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    Product Zipcode Validator for Shopify

    With this App, you can search for the availability of the products at a location through the zipcode. Now, the customer can see if the product is available for shipping at a specific location or not. Moreover, the merchant can assign different zip codes to various products according to their availability on the respective locations.
    A feature of this app is that you can activate or deactivate the zipcodes and after deactivating from the backend, also, the delivery on that particular zip code will automatically become unavailable on the Store.

    The App Comes with a Pricing Plan of $9 USD per month.


    • Product availability through zip code search.
    • Merchant adds Product Availability at a specific location.
    • Assignment of Zip code to products.
    • Responsive Design for Portable Devices.
    • Moreover, admin can upload the Product Zip codes CSV File.
    • Admin can also activate/deactivate already assigned zip codes.
    • You can also upload Blacklist Zipcodes in bulk.
    • Besides that, it is cross-browser compatible.
    • Most importantly, it is easily configured and user-friendly.

    New Features

    • Now admin can also assign all added zip codes to a new product by simply the checking the box from the configuration.
    • At the time of assigning zip codes to the products, you can now select 100 results per page check them all with select all button and choose the bulk action of ‘assign all zip codes to marked products /all products’.
    • Clicking on the View button In front of the product from Assign zipcode section, you can select various rules as well for assigning the zipcodes.

    Where in

    • Checking Rule 1 will be: all the zip codes will get assigned to your product.
    • Checking Rule 2 will be: Blacklist some zip codes, through this rule you can remove some of the zip codes from your product. Clicking on this option you will get the option to upload CSV of those zip codes you want to blacklist.
    • Checking Rule 3 will be: Assign some zipcodes to the selected product.

    Video Guide

    Product Zipcode Validator App for Shopify: Installation and Configuration.


    On Landing Page, you will find the “install” button. Enter the shop URL where you want to install the app.


    After the installation, you need to buy the monthly plan available for this app. Once the payment is done for the plan, the App will be listed here:

    Configuring the Module

    To configure this amazing app will take just a few seconds of yours. From here you can mention the URL of your store for which you want to install the app, also you can edit& rename the labels if you want as per your requirement. Once you are done, go ahead and add the countries.


    Add Country

    Merchant adds the countries, states, cities and their zip codes of places where the products will be available. This section also shows a list of all the countries already added by the merchant along with ISO codes.

    Add Province & Its Zipcodes

    Clicking on View Button in front of each country, the merchant will get redirected to the page where he will get to add the zip codes. Also, the list of added zip codes can be viewed.
    Zip codes can be added via a CSV file if the data is in bulk.
    The instruction and Country ISO codes can be downloaded from this section.

    Import Province

    The merchant can add provinces along with zip codes in bulk by uploading the CSV file.

    Special feature:

    A feature of this app is that the zip code can be activated or deactivated by the merchant. And if any zip code is deactivated by the merchant from the backend, the delivery on that particular zip code will automatically become unavailable on the Store.
    Import Country

    The zip codes information for Countries, states, and cities can be uploaded by the merchant via importing all the bulk details through a CSV file format from this section.

    Assign Zipcodes

    The merchant can assign different zip codes to various products according to their availability on the respective locations and can also view the already assigned zip codes from this section. The merchant can even upload the Product Zip codes CSV File to upload the zip codes in bulk.

    Clicking on the Assign button, You can select the Country, State, City and enter a zipcode for that product.

    Upload Blacklist Zipcodes in Bulk

    From now onwards, You can upload products in bulk from the Assign Zipcode section of the app.

    For this, first You need to select the products. Now, visit the Bulk Action menu and click on “Upload Blacklisted Zipcodes” from the drop-down menu of the app.

    Clicking the “Upload Blacklisted Zipcodes” button, You need to upload the blacklisted zipcode CSV file.

    Moreover, you can upload maximum 1000 records at a time.

    Clicking the Zipcode Assign Value button, You will be redirected to the section having all the zip code rules. You can select a rule that will be applicable to the selected product.

    How to Display “Product Zipcode Validator” on the Product Description Page!

    You have to Copy the below-given code and paste it to product.liquid template.

    <div id="wk_find_zipcode"></div>

    Follow the below screenshots to know the detailed procedure :

    To get Product Zipcode Validator displayed on the product description page for selected products, follow the below process:

    • Click on Online Store.
    • Go To Themes.
    • Click on Customize Theme button on the top right.
    • Select Edit HTML/CSS button from the Theme Option on Top Left.
    • Select Product.liquid file from the Templates or Snippet where you want to show the link
      Lastly, paste the code then click on the save button to save the changes:

    Front-end View

    Once you will enter your zip code and click on the Check button, the result will get displayed whether the delivery of the product is possible on the entered zip code area or not.
    And if yes then Add to Cart button will get enabled.

    That was all about Product Zipcode Validator for Shopify app.


    Moreover, find the below link to check the demo of Zipcode Validator app for Shopify:


    For any kind of technical assistance, just raise a ticket at and for any doubt contact us at

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  • navjeet
    There is a problem with the app that
    1. when pin code availability is not available, this app is not allow the customer to add the product in the cart.
    2. when we upload a pincode sheet it not upload whole prompt an error that some pincode could not uploaded
    • Vinay Yadav
      Hello Navjeet
      Sorry for your inconvenience . Please raise ticket at . Our development team will look into it .
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