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    Product Auction for Shopify : CSV Feature

    Product Auction App for Shopify recently came up with a new feature of Auction CSV Upload. Admin can now create multiple auctions at a time and Upload the Auction CSV file of it in just one go.

    This Bulk Upload feature supports CSV File Extension using which You can create maximum 500 auctions at a time and upload it from the “Auction” section of the app.

    Before uploading the auction CSV file, You are suggested to read the Instructions carefully which will help you to avail benefits of this functionality without any hassle.

    Once the admin uploads the auction CSV file successfully, he will get notified for the same via mail.

    Please Note:- All the Running and Upcoming auctions will not be affected once you upload the auction CSV file i.e. they will not get updated and remain the same.

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    How to Upload Auction CSV File

    In order to upload the auction CSV file, first, visit the Product Auction App section of your store. Now you need to go to the “Auctions” section of the app.

    Product Auction App

    There, You will get an option of “Upload CSV”. Now, Select the CSV file and Upload it over there.

    CSV Feature

    Please don’t forget to read the Instructions carefully before uploading the CSV file. You will get this Instruction file in the upper right corner of the “Auction CSV Upload” section.

    Instruction File

    This Instruction File consists of the columns such as Product Handle, Start Date, End Date, Base Price, Reserve Price, Increment Rate, Proxy Bidding On and Start Now.

    All the Column Titles are mandatory in the auction CSV file which you will create to upload at one time.

    NOTE:- In the Auction CSV file, it is mandatory to have the values for the column titles as Product Handle, Start Date, End Date, Base Price, Reserve Price, Increment Rate while the proxy Bidding On and Start Now titles need to have the values either “0” or “1”.

    • Using Proxy Bidding On, You can allow your customers to make bid automatically on Auction Products. If You want to set the Proxy Bidding amount, set the input as “1” else it will be blank.
    • If You want to start the auction immediately irrespective of what actually the start date is, then set the input as “1”. Else it will be blank in the CSV file.

    NOTE:- An additional column of Popcorn bidding is introduced in the CSV file. Thus, you can add pop-corn bidding set up to products in the auction CSV file.

    Upload CSV file-Product Auction

    The Process is as simple as this:

    Shopify Product Auction App section>>Go to Auctions>>Click on Upload CSV button (available at upper right corner)>>Click on Choose file button>>Get the CSV file and click on Upload CSV button.

    NOTE:- Maximum 500 auctions can be created at a time using CSV upload.

    This is all about the Auction CSV Feature of the Product Auction App for Shopify.


    You can refer the below-given link to check the Auction App Demo:

    Need Help?

    If you need any kind of support, simply raise a ticket at Also, You can contact [email protected] to get proper assistance.

    Thank You for reading this Blog!

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