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Optimizing Website Navigation

Updated 10 December 2019

Millennium’s hottest & most competitive markets- eCommerce. Many entrepreneurs are paddling their way through to reach the shore. To be honest, managing an eCommerce store is not a doddle anymore. It requires efforts to be put in every dimension.

Building a website is not just subscribing for a platform, adding products, collection & start selling. It has got many other points which need to be touched in order to get the best fruit.

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In this article, we are going to pinpoint another very crucial aspect of an eCommerce store, i.e., Store Structure Optimization or Optimization of Website Navigation.

The website navigation structure needs to be self-explanatory, clean-cut & easy-to-operate. Don’t let your website be a complex maze with no directions. This will create a confusing and unpleasant user-experience, making them leave your website asap. Thus, increasing your website’s bounce rate & typically a lot more!

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So, let’s stop your customers from hitting the X button by implementing these simple observations.

Site Search Bar

Help your visitors by making their search easy with a search bar. It might seem an overlooked feature of the website but it is very crucial.

Display the search bar on the top of the website. It should be easily noticeable to make your customers aware that if they get lost somewhere, they can easily hit the search bar & have their results!

What’s better is to adapt the auto-fill functionality for the search bar. This will not only save your customer’s time but also add a point to your website’s user-experience bucket.

It is stated that 30% of the visitors use the search box to get the desired results rather than navigating through the site.

Optimizing Website Navigation

Remove Drop-Down

You should consider eliminating the drop-down menu from your website.

The basic fundamental behind this is to reduce the bounce rate. In other words, if the significant keywords of your website are hidden in the drop-down menus, this will lower the SERP ranking.

Moreover, it is proven that drop-down menus irritate users. Drop-down menus are good to see but not to use. For instance, a user decided to click on a menu after analyzing the whole website. As soon as he hovers over that menu, three more menus dropdown. Users quickly get tired of expanding sub-menu upon sub-menu. So irritating, right? Furthermore, eliminating drop-down reduces the cost of your website.

So, instead of a drop-down feature, go for the optimized sidebar menu as Spoke Art did.

Optimizing Website Navigation
Sidebar Option
Optimizing Website Navigation
Desired results with less chaos

Mega Footer

When your visitors get tired & lost on your site, the footer of the website is where they’ll go. The footer must include the key pages of your site so visitors can quickly hop to the specific page they’re looking for.

Moreover, the footer of the website usually acts as a CTA (call to action) for your website. So, make sure to cover all the important redirections to make your customers keep going without scrolling back.

The mega footer of Webkul says it all.

Optimizing Website Navigation

The complicated skill is to be simple

The objective of your site is to sell, not to delight. You might have heard the phrase- ‘less is more’. It is as true as it can be.

Keep the theme, font & color of your website as subtle as possible. Minimalism really attracts the customers. Too much of anything can be too overwhelming.

Press London as kept their font & theme very simple yet beautiful.

Optimizing Website Navigation

Over To You!

I hope the above-stated tips can help you optimize your website navigation. Nevertheless, you don’t need to put them all into action neither at once nor in this order. Go according to your preference!

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Until next time. 👋

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