Shopify Gift On Order

Who doesn’t likes gifts!! Everyone loves to receive it as it adds the pinch of excitement in the whole situation. Ever imagine giving free gifts to your buyers as it could be a sales booster and a motivation for them to buy from your eCommerce store.
Yes, you got it right. We are here with this app called Shopify Gift On Order which will enable you to assign free gifts to order exceeding a set amount and much more.
Lets understand it all in detail.


  • Admin can create various gift products.
  • Admin will set the value of order, exceeding which the gift will get assigned.
  • The gift product will be automatically added in cart of the buyer.
  • Buyer can also choose from the range of free gift available.
  • All the rules for gift related to order value will be decided by the Admin or the store owner.
  • An app amazingly design to promote and enhance sales.
  • User friendly interface.
  • cross browser compatible.



On Landing Page you will find the “install” button. Enter the shop url where you want to install the Shopify Gift On Order.


Once the payment is done for the plan,the Shopify Gift On Order will be listed here in the apps section of your Shopify store.

Clicking on which you will be redirected to home page of the app.


In configuration section of the app you will just have to set the email id and domain name then click on save and you are done .

gift products

This section will show the list of gift products added by you . You can enable/disable and can even delete them from here. The products can be searched using filter option on the basis of product ID, name and price.

gift rules

This section displays the list of rules already created. You can enable/disable, delete and view the existing rule and can even create new rules as well.

Adding New Rule

Clicking on the Add button you will be redirected to the section where you can create rules, set up the minimum order value to get eligible for the free gift, choose products for gifts rule & make default gift, enable/disable the rule.
Also you can also set the period within which the rule and gift will get applicable and much more.

How to add gift products

To display the gift on frontend, firstly you will have to select the products you want to add as gifts . Just by visiting the product section of shopify and choosing the gift on order from app section shown in image. This way that product gets displayed in the app as a gift. You can then create the rules to assign the gifts.

  • Go To Themes.
  • Click on Customize Theme button.
  • Click on Edit HTML/CSS button.
  • Select respective template or .liquid file as given in instructions.
  • Paste the code and save.


front end

On front end, when a buyer will add the products to cart and as per your rule, the minimum order value has been crossed then the default gift item will get automatically assigned to the cart.

The customer can however change the free gift if you have given the options of other gifts as well.

Also on the cart page just below the checkout button, the information about the next offer of minimum purchase and free gift on that .

Shopify Gift On Order demo

Backend :

  • Username :
  • Password : demowebkul


In case of any further query , feel free to raise a ticket at or drop a mail at . Thanks For reading this blog!!!


Current Product Version - 1.0

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  • Alex Zemkus
    Hi this app looks good and almost what I’m after. What I am looking for is being able to offer a free gift on a particular product rather than a price point. Is this something that you have considered looking into?
    cheers, Alex
    • Neha Sharma
      Hi Alex,

      Yes, you can check this app as we do provide a free trail for 3 days. Test the app and for any more questions or for any issue raise a ticket at


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