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eCommerce Traffic Filter: Authenticating Customers

In an e-commerce business, customer authentication is the most important factor. As customers, we tend to think that whether the online stores/products are worth the trust or not. Same goes the way around. Being a store owner, you might have a concern that whether the customers placing the orders are genuine or not.

Authenticating your customers before letting them place the order can be a huge step for legitimate order management.

Highlighting a few points why you should put authenticity on top of your priority list if you have an eCommerce store:

  • Minimize Order Refunds

When you don’t have a filter to separate real customers from the fake ones, chances are you could get a number of fake orders which ultimately will return back to you thus leaving you with no profit. It’s better to get 5 authenticated orders than 20 fake ones.

  • Save yourself from fraud customers

Fraud customers placing fake orders are just a headache. Fighting against them is a total waste of time & human resource. So it’s far better to dodge them in your way to good sales!

  • Upgrade your customer services

If you are not using any automated technique to filter out the fraud customers then you have to do it manually. Thus, manually checking orders for fraudulently will result in increased shipment time, i.e., your customers will have to wait longer to receive their orders. Simply, you will not be able to meet the customer’s expectations resulting in sales rate drop!

A Solution 

One of the most popular, fastest & user-friendly approach is authenticating customers via text message. This process is a cakewalk, sending a randomly generated, 4-10 digit OTP on customer’s registered number which they need to enter before proceeding ahead.

For this, you can customize your Shopify checkouts using an app for Shopify called ‘OTP on Cart.

This app lets you validate your customers through an OTP (One Time Password) which they need to verify before proceeding from the cart page to the checkout page thus ensuring order authentication on your Shopify store.

Why OTP-on-Cart?

  • Cart-Validation Process by sending OTP on the customer’s registered mobile number which needs to be entered before proceeding from the checkout page for customer authentication.
  • Twilio & MGS91 SMS engine are integrated for SMS (OTP) services.
  • Authenticated order creation.

Moreover, this app comes with a 7-days free trial period so that you can test it out yourself before paying.

To know more about this app, check out the OTP on Cart blog.

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