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    Keeping eCommerce businesses afloat: Customer Order Management

    Updated 26 February 2020

    Why we need Customer Order Management?

    What is actually changing in today’s eCommerce business system?
    Well, the answer to this simple question is ❛ CUSTOMERS❜.

    Customers are holding the roots of your business and keeping it afloat. They are smart & you can’t even try to fool them. Customers look for control, best customer & shipping service. With very easy access to the Internet & a wide business market, customers will drop their loyalty & won’t think twice before jumping to other companies if you won’t provide them with the best customer satisfaction.

    Having said that, leading eCommerce organizations are not just sitting in a black box, doing nothing; they are in fact very well aware of the need for order management & customer satisfaction & working towards it.



    If we specifically talk about Shopify, you’ll get many apps which will let you as the Admin concentrate & work on customer order management. But what we should actually look for is a way that can enable us to allow the customers to manage their orders on their own. In other words, an out of the box approach which will let the customers know that they hold the authority to manage their orders on their own.

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    RMA Request

    RMA- Return Merchandise Authorization: A process of returning, canceling or exchanging the order.

    A note to stick on your mind if you are running an eCommerce store is that Customers are always right, they are purchasing your products, they are paying for it & if they don’t like it they should be able to return/exchange/cancel it!

    Getting your RMA policy right is the key. Well aware your customers with your RMA policies by putting it up there on your storefront & moreover, allow your customers to handle their own return/cancel/exchange requests. Provide your customers with an easy, user-friendly option where they can send you the return, exchange or cancel order request from their end.

    Returning/Exchanging/Canceling customer’s orders is as important as getting new orders. This will not only let new customers trust you & your services but also maintain a good-will with the older ones.

    Request Invoice

    Invoice: A bill with all the details about the goods or services purchased by the customer including prices, discounts, credit, taxes, and total due.

    Customers want proof of the payment done by them and you should allow them to request you for the invoice any time they want from their end. The invoice process is beneficial for both (admin & customer) as by sending invoices, the customers will be well aware of the payment process and save you from any kind of payment related queries.


    Reorder by a Single Click

    Value your customers by valuing their time. Save your customers from the hassle of manual reordering. Instead of going to products again, adding them to cart and then checking out, provide them an option using which they can reorder in a single click.

    Modify Shipping Address

    Letting your customers modify the shipping details like changing the shipping address even after order placement can be a point towards customer satisfaction. This is a big factor and still many are lacking in it.

    Many customers enter a wrong address maybe by mistake or maybe because they later find they won’t be present on the shipment location on the delivery date. This is common and might have happened to you as well. So, rather than losing such orders due to failed deliveries, allow your customers to modify the shipping address even after they’ve placed the order.


    Order Lookup Functionality

    As we allow customers a functionality of guest checkout, i.e., customers can place their orders without creating an account on your store. Similarly, they should be able to look & manage their orders without signing up. An approach by which your customers can view and manage their order related details just by mentioning their email ID and order number on the storefront.

    A Software for a Solution

    Shopify got an app by the name Customer Order Management which will help you with all the refund/return/reorder related fuss & much more than that. This app perfectly fits as a solution to all the order management related queries.

    Highlights of the app:

    • Customers can send RMA requests from their end, i.e., Return, Refund & Cancellation requests.
    • They can send invoice requests.
    • Allow customers to change their order shipping address from their end.
    • Customers will be notified of all the order related activities happening at the admin end.
    • Customers can reorder their previous orders & get a discount on them.
    • Admin can decide whether he wants his customers to redeem the discount on the current reorder or next reorder.
    • The inventory gets auto-updated on every order cancellation.
    • Customers who don’t have their account on your Shopify store can also manage their orders using Order Lookup functionality.

    Moreover, this app comes with a 10-days free trial period. So, go ahead and explore the app on your own before spending on it.

    Check the blog & demo of the app: Shopify Customer Order Management

    Get the app: Customer Order Management

    Still in doubt?

    Send your doubts or suggestions to [email protected] or you may also create a ticket at Webkul helpdesk.

    Until next time. 👋

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