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Zipcode Validator for Shopify | Shipping Feature

Updated 23 January 2020

Introducing the Zipcode Validator for Shopify– shipping feature. Admin can enable this feature to have the functionality of displaying shipping methods on the basis of the delivery address. This feature will add up $6 per month. Which is over and above your monthly charges for Product Zipcode Validator.

From the additional feature section, you have to enable shipping feature. Then you will be asked to approve the charge for an additional monthly charge of $6.
The most noteworthy fact is that this feature will be available only if your Shopify store is on the plan that supports Real Time Carrier-calculated Shipping.

Once enabled, a shipping section will get displayed from where you can name and configure the shipping method.

Enter the name of Shipping method and then click on the range to add the range on the basis of weight and price.
Click on range details to create the range, and the ranges can be created on the basis of :
By clicking on Edit button we can separately set the shipping charges state-wise and can also enable/disable the particular state for shipping & by clicking on view button in front of the Shipping method we can add countries & can edit/ delete the states and with viewing range details.


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You can refer below link to check the demo of Zipcode Validator App:

This is how the range on the basis of price and weight can be set and the state wise price can also be entered.
That was all about this feature. In case you have any query or suggestions, please write to us at [email protected] or raise a ticket at

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