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Opencart Auction Version2

Opencart Auction module will enable the auction feature for your shop by which admin can add auction in their product and the buyer can bid on their product. With the use of this module, admin can place auction products. Customers can place three types of auctions which are incremental, automatic, and reserve auction.

Opencart Auction is also available as Marketplace Auction.

Features of Opencart Auction Module

  • Admin can add automatic auction.
  • Admin can add reserved auction.
  • Admin can add incremental auction.
  • All types of action can be applied to a single product.
  • Admin has the option to show current bid.
  • Admin has the option to show all the bidders and their price.
  • Admin has the option to show bidder name, bid and details under automatic bidding.
  • Admin/customers can see the auction bid list and automatic auction bid list.
  • Admin can see the winner name for the auction.
  • Customers can place automatic auction.
  • Customers can place reserved auction.
  • Customers can place incremental auction.

Installation of Opencart Auction module

Installation of Opencart Auction Module is easy. Under the module zip, there are 3 folders admin, catalog, and ocmod. you just need to upload admin and catalog folders to the root directory of the website.

Once you have uploaded the file then login to admin and go to Extensions> Extension installer and upload the XML file. The XML file can be found on the ocmod folder.

After uploading the XML file go to the Extensions > Modification and click on refresh field.

After that in Admin panel go to System -> Users -> Usergroup and edit ‘Administrator’ and select all for both Access and Modify Permission then save it.

After that under Extension > Modules install the Opencart Auction module like this.

Module Translation

As this Opencart Auction module supports multiple languages so this section will describe how to make the module work in different languages. Please check this link for language translation

Configuration Of Opencart Auction module

After installation of the module, admin can click on edit button to configure the module. From here admin can enable/ disable the module, set time zone and enable the auction bid details to show on the frontend for the standard auction.

Now admin can click on ‘increment auction options’ to enable the incremental auction and set the price range rule.

Here admin can click on ‘Fill Price Range’ button to enter the price range and increment price.

Increment Auction

The Increment bid is the amount by which a bid will be increment each time the current bid is outdone. Increment bid amount setting will be done by the admin.

Set increment bid as-

Current High Bid Increment
$0.01-$99.99 $10
$100.00-$199.99 $15
$200.00-$599.99 $20
$600.00-$999.999 $50
$1000 and up $200


You’re the first bidder on a listing where the starting price is $20 and you place a maximum bid of $40. Now the current bid is automatically increment by $10 and then the current bid is $50. No one can place a bid less than $50. When a second bidder places a maximum bid of $110, bid will automatically be raised to $15 and then minimum bid amount is $125.

Now admin can click on automated options to enable / disable it and make other changes.

Automatic Auction

Admin can also enable or disable the Automatic Auction option with automatic bidder details, price, bidders, outbid messages. Let’s explain Automatic Auction using example and winning cases.

About Automatic Auction

1. When you(buyer) place an automatic bid with the maximum amount that you want to pay for the product.

2. The other bidders place bids on based on the current high bid. The bid will be placed until the bid meets the reserve price or until it expires.

3. If another bidder places the same maximum automatic bid or higher, then you will be notified by mail, so that you can place another bid.

4. If Your maximum bid is not exceeded by another automatic bidder or current bid, then you will win the bid at the current bid.


1. When buyer-A place an automatic bid with the maximum amount $100 that you want to pay for the product-X (reserver price-$60 and current bid price-$10).

2. The other bidders don’t know about other’s bidder automatic bid if disable by admin.

3. The other bidder B place bids of amount $12 on based on the current high bid. The bid will be placed until the bid meets the reserve price or until it expires. now if many bidders placed the bid and now the current bid amount is $62.

Now winning case for bidder

Case A

If at this position bid expires then buyer A will win the bid at $62 amount because he placed a highest amount bid and no one exceeded this amount.

Case B

If another buyer C places the maximum amount $110 as automatic bid, then buyer A will be notified by mail, so that he can place another bid and if buyer A doesn’t place any maximum bid then buyer C will win the bid at cost $62.

Case C

If another buyer D places maximum amount $115 as normal bid then buyer C will be exceeded by current bid and he will be notified and if buyer C doesn’t place any maximum bid then buyer D will win the bid at cost $115.

After that customer can enable reserve auction and enter a global reserve price for it.

Global Reserve Price: This price will be the default reserve price if no reserve price is mentioned under the product while adding the auction.

Reserve Auction

Under this auction, admin can set a price. If the auction does not reach to that price then no one will win the auction. For example, if the reserve price on an auction is set as 500 and bid is made till 499 then no one will win the auction.

Now admin can enable the notification email for winning mail to admin, winning mail to customers, outbid notification email to buyers, and auto bid outbid notification.

After configuration of the module admin needs to set the Opencart Auction module on the product page so that customers can see the auction option on the product. For this, admin can navigate to Design-> Layout and select the page to set the layout. After that admin can set the layout like this.

Add Auction to the Products

After enabling the module admin can see the ‘Auction Manager’ in the admin menu. From here admin can check the auction product list and add, delete, and edit the auction products.

After clicking on the add button admin can enable / disable the auction status, choose the product for auction, enter the auction start price, reserve price, etc.

Admin can also see the bid list after clicking on the ‘Auction bid list’ tab. From here admin can also delete the bid.

After that admin can click on automatic bid list to see the automatic bid details.

Front End of Opencart Auction Module

Customers can see auction link at the header of the website. Customers can click here to go to the auction collection page.

From here customers can click on the bid now button to go to the product’s auction page.

Here customers can enter the bid amount and click on bid now button to make the bid.

Customers can click on ‘Auction Details’ button to see the auction details.

Customers can click on ‘ Bid list’ to see the list of the bidders and their bid amount.

To make an automatic bid customers need to first check the ‘Place Bid as Automatic’ checkbox. After that, they can enter the amount and make the bid.

Customers can click on the automatic bid button to check the automatic bid placed for the product. After clicking on the link, a new page will show normal bid list and automatic bid list.

Create & Set Layout For The Module

Under this module, admin can create product auction modules and place them on specific pages. For this admin can navigate to Extentions->Modules and click on add button of Product Auction Multi Layout.

From here, admin can enter the auction name, select the products for the module and enter the size.

After saving the module admin can see the created module under extension list. From here admin can also edit or delete the module.

Now admin can navigate to Design-> Layout and select the page to set the layout. After that admin can set the layout like this.

After setting the layout the auction products will be visible on the homepage like this.

This was all for the Opencart Auction Module, if there are any doubt then please feel free to create a ticket on 

Current Product Version -

Supported Framework Version - 2.0.x.x, 2.1.x.x, 2.2.x.x, 2.3.x.x, 3.x.x.x

. . .

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  • Nirupama Shree
    Hello Veronika Palatasova,

    After winning the bid, the customer will automatically receive a mail with coupon code and the customer can purchase the product by paying the bid amount.

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      Thank you very much 😉
  • veronika palatasova
    I just want to know, whether the coupon of auction winner is sent automatically by system after the end of tne auction.
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