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Product Auction for Shopify: Multi Currency Feature

Updated 16 May 2024

We have introduced a new feature in the Webkul Product Auction App named as Multi-Currency. Using this feature, the admin can enable customers to select their preferred currency and participate in bidding.

Users can seamlessly switch currencies across different pages including the Home, Collection, Product, Auction, and Bidding Details pages.

Setting up in the Shopify store to utilize Multi Currency Feature

To utilize this feature, the store owner must first install the Shopify Geolocation app.

Once the app is installed, the admin needs to set up their Shopify store.


For changes, kindly navigate to Settings >> Markets >> International Market

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Under the international market section click on More actions >> Edit market

On clicking Edit Market, the admin needs to edit the Countries/regions section, then select all the available countries and click on Save.

Under the Market settings, the Admin needs to navigate to Products and Pricing, and under this section, check the box as mentioned in the image below.

After this, change the status from inactive to active as mentioned in the Image below.

Now navigate to Settings >> Shipping and delivery

Under this section, click on General shipping rates as mentioned in the image below;

Now look for the International section and proceed with clicking on the 3 dots >> Edit Zone, as mentioned in the image below;

Under the edit zone section select all the available countries and click on save.

After clicking on save, navigate to the previous page and click on save.

Once all the changes are saved, the admin must add a few codes to their Shopify store.

Required code implementation

To add the code, kindly navigate to the Sales channel >> Online store >> Theme

On the Theme page click on 3-dots and proceed by clicking on Edit code, as mentioned in the image below;

Now, enter wk_auction_config.liquid in the search bar,

Now, A file with the same name will be visible on the sidebar,

Click on the file named wk_auction_config.liquid and
paste the code var shop_currency = {{shop.currency | json}};

Click on save, as stated in the image below;

After this, again paste and save the below codes into the Theme.liquid file
<script src=” ” defer=”defer”></script>
{% render ‘wk_auction_config’ %}

For reference, please check the image below;

Product Auction: Multi Currency Feature

The Admin can enable the functionality of Multi-Currency using the Product Auction app on his Shopify store.

So to configure this, visit the Product Auction app from Shopify backend >> Configuration >> Auction Configuration.

On this page, the Admin can enable the Multi-Currency feature after this, save the configuration.

StoreFront View

On the front end, the user will get the feature of selecting the currency as per their preference.

Product Page

On the product page, the customer has selected the INR currency, so all the units and the amount is in INR, as you can see in the image below;

Now, the customer has changed the INR into USD currency, so all the units and the amount is in USD, you can see in the image below;

Product on Auction page

Here on the Product on auction page the currency of the bids has been changed as you can see in the image below;

Collection page

Here on the Collection page, the currency of the products has been changed as you can see in the image below;

All Bidding Details Page

The currency of the bids on the Bidding Details page has changed, As you can see in the image below;

Product Auction User Manuals

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