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Product Auction for Shopify – Multiple Winners & Autopay

Updated 6 September 2023

Introducing our enhanced and enriched Product Auction for Shopify – Multiple Winners & Autopay! We’ve dedicated ourselves to perfecting this incredibly popular app, responding to our customers’ desires by not only reviving all the beloved features but also incorporating numerous new ones. Specifically, we’re thrilled to introduce two remarkable additions to the Product Auction app for Shopify: the Multiple Winner Feature and Autopay. With Multiple Winners, your auctions can now accommodate and celebrate multiple victors, offering an even more exhilarating shopping experience. Furthermore, our Autopay feature simplifies and accelerates the payment process, ensuring a smoother and more efficient transaction for both you and your customers. With Product Auction for Shopify – Multiple Winners & Autopay, your Shopify store’s auction capabilities are taken to new heights, promising an engaging and seamless shopping adventure for all.

Multiple Winner Feature

Introducing the feature of multiple winner in the Product Auction app. The store owner can enable this feature to declare more than one winner for the auctioned product.
From the Auction configuration, the admin will have to enable this feature.


Once you will enable this feature, there will be two options to choose in order to set multiple winners for any particular auction. They are :
*Winners equivalent to the number of products
*Enter any Custom Value for a number of winners.


Winners equivalent to the number of products
In this option, the number of winners will be equal to the quantity of that auctioned product. Enter any Custom Value for the number of winners.
Here, admin can enter any custom value and that the number of winners will be declared for an auction. The value entered here should be less than or equal to the quantity of the product under auction.
If it exceeds product quantity then the default number of the winner will be equal to the quantity of product under auction.

Note: In both cases, the winners will declare only if the bid of the winners are either equal to or more than the reserve price of the product auctioned.

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NOTE: This feature has been depreciated as per Shopify’s guidelines.

We have added a new feature i.e, Autopay, using which you can capture the card details of the bidders and then charge the winner’s card automatically.

You have to enable this feature from the “Auction configuration” section to use auto payments for your auction.

We have integrated two payment gateways into this functionality and you can explore them by clicking the below-given links. for auto-payment. for auto-payment.



Furthermore for any kind of technical assistance, just raise a ticket at for any doubt contact us at [email protected]

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