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Multivendor Marketplace for Shopify: SLOT PRICING

Isn’t it a great idea to have different Product Prices for different customers who are purchasing products from your eCommerce store?

Keeping this in mind, Multivendor Marketplace App for Shopify came up with a new feature app named Slot Pricing. Using Slot Pricing feature of the Multivendor app, You as a Store owner can allow your sellers to add different product prices for different customers on the basis of Customer Tags.

Admin can add various Tags in the app that are assigned to the customers from store Backend and then make pricing slots. For this, admin can set a quantity range and add Price for each range while adding or editing any product.

Thus, there will be different Product Pricing for different customers.

To get this app installed on your Marketplace, firstly you need to enable this app from the “Feature Apps” section and then you need to agree with the charges of $10 USD per month over and above your current Multivendor Plan.

NOTE:- Slot Pricing Feature App works only with Normal Products.

Let’s Proceed to understand this Feature App.


  • Both admin and sellers can add different product prices for different customers on the basis of Customer Tags.
  • Admin can add Slot Tags in the app that are assigned to the customers from Store backend.
  • Based on these Customers Tags, Sellers can add different prices to same product for different customers.
  • While adding/editing any product, admin/Sellers can set quantity ranges and add price per quantity to add multiple slots for each tag.
  • Admin can configure the labels within the app also.


There are certain limitations that should be kept in mind while using this Feature App:

  • Maximum 5 Tags can be added at a time.
  • You can add up to 5 ranges for a single Tag.
  • Each Customer can view the “Slot Price” based on only 1 Tag which is added by the admin on prior basis.
  • Default product price should be greater than the Price per quantity that you add to make slots for each Tag.

How to Install

To get this feature app on your Marketplace, You need to visit the Feature Apps section and enable this feature from there.

Now, You can search this feature app in this section and click on the “Enable” button to activate it.

Once you click on “Enable” button,You need to agree with the charge of $10/month which will be added to your current Multivendor app charge.

Once You agree with the feature app charge, you need to approve this charge and thus get this app on your marketplace.

In this way you can install this feature app.


Once you enable this feature app, you will get a sub-menu in the “Configuration” menu of the app i.e. Slot Pricing Configuration.

Here in this section, You can enable “Slot Pricing Structure” to make this feature work for your customers .
Admin will have the option to add the Customer Tags that are assigned to the customers from Store backend. Additionally, admin can configured the labels of this feature app.

Once enabled, admin can add Slot Tags from this section.

 Note:- Maximum 5 Tags can be added at a time.

Once the admin set this configuration on his/her end, both admin and seller can now add different product prices for different customers on the basis of Customer tags.

Admin can anytime delete the tags, if required. Just click on the “Delete” button and disable the “Slot Pricing Structure” tab.

Once you disable this tab, you will be asked to delete every slot details. Once you agree with this condition and click on the Save button, all the existing details related to slots will be deleted automatically.

Important Note:- Once You update any tag, You will get updated codes in the “Instruction for Marketplace” section related to this feature app. So, in order to reflect the app functionality on frontend & make this feature work, You need to paste the updated codes again into liquid files.

Now, Let’s see how Sellers add multiple Prices on Single Product on the basis of Customer Tags.

Sellers adding Slots

Once You enable this functionality within the app, sellers registered on your marketplace will get an option to “Mark the Product as Slot Pricing” in the Product section of their respective seller panel.

While adding or editing any product, seller needs to mark this option to add slots.

There, seller will select a Slot tag (added by the admin from Configuration menu) from the drop down and then enter a range of Product quantity and add the price on it to create a Slot.

In this way, sellers can create multiple slots for different tags having multiple Price for a single product.

The Process is as simple as this:

Multivendor Seller Panel>>Products>>Product Listing >>Click on Add/Edit Product>>”Mark the Product as Slot Pricing”>>Select Tags>>Create Slots (by entering quantity ranges & price)>>Click on Add Slot.

In this way, Pricing slots will be added by the sellers using this feature app.

Admin adding Slots

Similarly, admin can add Pricing Slots while adding or editing any product. 

In the Variant detail section, Click on “Edit” button from Action menu.

From here, admin can add multiple slots for different tags.

In this way, admin can add multiple slots for different tags.

Once the admin/seller adds pricing slots based on Tags, each customer will view different pricing slot on any product based on the first tag assigned to them.

But to make this functionality work on your store, you need to paste certain codes into liquid files. You can visit the “Instruction for Marketplace” section of the app to get the codes.

Configure FrontEnd

You can make this feature work on your store by pasting the following codes into the liquid file.

Follow the below-given Procedure:

Multivendor Admin Panel>>Configuration>>Instruction for Marketplace>>Scroll down to get the Instructions about Slot Pricing feature apps>>Copy the codes and Paste it into respective template files.


Please Note:- The time you update the Slot tags from Multivendor Configuration menu, at the same time You will get all the codes updated in the “Instruction for Marketplace” section and thus you need to change the codes that are pasted into their liquid files from store Backend.

FrontEnd View

Once You display the Slot Price Listing on Product Description Page, the same will be visible like this on Frontend as shown in the below screenshot:

Also by pasting the codes into the liquid file, You can update the Product Quantity, Product Price, Total Price and Subtotal Price of the Product on Cart Page to show different Product Price to different Customers as shown in below screenshot:

In this way, admin can receive a different amount from different customers purchasing the same product.

Demo Details

Follow the below links to Check the demo of Slot Pricing Feature app:


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