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How Currently the Multivendor Marketplace is at the Boom

Updated 21 December 2023

The marketplace is one hand solution nowadays and to know the technologies that boost online marketplace kindly read the article till the end.

Online stores are no longer limited to the tangible goods offered on retail sites like Flipkart and Amazon. Service markets like Urban Company are disrupting their respective industries more and more.

Online marketplaces are just like the traditional market where the customers get all needed products in one place and also can compare the product and services and the cost.

Origin of the online marketplace!

At the very first, there was a traditional marketplace/ offline marketplace where more than two sellers are available with different goods and services and also a big customer base.

These are the local markets that are near to your place where the people need to visit the shop and then proceed for the

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Entry of the internet makes it possible to trade online, as we all know the very first online website was created in August 1991 by Tim Berners-Lee at CERN.

Boston Computer Exchange was the first eCommerce company. People who wished to sell their used computers could do so primarily on the internet.

After that various sites were created for trade online

future of the marketplace

What makes the online marketplace different from the traditional marketplace?

There are so many factors that differentiate the online marketplace from the traditional marketplace, but the most important is the internet.

The Internet connects the world in just seconds and makes things possible like sharing thoughts and media worldwide.

Connecting with people is not the trend nowadays it is the need of every single individual or any organization body.

After the internet what are the factors that differentiate the online marketplace?

  • Less Investment in setup.
  • 24*7 seller products are available for order.
  • Easy to compare the product quality, price, and features.
  • Less human power.
  • Easy and clear return policy.
future of the marketplace

What is the multivendor marketplace for Shopify by Webkul?

So let’s take the example of the Shopify eCommerce platform and yes we as Webkul do provide a multivendor marketplace for the Shopify platform.

Our multivendor marketplace allows the online Shopify store owner to add multiple vendors to the store with their products so that vendors can sell their products in the store.

The concept of a multivendor marketplace boosts eCommerce as there are many benefits to the seller as well as to the customer.

To know more about the multivendor marketplace.

Technologies that boost the online Multivendor Marketplace

If we talk about the technologies that help in boosting the marketplace, various technologies that continuously boost the marketplace

future of the marketplace

Hyperlocal Marketplace

The hyperlocal marketplace is the best solution for those who want to restrict their service area to a particular geographical region.

Since the hyperlocal ecosystem is based on the ‘near me’ concept, this makes the delivery of services/goods in a very short span of time.

For the multivendor marketplace, you can check the Hyperlocal Marketplace.

future of the marketplace

Booking Feature for Marketplace

The marketplace is the one place where you will get the different products of different brands. but what about the services and appointments, can we book them also yes with the help of the booking app it is possible.

This allows you to create different booking slots for your audience and the audience can simply book the slot as per their comfort.

For the Booking marketplace, you can check the Booking app.

future of the marketplace

Product Auction App for Marketplace

In the era of online shopping, people are very much comfortable with online shopping but while shopping if the customer can bid

For the multivendor marketplace, you can check the Product Auction App.

future of the marketplace

Pack & Combo

You can allow sellers to create packs and combo products from their seller panel by enabling this option.

From your admin interface of the app, you as the administrator can also add pack and combo products.

What are pack and combo products:

  • Pack products are essentially bundle products that include two or more items in a single box that is offered for sale. Each box will contain only one seller’s goods!
  • Products that are combined together are known as combo products.
    You could purchase a mix of products from many sellers.

For the multivendor marketplace, you can check the Pack & Combo App.

future of the marketplace

Contactless Delivery

The most affecting factor in e-commerce is delivery, customer attract the most when it comes to free delivery, one-day delivery, and the entry of contactless delivery during covid-19.

Due to the high infection in the world wide contactless delivery was the best option to continue the online business. As the delivery boy will deliver the product to the customer’s doorstep and yes it works as per the plan.

For the multivendor marketplace, you can check the Shipping feature app.

future of the marketplace

Pay with cards

Let’s compare here how people used to pay before launching the online payment system.

In ancient times systems can be understood as means of trading wealth indirectly; not directly as with the Barter system.

Then money comes and people use the money to buy product and services after a long time online payment system is introduced which increase the use of digital money transfer.

There are various cards from which users can pay like debit cards, credit cards,s and so on.

future of the marketplace


As we all know about the flow of Shopify by default it does not allow any direct option to manage the order by the customer (Return management, Cancel the order and many more).

Allow customers to submit RMA (Return, Cancel, or Exchange) requests, invoicing requests, and many other types of requests.

Additionally, customers can ask the admin to edit their delivery address. Also, all activities will be notified to customers by email.

For the multivendor marketplace, you can check the CUSTOMER ORDER MANAGEMENT.

future of the marketplace

Live chat support

Online shopping is a virtual concept where face-to-face interaction in only at the time of the delivery and this time even the customer will not get any help regarding the product as the delivery partner is different.

So to make communication easy and fast live chat technology is there and the customer can easily.

For the multivendor marketplace, you can check Chatwhizz.

future of the marketplace

Mobile App Compatibility

In the fast-moving world, we are actively using smart devices like tablets and laptops but the most convenient is using the smartphone.

Instead of going to the web, everyone is using mobile apps which gives the quick result and better UI for the user.

To know more about the Mobikul mobile app.

future of the marketplace


Thus, that’s all about how currently the multivendor marketplace is at the boom.  If you have any issues, please feel free to write mail to [email protected] and let us know your views at our HelpDesk System.

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