Shopify Product Auction: How to Add Auction Product

With the Shopify Product Auction App, Store Owners can enable bidding feature on products of their Shopify Store. For this, they need to add products for auction and customers will bid on any of those products of their choice. Once products get added for auction, Customers can start bidding on products.

So, here in this Manual, We will understand “How the admin can add Product for Auction” in his/her Shopify Store using this app.

Add Product for Auction

To add product for auction, You need to follow the Steps suggested below:

STEP 1: Visit the “Products” section of your Shopify Store and Select the product from the list which you want to add for Auction.

STEP 2: Once You click on the product, go to More actions and click on “View Auction” button from drop down.

STEP 3: You will be straight away redirected to “Products” section of the Auction App. From there, You need to fill Product Auction details.

-You can enable “Automatic Start Auction” button if you want to start auction automatically on that product.

-You can “Enable Joining Fee” if you want your customers to submit joining fee to bid on any product.

-Also, You can set a time duration of product for auction i.e. the Start & End Date for auction.

-You can set the Base Price i.e the minimum price from where the bid will get started and Reserve Price i.e. the minimum auction bidding price where your bidding should be reached.

Once You click on the Save button, auction details will be saved successfully. And Clicking on the “Save & Start” button auction details will get saved and immediately auction on that product gets started.

In this way, You can add any product for auction.

Now, You will also have an option to upload Auction CSV file and add multiple products for auction in one go.

Click here to know about the Auction CSV Feature in detail.

Once You add product for auction and auction gets started on that product, You can view complete auction detail in the “Auctions” section of the app. Clicking on the view button, you can view the details. From this section, You can view the auction details on this product on Frontend, edit the auction details as well as Stop auction on this product manually.

Frontend View

Once You add Products for auction and auction gets started then, to visualize the effect of auction You need to configure your frontend. For this, You need to paste some codes (Provided in “Configure Frontend” Section of the app) into liquid files.

Click here to Understand the Code Pasting in detail.

Once done, You auction window for the auction products will be visible like this on Frontend:

Demo Details

Frontend :

Backend :

  • Username :
  • Password : demowebkul


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