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    Multivendor Marketplace for Shopify-Product Auction Integration

    Product Auction Integration
    Keeping product up for auction entices a large number of customers towards that product. And it is something that every store owner needs to rev up his/her sales in the eCommerce business.

    Considering these traits, Webkul has come up with the most awaited feature app named “Product Auction for Seller” in Multivendor Marketplace app.

    You might have used the Product Auction app on your Shopify Store earlier but this time you will have this featured app available for your marketplace.

    Using Multivendor Marketplace Product Auction for Seller feature app, You as an admin can enable your sellers to add auction on products and thus, customers will bid on the product of their choice.

    Please Note:- This feature app is free of cost but to use the feature app, you need to install the product auction app on your store i.e. $30 per month over and above your currently Multivendor plan.
    Suppose you opt for $45 USD per month plan, then, you will be charged $45+$30=$75 per month.

    NOTE:- It is mandatory to install the Product Auction App first on your Store to make this Feature App work for your Sellers.

    Visit the Feature App section and enable this feature to allow sellers to create auctions on Products.

    Product Auction Integration Features

    • Using this Feature App, admin can enable the Sellers to create auctions on Products.
    • Sellers can add auction on products from the Seller Panel of the Multivendor app.
    • Admin can remove auction set on any product.
    • Sellers can edit auction details from their end.
    • Sellers can see the complete information related to bids and auction winners.

    How to Enable this Feature App


    To get the Product Auction for Seller, You need to go to the Feature Apps section of the Multivendor app and activate this feature from there.

    Now, Click on Enable button to activate this feature.

    Now, You need to click on the Agree button to agree with the feature app charge.

    Once You click on the agree button, you will be ended up installing the app on your Marketplace.


    Sellers Adding Auction on Products


    Once the admin enables the “Product Auction for Sellers” feature app, Sellers can start adding auction on products from their respective seller panels.

    To do so, Seller needs to visit the Products section of the app. Now, from the Action menu, the seller will click on the “View Auction” button from the drop-down menu.

    If the seller has not set auction on this product, he/she will have the product details and a button to Add Auction.

    Clicking on the “Add Auction” button, You will be asked to enter auction details such as Time Duration, Base & Reserve price of the auction and so on. 

    While adding auction on any product, Seller needs to enter the following details:

    • Auction Duration i.e. Start and End date & time of auction.
    • Add Base Price i.e. Price from where the bidding will start.
    • Add Reserve Price i.e. Price where your product bidding should be reached.

    Seller can also start the auction automatically from this section. Once You fill all the details, you can either click on “Save” or “Save & Start” button to immediately start auction on that product.

    Clicking on the View Auction button, seller can view the complete information related to bids & auction winners.

    Admin can manually remove the auction on products from his/her end from the “Product Auction App”.

    In this way, the store owner can allow his/her registered sellers to add auction on products and thus, Your customers can bid on the product of your store.

    Front End

    Once your sellers add auction on products from the Seller Panel of the Multivendor app, Customers can view the auction running on that product in an auction window visible on the frontend. Now, customers can bid on the products and become the winner also.

    This is all about the Product Auction for Sellers feature of the Multivendor App.



    You can refer below link to check the demo of Multi-vendor Marketplace: Product Auction for Sellers feature app:


    Hope you like this blog. To get more interesting blogs keep in touch with us.
    If you need any kind of support, Webkul is always there to help you. Simply raise a ticket at or You can contact to get proper assistance.

    Thanks for Reading this Blog..!!!

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