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    Hyperlocal Marketplace Mobile App


    Hyperlocal Mobile App for Magento 2, will convert your Magento 2 Marketplace Hyperlocal web store to a native app.

    This app will allow the seller to efficiently manage the store, set the rate of shipping and origin. On the other hand, the customer can easily purchase from the nearest store.

    This is a localization of the market to attract maximum customer from the nearby local market. They can compare multiple products for multiple sellers without the trouble of visiting every other nearby store.

    The GPS inbuild in the device detects the location of the buyer or buyer can manually set it. The customer can check products & sellers availability. Begin a native app implementation of such features becomes easy.

    Thus, the app can be a perfect solution for both customer and seller which can be accessed anytime and anywhere.

    What Is Hyperlocal?

    Before knowing the app we must understand that what hyperlocal actually mean? The hyperlocal system involves a business structure which is having a local ecosystem. From where the customer can get products and avail services from nearby places.

    So, in the Hyperlocal the seller and buyer operate in the vicinity, it includes dealing with a General merchant shop, Restaurant, Market, Mall, and other products and service providers.

    GDPR Compliance

    All the Mobikul apps are having GDPR compliance which doesn’t force its customer share their personal data. The app asks the customer to accept the terms and conditions on various pages. Thus, helping them to know the information which app owner is saving.

    This GDPR feature is freely available in the app. So, if your store is having EU customer then you need not worry about the issue of GDPR compliance in the app.

    This App is an add-on of Magento 2 Marketplace Multi Vendor Module. So, to use this module you must have Webkul’s Marketplace Multi Vendor Module for Magento2 first.

    This App is an add-on of Marketplace Hyperlocal System For Magento. So, to use this module you must have Webkul’s Marketplace Hyperlocal System For Magento 2 first.

    Note- The banner image, category icon, and banner and featured category can be edited from the admin panel. So, to know more about kindly refer here- 


    The native app has multiple features that keep the user engaged and help in sales incrementation.

    Customer Centric Features-Ease them to buy a product from the app

    • The customer can change the current location manually(selection by auto-suggestion), or locate the location on Google maps or selection current location as suggested by GPS.
    • Multilingual functionality is supported in the app.
    • The app can be browsed by the user in the Offline mode.
    • The app user can easily checkout with the product in the cart with a one-page checkout by following steps of checkout.

    Seller Centric Features-Effective Store Management from the app-

    • CSV upload with the Shipping Rate details.
    • The seller origin can be entered to identify the shipping charges.
    • Enter the allowed Shipping Area on the basis of Country, State, and City.
    • Chat with admin or send mail to solve the queries.
    • Easy and quick management of products and orders using the application by sellers.


    The app introductory page that is homepage is infused with multiple features to increase the utility of the app. It is having multiple sections as –

    • Category Carousel- The first section with which our user interacts with is the category carousel which displays a set of categories which are linked with multiple products. That is by clicking a particular category it will redirect you to category collection page.
    • Banner sliders- The second section of our home page is the banner section which can be used by admin to advertise the exclusive collection, offers, and other details. These banners will either open up to a category or product on click.
    • Featured Products- This section of homepage shows few exclusive collections of products to be shopped from.
    • New Products- This is where the customer can view the newly arrived stock of the store.
    • Hot Deals- All those products will appear here which have a special price or are running under offer.
    • Recently Viewed Products- Those products which have been viewed by the customer in the nearest past.

    In addition to the above section, the app is powered by an added feature of location detection which can be changed by the user. This can be done in three ways-

    • Typing the location address-The buyer can type the location name and select the location from the auto suggestions appearing there.
    • Locating current location on Google Maps- The buyer can even locate the current location from Google maps.
    • GPS location detection- The third option with the buyer is to select the location as detected by the GPS.

    Right Navigation Drawer

    The application is having a rich navigation drawer with multiple functionalities.

    • Dashboard
    • My Downloadable Products
    • My Wishlist
    • Account Info
    • Notification
    • Logout
    • Seller Dashboard
    • Profile
    • Order
    • Create Attribute
    • New Product
    • My Product list
    • My Transactions
    • Manage Print PDF Header Info
    • Chat With Admin
    • Add Shipping Area
    • Ship Rate
    • Seller Origin
    • Ask Question To Admin.


    The dashboard section contains personal information about the customer(app user). So, this section contains-

    • My Address-This section will save the default billing and shipping address, along with the other address as Additional Address. Hence, creating an address directory in the app which can be selected at the time of checkout.
    • My Order-This will contain details of various orders placed by the customer. Thus, allowing the customer to view the status of the order from the app.
    • My Review- These are the feedback on product submitted by customer post-purchase of products.

    My WIshlist

    Wishlist section contains those products which the customer needs to buy in near future. Thus, avoiding the need for searching the product in the complete store.

    Account Info

    This account section contains the detail of the account holder like- first name, last name, email address and a facility to change the e-mail address.

    Hence, allowing the app user to easily manage the basic account related data.


    This section is meant for admin to share the information about the new offers, arrival and many more with the customer. Thus, the app user can easily refer to the notifications without the need of scrolling through the Notification tab.

    Seller Dashboard

    This section is for the seller to view sales statics, top selling products, latest orders, and reviews. Hence, this seller dedicated section will help the seller to know about the sales on the store and will help in improvising the services rendered by the seller.

    Seller Profile

    The Seller can add details like social media profiles, contact details, Background color (if enabled by the admin), Shop title, Company Banner, Company Logo, Tax/Vat number, Payment details, Policy details, and other information important for recognition of the seller. Therefore, now all the details can conveniently managed by seller via an app.

    Seller Order Management

    The seller can manage the order from the app. They can generate an invoice, shipment, cancel and other functions related to orders can be executed.

    The customer can add a filter to fetch the desired order. Thus, the order can be selectively managed by the sellers easily.

    Product Mangement

    The seller can view their product in the form of the list which can be managed via an app. So the sellers now need not struggle with the laptop/desktop to upload the long list of products. They can simply do this with the help of the app. They can even edit the previously added product details from the list of product.

    Product List

    The seller can view the list of products by clicking on ‘My Product List’. The seller can even add a filter to review a particular list of product.

    Addition Of Product Via Seller

    The seller can now add the products to the store easily via a mobile app. Hence, enabling a quick and efficient store management from anywhere and anytime.

    The seller needs to complete the following details related to the product-

    1. Select the product category from
    2. Enter the product name
    3. Add the images for the product
    4. A full description of the product
    5. Short description of the product
    6. Enter the price of the product
    7. Product quantity (Stock)
    8. Weight.

    Create Attribute

    The seller can now define attributes of the configurable product using the app. They need to define, products- Attribute Code, Attribute Label, and Values Required.

    Seller Transaction

    The seller can see the list of transactions in this section which will display the money earned by the seller post deletion of commission. The seller can add a filter and look for the desired transaction. They can even download csv for the transactions.

    Manage Print PDF HEADER INFO

    The seller can manage the header information of the pdf like invoice and packing slips. That is the address details, the name of the organization and other details which seller needs to show on invoice and packing slips.

    Chat With Admin

    The seller can chat with admin to solve queries on the product, client, etc. This is a way through which admin can keep in touch with sellers of the respective marketplace.

    Shipping Area

    The sellers can add the areas where they can deliver the products. The seller can select the area on basis of country, state, and the city. This will automatically add the latitude and longitude of the area.

    Here, the seller can click on “+” button to add new shipping area on the store.

    Ask Question To Admin

    The seller can mail their query to the admin. Allowing the building of a strong marketplace with multiple sellers.

    Hence, the admin can now solve the query of the sellers via a mail.

    Seller Origin

    The seller can enter the origin from the left navigation drawer, which symbolizes the location of the seller. The shipping rates are calculated as per this location. Here the destination will be the customer location.

    Here, the sellers can enter the location, via auto-suggestion name of the location can be selected by them.

    Hence, the auto-suggestion makes the seller to easily locate their address.

    Seller Rate

    The seller can upload the rate of shipping the product in the form of a CSV file. The seller needs to enter the Distance To and From the origin, weight range from and to and the cost of shipping.

    Thus, allowing the charges to be displayed in bulk for variable weight and multiple distance range.

    Left Navigation Drawer

    The left navigation drawer of the app has-

    • All Categories and Products.
    • Search
    • Store change facility
    • Marketplace
    • Compare Products
    • Contact Us
    • Other CMS Pages.

    All Categories And Products

    The app gives a list of categories sub-categories and products in the right navigation panel. The customer can click on the main category which opens a list of sub-categories. On clicking on one of the categories it will direct to collection page.

    In the collection page, the user can filter and sort the products, which will allow easy navigation of the products. The user can add the product to cart and wishlist compare product and quick view the product. The customer can even click on the product to view the complete description of the product to add it to cart.

    Hence, now ordering of product can be no more trouble for the customer.

    The search option gives the user to find the desired products from the hyperlocal store in a quick way. Hence, help in increasing the chance of conversion of sales as the customer can concentrate on only desired products.

    • Search term- This will search the product as per the keyword typed or spoken by the app user. It is related to the search icon on the top of the screen. Thus, now the customer can quickly look for products from this section also.
    • Advanced search- The required product can be searched on the basis of various details like product name, sku, description, short description, price, and color. So, the user can now get filtered result.


    This section will be displaying the list of sellers in the Marketplace. Here, only those seller will appear which will deliver in the respective location.

    Thus, the buyer can view the collection of the product of sellers and can order the same as per requirements.

    Compare Products

    The user can compare multiple products and select the best desire product among the given comparison.

    Hence, displaying the comparison can help the customer end up buying the best out of the present collection. It can be for similar or different kind of products.

    Contact Us

    The section is meant for the buyer to ask a query with regard to the store and its product. So, they can write any query with regard to store, product or other questions.


    The customer can easily purchase the product using the app. So, the app user can simply click on Add To Cart button either from Product page or collection page or via quick view from Homepage.

    The products then can be seen in My Bag section, where the buyer can view options like –

    • Continue Shopping
    • Update Shopping Bag
    • Empty Shopping Bag

    Thus, allowing ease of managing the cart without any trouble of click back button again and again.

    After the complete finalization product, the customer can proceed to the next step of selecting the billing and shipping address. Now, once the address details are set the customer can select the desired shipping method from available shipping methods.

    Then the customer can select the payment method for the payment of the order. Henceforth, the customer can click on Place Order to complete the process.

    Thus, post-purchase the customer can view the order details in My Order section in the dashboard.

    So, that’s all for the Hyperlocal Mobile App for Magento 2, still, have any issue feel free to add a ticket and let us know your views to make the module better

    Current Product Version - 1.0

    Supported Framework Version - Android API Level 16+ & iOS Version 6+; Magento-2.0.x,2.1.x,2.2.x

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