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Shopify Product Auction – Upgraded

We have updated and upgraded our one of the most popular app Shopify Product Auction. While restoring every old feature and adding a lot new on our customers demand.
We have introduced a major feature called joining fee. Where the admin can charge a joining fee from the prospective bidders who want to join any particular auction along with various other features.

Auction Joining Fee

Visiting the auction configuration in the configuration section of the app. Here you can configure the settings for this joining fee feature .

Before proceeding towards creating auction, lets look into this :

Auction Joining Fee
The customer will be able to enter or join the Auction only if if pays the Joining amount.
Now Admin can set this amount from the Auction Configuration section and then click on save.

Options available after enabling joining fee
Enabling this option all of those auctions on which joining fee feature is enabled there bidder can directly buy auctioned product by clicking on BUY NOW button. Hence will be the winner for the selected auction. (we will learn this in detail in other section)

Now once this is enabled and set from the Auction configuration. We will have a set of new options to enter while adding a auction on any product. Lets try it out:
Go to a product and add auction. Now you will view a new option on the auction creation page called enable joining fee. Enable that feature and select the rest of the details accordingly.

Enabled Joining Fee

Enter the booking amount : Enter booking amount payable by the winner after winning the auction to book that product.
Enter Buy Now Price           : Enter Buy Now price on which the bidder or auction joiner can immediately agrees to pay this much                                                                          and auction comes to an end.
Number of days prior to    :  Admin can set the number of days prior to which customer can pay the joining fee and join the
customer can join      auction.
auction for 
this product

Rest everything in the add auction page will be same as earlier. Hence please note if you are planning for setting up auction on an upcoming date always click on SAVE , if you will click o SAVE & START: the auction will start immediately.

Enable Bootstrap grids

Now the option to enable or disable the Bootstrap Grid is here. From Configuration section you can enable/ disable this feature in accordance with your theme.

Enable Twilio SMS Gateway

This section of the app will let you configure Twilio settings including the SMS contents. We have introduced the Twilio Gateway which you can integrate with our app to send messages (pre defined) to customers/bidders.

For this you must have your own Twilio account , and you messages and charges will be borne by  yourself on the basis of Twilio charges.
Hence to enable this , you have to firstly enable the Twilio option from configuration.(ref image below)

Once enabled, you can visit the Twilio SMS Gateway section and configure twilio by entering the API KEY.
Note : This API you will get from your own Twilio account.

Options available after EnABLING “joining fee”

Enabling this option,all of those auctions on which joining fee feature is enabled- bidder can directly buy auctioned product by clicking on BUY NOW button & hence will be the winner for the selected auction.

Admin can configure & choose the payment option for auction winner out of the two methods given.
Either : Booking Amount
Bidding Amount

Now when booking amount is chosen, the admin will enter the amount which he wants the winner of the auction to Pay, this amount may or may not be the price of the product. This amount is paid the winner to book the product he has just won in auction.

In case of Bidding amount : the winner will have to pay the highest Bid on which he has won the auction.

*** There will be a time frame or window given to the winner to pay this amount and if winner failed to pay this amount in set time frame , the second higher bidder will become the winner and so on & this loop will continue till the auction reaches the reserve price.
Admin can set or change the time duration to pay the booking/bidding amount from auction configuration section.

Message will be sent to the second and third position holder after declaring the winner, to hold on in case the current winner fails to pay the amount , the next highest amount bidder will win.

Front end display

Auction in two different tabs for :

Running Auction
Upcoming Auction

To join any running or upcoming auction,
-the customer will have to select the auction,
-and click on Join Now button,
-Pay the joining fee for that particular auction
-and then start bidding.



Frontend :

Backend :

  • Username :
  • Password : demowebkul


Furthermore for any kind of technical assistance, just raise a ticket at : for any doubt contact us at


Current Product Version - 1.1

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