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Event, Offer & News Slider App for Shopify

Updated 14 February 2020

Event Offer News Slider App for Shopify allows the user to create the news and offers with images and publish them on their online store by assigning that news to any of the groups in an amazing slider format which will keep sliding & switching the news and much more. Now you can attract your customers with sliding images, live news, and offers of your store.
Let’s have a look at some of the amazing features of this app:

Shopify Event Offer News Slider App: Features

  • The merchant can create and assign pages to the groups.
  • The merchant can create news for the store.
  • He can also create Offers and events for the store.
  • Enable/disable automatic news option.
  • The merchant can save news to the draft.
  • The merchant can choose the pages to display the slider on frontend by pasting the code on those pages only.
  • Edit or delete the created news, offers or events anytime.
  • The created groups can also be edited or deleted.
  • The merchant can also edit the groups and other settings of default groups.
  • Cross Browser Compatible.

Video Guide

Event, Offer & News Slider app for Shopify: Installation and Configuration.


On Landing Page, you will find the “install” button. Enter the shop URL where you want to install the app.

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After the installation, you need to buy the monthly plan available for this app. Once the payment is done for the plan, the App will be listed here. :


Clicking on the app you will be landed on to the dashboard or home page of the news slider app, from here you can choose to configure the app, enable/disable the settings, add news, create groups and much more.


Configuring and Operating the app


The configuration of the Event Offer News Slider App will take just a few minutes of yours. From here you can configure your domain name, business email id, you can enable/disable automatic news option and can choose from default groups as well.
The configuration section is divided into three parts.

  • General Configuration
  • News Configuration
  • Default Configuration


In general configuration, you have to enter your domain name and business email id, and this section is done.


From this news configuration, you can enable/disable the option of auto-publishing of automatic news option.


This section shows the default newsgroups, from here selected default groups will get added as your shop groups.


news slider Apps Shopify121
news slider Apps

This section of Event Offer News Slider App will display the list of all the already added groups and the number of news assigned to each group, also from here you can add new groups, you can filter and search among the list of the group, you can edit or delete the existing group and much more.

Once you will click on the add button to add or create groups; you will be redirected to this section for filling up a few fields to create the groups.

Front end

Once the app is configured, groups are created, news and events created and assigned, then at the front end the slider will appear like this :


Shopify Event Offer News Slider App: Important note

Finally the very important and the last section of this user manual, in order to display the slider on the front end you will have to copy the below-given code and paste it to the liquid file where you want to display the slider or on themes.liquid if you want to display the slider on every page,
follow the below process :

<div id="wk_news_slider"></div>
  • Go To Themes.
  • Click on Customize Theme button.
  • Also, click on the Edit HTML/CSS button.
  • Select the theme.liquid file where you want to show the link.
  • Paste the code and save it.

In conclusion that was all from our side for user manual of Event Offer News Slider App, please feel free to contact for any further query and the contact details are given in the following section.


news slider Ap
news slide

This section will display a list of all the news with their published/unpublished status and number of groups in which each news has been published.
Also, you can create, filter, search, delete, edit and publish any particular news and much more.

Once you will click on the add button to add or create news or events; you will be redirected to this section for filling up a few fields to create the news.
Furthermore, the merchant can also create news by entering the title & description of the news along with assigning groups to it. He can also choose the image of news you are about to add and also save news as drafts to publish later.



Enabling the options in the automatic news section will automatically publish the news on those events. Moreover, you can anytime enable/disable or even customize the options and events on which automatic news will be published.

You can customize these two options of automatic news by clicking on the customize button and hence changing news title, description, and group.

Shopify Event Offer News Slider App demo

Moreover, check out the demo links:


Furthermore, in case of any further query, feel free to raise a ticket at: or drop a mail at [email protected]

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