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    SPLIT CART: Multivendor Marketplace for Shopify

     Multivendor Marketplace module has come up with a feature app named Split Cart. It helps your buyers to have split carts during the checkout process. This means that when the buyers will add multiple seller’s products to their cart, their cart will get split vendor-wise i.e. each cart will have a separate seller’s products.

    Thus, buyers will have different products from various sellers in their cart but only one cart having single seller’s products will be validated at a time during checkout.

    With this feature, the admin will have an easily manageable order process and thus, can have the separate orders of each seller’s products.

    You can get the Split Cart feature app simply by paying an amount of $14 per month over and above your current multivendor plan.

    Additional Features

    • Admin can enable/disable the Split Cart feature on his/her store.
    • There will be separate orders for each seller’s products.
    • Moreover, the admin will have the orders in an organized manner.
    • Easy to manage orders.
    • Allow sellers to create discounts for their customers.
    • Split Cart now supports product properties.
    • Supports the minimum purchase quantity feature.

    Please note that this split process will not work in case of Ajax (Drawer) cart.

    How to Activate this Feature App?

    To enable this feature app, You need to visit the “Feature Apps” section of the Multivendor admin panel. There, You can search for the Split Cart Feature App.

    Once you get this feature, you need to click on the “Enable” button to activate this feature in Multivendor app.

    Now, once you will approve the charge for this app, you will be ended up installing this feature in the Multivendor app.

    Admin Panel

    As soon as the admin installs this feature app, he/she needs to enable the Split Cart on his store and then add an additional script from Shopify backend.

    Admin will get the the “Split Cart” tab in “Split Cart Configuration” section of Multivendor App.

    Follow the steps to enable/disable this tab:

    Multivendor Admin Panel>>Configuration Menu>>Go to Split Cart Configuration from drop-down menu>>Enable/Disable the Split Cart on your store.

    Once You enable the Split Cart Tab on your store, Your buyers will have the split carts at the time of checkout i.e Cart will be split in such a way that there will be “one seller’s products in one cart”. Each cart will be validated separately for each seller’s products.

    Split Cart supports product properties in the App.

    In the Split Cart configuration menu of the app, you will get the option to enable the product properties configuration.

    To make this functionality work for the buyers at the time of order processing, the admin needs to add an additional script from Shopify Backend.

    Follow the below process:

    Multivendor Admin Panel>>Configuration Menu>>Go to Instruction for Marketplace from drop-down menu>>Scroll down to get the additional script>>Copy the code.

    Do refer below screenshot:

    Once the code is pasted, follow the below path to add the code:

    While enabling the Split Cart Features to be worked for Customers on Frontend, You will get a Pop-up message as mentioned below:

    “Are you sure you want to enable Split cart on your store? This action will overwrite the “wk-cart.liquid” template file of your store. Any changes done in this file will be lost.”

    Click on the Agree button and further proceed to activate this feature.

    Go to Settings (Shopify Backend)
    Click on Checkout.

    Now, Scroll down to the bottom and visit the “Order Processing” section.

    Paste the “Additional Script” and SAVE the details.

    Once you add the additional script from Shopify backend, buyers will see the changes in the checkout process.

    Discount Feature

    You can now allow your sellers to create discounts on products or overall order for their customers.

    As soon as you install the split cart feature tab, a discount feature tab gets enabled. With this feature, you can allow sellers to create discounts on products or orders for their customers.

    Once enabled, the sellers will get the option to create discounts at their respective seller panel of the multi-vendor app.

    Know more about the Split Cart Discount Feature

    Buyer End

    When the buyer adds multiple seller’s products to cart, the cart gets split and have each seller’s products in a separate cart.

    Thus, the buyer will choose a cart at a time and proceed further for checkout.

    Please Note:- Only one cart will be validated at a time.

    In this way, your buyers can have different carts of different seller’s products at the time of checkout.
    This is all about theMultivendor Marketplace Split Cart Feature app.


    Merchant can allow the sellers to add discounts to selected products or overall order using Multi-vendor Split Cart feature app. Thus, customers will get discounts on products.


    Allow Store Pick Up on Cart


    You might have used the Store Pickup feature in the multivendor app on your store to let customers pick up their orders from the seller’s store.

    Now, you can use this feature with the split cart. This means that you can now display the store pickup & delivery option on the cart page(split vendor-wise).

    Just enable the Store Pickup on cart and let customers choose an address to pick up the item on the cart page.

    MARK:- In case you enable this option “Allow Store Pickup on Cart” for your sellers, your sellers need to configure the store pickup option for “ALL PRODUCTS” from the Split cart configuration menu of their seller panel as shown in the below screenshot:

    Once you enable this feature for the first time, you will be asked to back up your files to avoid any data loss.

    Note:- Make sure both the feature apps (Store Pickup & Split Cart) are enabled.

    Front End: Cart Page

    Thus, the inventory will be managed from the selected location.

    In case the quantity is not available on the customer’s selected location then, he/she will not be able to proceed to checkout. And this will show an error something like this:

    This is all about the Split Cart+ Store Pickup feature.

    Split Cart with Minimum Purchase Quantity

    The split cart feature is now compatible with the minimum purchase quantity feature in the app. Thus, you can set the minimum quantity on products that a customer needs to buy/order to make the purchase successful.

    In order to display this, you need to add the below-given code to the wk_cart.liquid template file:-

    After adding the codes, this will be the visibility of the cart page:-

    The customer will be able to proceed to checkout only if the product quantity value satisfies.

    Minimum Purchase Amount with Split Cart

    The split cart feature is now compatible with the minimum purchase amount on order feature in the app. So, using the split cart feature app, you can now restrict customer’s purchases by setting up a minimum order value.

    Case 1: If the cart amount is less than the Minimum Purchase Amount even for a single seller whose products are added to the shopping cart.

    Case 2: If the cart amount is greater than the Minimum Purchase Amount set by all the sellers whose products are added to the shopping cart.


    You can refer below given link to check the Demo of Split Cart Feature App:

    Need Help?

    Furthermore, if you have any query/issue then please raise a ticket at . You can also drop a mail at

    Thanks For reading this blog!!!

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