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    Product Auction for Shopify: Edit & Delete Bid

    Now in Product Auction app for Shopify: Edit & Delete Bid feature is here. We have provided the feature for admin to edit or delete the current or most recent bid on auctioned products.
    Let’s understand it in detail about how to edit or delete a bid in the product auction app.

    How to Enable this Feature?

    Visit the Configuration section of the app and from the AuctionConfiguration enable “Option to Edit Bid“.
    You can edit the
    -Current Bid
    -Unrestricted bid.

    In case of current bid: Only the most recent bid can be edited by the admin. And if while editing the bid another bid gets placed then that bid won’t be getting edited as it is no more a current bid now.

    In the case of Unrestricted bid: Unrestricted Edit will be allowed only when the Bid For Multiple Units & Sealed Bidding is enabled.

    How to edit/delete the Bid?

    After enabling the same from Auction Configuration you can now go on and edit or delete the bids.
    Visit the Auction section >>> View auction and then scroll down to choose the option to edit or delete.

    From the above image, as we can see the admin can choose to delete or edit the bids in case of unrestricted bids.
    On the contrary, in case of the current bid, you will select the auction and then click on edit or delete to perform that action.

    Check the Product Auction App Demo here:


    In case of any further query, feel free to raise a ticket at or drop an email at

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