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    Product Auction for Shopify | Multiple Winner & Braintree Autopay

    Product Auction for Shopify | Multiple Winner & Braintree Autopay.
    We have updated and upgraded our one of the most popular app Product Auction for Shopify. While restoring every old feature and adding a lot new on our customer’s demand. We have introduced two new features in the Product Auction app for Shopify:
    Multiple Winner Feature & Autopay

    Multiple Winner Feature

    Introducing the feature of multiple winner features in the Product Auction app. The store owner can enable this feature to declare more than one winner for the auctioned product.
    From the Auction configuration, the admin will have to enable this feature.


    Once you will enable this feature, there will be two options to choose in order to set multiple winners for any particular auction. They are :
    *Winners equivalent to the number of products
    *Enter any Custom Value for a number of winners.


    Winners equivalent to the number of products
    In this option, the number of winners will be equal to the quantity of that auctioned product. Enter any Custom Value for the number of winners.
    Here, admin can enter any custom value and that the number of winners will be declared for an auction. The value entered here should be less than or equal to the quantity of the product under auction.
    If it exceeds product quantity then the default number of the winner will be equal to the quantity of product under auction.

    Note: In both cases, the winners will declare only if the bid of winners are either equal to or more than the reserve price of the product auctioned.

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    Autopay: Braintree Gateway

    *** Braintree Gateway for Auto payments has been deprecated ***

    Now we have integrated the Braintree payment gateway along with autopay functionality for your bid winner. Enable this feature by clicking on Auction Configuration and enabling the autopay option. Once you will enable autopay and click on save then you will view the option to edit the Braintree configuration.


    Click on the Edit Braintree payment option. Enter Braintree credentials and related details & configure it. Refer to the image below for further reference.

    Follow the Procedure to get the Braintree Sandbox Keys to configure the Payment Details:

    • Login/Signup the Braintree.
    • Visit the Dashboard.
    • Get the Merchant ID, Public Key, and Private Key from there.
    • The Braintree Username will be the Merchant Account ID.

    Please refer to the Screenshot:


    Once enabled, Admin will have to enable the autopay button while creating the auction as well. If it is enabled then on the frontend the bidder (logged in) will view the pop up after making the first bid to enter the payment detail. So that once this bidder will be the winner then the amount for that price will get automatically debited from the card details entered by the bidder.




    Furthermore for any kind of technical assistance, just raise a ticket at for any doubt contact us at [email protected]

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