provides the best e-Wallet facility. From paying for the orders to transferring money from one wallet other, it got all. Apart from this, the Wallet Management app has a step refund management system.

Get the app: Click here.

6. Security is Priority


In an e-commerce business, a very important factor is authenticity. As customers, we tend to think that whether the online stores/products are worth the trust or not. The same goes for the way around. Being a store owner, you might have a concern that whether the customers placing the orders are genuine or not.

Authenticating your customers before letting them place the order can be a huge step for legitimate order management. For this, you can customize your Shopify checkouts using an app for Shopify called ‘OTP on Cart.

This app lets you validate your customers through an OTP (One Time Password) which they need to verify before proceeding from the cart page to the checkout page thus ensuring save & authenticated order creations on your Shopify store.

With these hand full of tips, you can go ahead and build the perfect store & start alluring customers!

Need help?

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