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    Product Dreamlist for Shopify

    Updated 8 September 2023

    Product Dreamlist app for Shopify enables your customers to create a dreamlist of all the products they wish to buy on your online store. With this amazing app, you can enable your customers to create categories and save respective products in those dreamlist categories.
    The customer will require to necessary login in order to access the dreamlist and products added into it and much more.


    • The store owner can have all the data and statistics of the dreamlist created, products purchased and other related stats
    • Customers can create categories of dreamlist
    • Customers can add different products in different dreamlist categories as per their convenience
    • The customer can add multiple products in a single category
    • The store owner can send reminder emails to the customers to buy the products added in dreamlist for any specific product
    • The store owner can send reminder emails to the customers for the dreamlist category as a whole
    • User-friendly
    • Cross-browser compatible

    How to Install?


    On Landing Page, you will find the “install” button. Enter the shop URL where you want to install the app.

    Installation Done..what next?

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    Headless solution ?
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    After the installation, you need to accept the payment and approve the charge.

    Note: This app offers a free trial period of 07 days; afterward, it will become chargeable.


    After you accept the payment, you will land on the dashboard or home page of the Product Dreamlist app, where you can manage customers, collections, configurations, products, and their settings.

    How does this app work?


    The app’s configuration section is divided into four sections:

    • General Configuration
    • Label Configuration
    • Mail Configuration
    • SMTP configuration.

    General Configuration


     From the general configuration section of the app, you will set the email id and upload the shop logo and you are done.
    Note: Image dimension should be 197 x 52

    Label Configuration


    Using the label configuration, you can rename various labels of the application and also translate them as per your requirements.

    Mail Configuration


    You can configure, edit, change, and reset the content of emails sent to clients from this section of the app. Furthermore, clicking the reset button will restore all the settings in this section to their default values.

    SMTP Configuration

    SMTP configuration where you can configure your own SMTP to send emails to the customers from your own mail engine.

    Also, clicking on SMTP configuration will redirect you to configure your own SMTP by entering all the relevant details
    You will have to enter the details of your own SMTP like host, SMTP type SMTP post, and other relevant details.


    To configure this feature, the admin will have their own email IDs in the “Email From” and “Reply-To” sections of the Mail SMTP Settings.

    How to Get the SMTP Details?

    In order to send the emails from your end, you need to synchronize your Gmail account with the app. For this, you need to add your email account details in the form of the SMTP server.

    NOTE:- You need to have an account on any SMTP service provider like Mailchimp etc. Or Gmail SMTP will work if you want to send the emails from your end.

    In case you want to use Gmail SMTP then you can use the following:

    SMTP host:
    SMTP username: Your Gmail Address
    and, SMTP password: 16-character token(see directions below)
    SMTP port number: SSL (465)

    (TLS): 587

    TLS/SSL: These are basically a cryptographic protocol that encrypts the data that is exchanged between a web server and a user.

    How to get 16 character token:

    1. Login into Gmail with your account
    2. Navigate to
    3. In ‘select app’ choose ‘custom’, give it an arbitrary name and press generate
    4. It will give you 16 chars token.

    NOTE:- If you have activated the two-way authentication then, please enter the app’s password while configuring SMTP.
    Learn More:-

    Customer Section


    In this section, you’ll find a comprehensive list of all customers, complete with information about the number of dream list categories they’ve created and other pertinent details. Within this section, you have the ability to view individual customer details by simply clicking the view button. Additionally, you can apply filters based on name, email ID, or the number of categories to streamline your search.


    Clicking on the view button will redirect you to the detailed page of that respective customer, where you can find details about categories, and the number of products added to it, and you can even send a reminder email to that customer by clicking on the reminder button.


    This section shows the list of products added to the number of customer’s dream list. By clicking on the view button of each product, you will have the details of the customers who have added the selected product in the category of their dreamlist.




    From this section, you can view the list of all the collections and the number of products added into it, you can even filter on the basis of the number of products, collection name, email ID, etc. By clicking on the view button, you will be redirected to that collection’s product page.

    Dreamlist Icon


    Choose the dreamlist icon from this section of the app and click on save.

    Configure Frontend

    Finally the very important and last section of this user manual, in order to display the add to the dream list icon on the front you will have to click on the “configure frontend” button on the top right and copy-paste the given code to the respective .liquid file.

    Follow the below process:

    • Go To Themes
    • Click on the Customize Theme button
    • Click on the Edit HTML/CSS button
    • Select a respective template of the .liquid file as given in the instructions
    • Paste the code and save it.

    Front end display

    Once you paste the code in the .liquid file then your customers will see the dreamlist icon on the product page, something like this:

    product page

    To view all the products added or all the dreamlist created as a customer, go to my account page and click on Dreamlist icon (refer to the image below).

    Once you will click on the dreamlist button, you will see different dreamlist categories thumbnails with products added in it and from here, you can also create a new category and edit the already existing one.
    Clicking on view products button, list of products added in the dreamlist will appear and from here, you can delete added product as well.


    Compatibility with auctioned products

    The app is now compatible with the product auction app i.e., if the customer has added the auctioned product to their wishlist, the auction widget on the auctioned products is visible on the wishlist page and customers can also place a bid from there.

    Also, you can choose the status(running, upcoming, or ended) of the auctioned product from the general configuration section on which you want to show the regular price of the auctioned product on the wishlist page.

    Auction Reminder Mail

    The Admin must activate the “Send Auction Reminder Email to Customers” option within the general configuration in order to send auction reminder emails to customer


    You will be able to customize the template for the “Ending Soon: Your Wishlisted Auctions” email under the mail configuration menu.


    Customers will receive an email notification when the products they’ve added to their wish list are approaching the end of their auctions. To win the auction, they must submit their bids.


    Furthermore, check out the demo for the following app:


    In case of any further query, feel free to raise a ticket at or drop an email at [email protected].

    Thanks for reading this blog!!!  🙂

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