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Push Notifications 101

Updated 9 December 2019

After measuring all the dimensions from taking care of the inventories, deliveries, returns to set up customer support; you are up to launch your online store. Great!
Now, what next?
The next priority that hits a merchant is how he can retain customers & reduce abandoned cart rate thus augmenting sales.

In this article, let’s put the spotlight on how Push Notifications can help you retain customers & boost sales. Moreover, a suitable solution to implement for yourself.

Push Notifications are the tiny messages you’ll flash on your customer’s devices to make them remember you & come back. These tiny notifications have an immense power than you can really think!

According to Accengage, the average CTR of Push Notifications is 7.8% (4.9% on ios & 10.7% on Android). Whereas, according to MailChimp, the average CTR of marketing emails is 3.65%.


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Visiting your store analytics, you’ll discover the number of one-time visitors that you have. Out of all, only a few will convert to genuine customers. Most of them won’t even stay in your store for a minute. Stating a fact, only 2% of traffic convert on the first visit.

So, what can help you to bring back these one-time visitors?
The solution is Push Notifications.


How will Push Notifications help you recover abandoned carts?

  • Reach your customers when they are not on your site.

Even if your customers have installed your website’s application, they’ll tend to forget it. Push notifications come to the play here. Sending them notifications about your new offers or arrivals can make them open the app again. This way you can reach out to your customers anytime to remind them about your store.

  • Push notifications over email marketing.

The probability of missing an email is much higher than that of notification. People are glued with their mobile devices so even if they won’t click on the notification, they’ll definitely see it. Coming to marketing emails, people find it a task to check an email regarding some website by visiting another app (say Gmail). So somehow, push notifications will always place you in a win-win situation.

  • Increase your conversion rate.

As stated above, the CTR of push notification is the highest. Moreover, push notifications sent on the right time to the right customers can really help you increase your conversion rate by 25%. The key is to send concise, to-the-point notifications on a relevant time.

What is CTR?

The number of times your ad/email/notification is clicked divided by the number of times your ad/email/notification is viewed, multiplied by 100.


Types of notifications you can send to gain the best out of it?

  • There are several cases in a day when your customers add the products to the cart but don’t complete the checkout process. Thus, abandoning the cart. This is the best time to send your customers an abandoned cart push notification. Allure them with some discount on the cart items to make them come back & seal the deal.
  • Notify your customers about the new offers & arrivals on your store. You can send them notifications regarding free shipping offers & limited discounts. If you are having a contest on your store, send them notifications to participate and increase your engagement.
  • A welcome notification plays an important role to thank your customers for being a part of your family. This notification is sent just once when they first install your application.

💡 Tips

  • Keep the notifications short, simple & effective. Inserting an image to the notification can also attract your customers. Thus, the aim is to have their attention & for the most, make them click.
  • Don’t go over the board with notifications. Analyze what time your customers are the most active & accordingly set time to send the notifications. Too much poking can also irritate your customers.

A solution

As important as the push notifications are, having a mobile application for your store is also equalling important.

As we know, these days no one has the time to specially go to a site and then browse for the products as it is very time-consuming. People look for something which will get to then just by a click otherwise what’s technology for, right?
Having a fully-fledged application for your store comes very handy but it also has some limitations like installation hassle, heavy on memory, data-hungry and much more.

So, keeping the motive in hand and eliminating all the hassles, Webkul is here with an application for Shopify, i.e., PWAfy which will let you convert your Shopify store into a progressive web application which can be added to your customer’s portable devices just by a click. Moreover, it facilitates you to send push notifications to your customers.


PWAfy uses Firebase Console to send notifications.


Highlighting some of the features of PWA here:

  • No need to install. Simply just add on your home screen.
  • Very light on memory.
  • Less data-hungry.
  • Works well on flaky networks.
  • Loaded pages can be viewed even if you don’t have access to your internet i.e., works offline.
  • Push notification is one appreciated feature of PWA.
  • A hassle-free way to turn your store into an app.
  • Makes your website lightning fast.
  • Configure app name & icon on android/iOS.
  • Completely responsive on almost all platforms.
  • Admin can upload and change the application icon.
  • Admin can set the splash background color of the Progressive Web Application.

For more information regarding this app, check out the PWAfy blog.

In case of any issue or suggestion, create a ticket at Webkul UV desk.


Until next time. 👋

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