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Acquire Customers with Customer Loyalty Programs

Updated 10 December 2019

Customer Loyalty Program

If we talk about the definition of customer loyalty then it will go something like this:

Customer loyalty is a customer’s choice to use/buy a service/product from a single brand/store again and again.

Customer loyalty is built by specifically these three points:

  • Positive Customer Experience.
  • Customer Satisfaction.
  • Value of the service/product.

If your customers are loyal to you, they’ll use your service & spend on your brand. Moreover, they’ll recommend your service/product to their family, friends, colleagues, etc.

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This word-of-mouth marketing is a kind of free promotion for your business.

Thus, customer satisfaction generates loyal customers and loyal customers to become your loyal brand evangelists.

Customer loyalty program
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💡 Did you know?

It costs a business about 5-25 times more to acquire a new customer than it does to sell to an existing one…
Not only that, but existing customers spend 67% more than new customers. Thus, maintaining customer loyalty really pays off!


How to turn your customers into your brand evangelists?

As we know that the eCommerce world is booming day-by-day which demystifies the fact that why the customers have more options than ever before to spend their money & find a better solution.

So, if you are still not ready to go beyond your customer’s expectations, they’ll easily shut you out & ditch your brand forever.

Let’s see how to acquire & retain customers with simple solutions.

Reduce Product Shipment Time

Being a customer, I want my ordered products to get to me as soon as possible. Being in an eCommerce ecosystem, the delivery period of your products is a crucial building block. Customer satisfaction highly depends on the same.

As a merchant, you need to keep a few points always under your consideration if you are looking forward to managing your shipment time.

Try to have a local warehouse & manage your stocks vividly. Know your product’s selling rate and then manage the inventories accordingly. If stocks are not available for a particular product, don’t take orders for it. Another thing is that, maintain a good relationship with your carrier company. This will benefit you a lot!

A software to notify customers automatically when the product is back in stock again: Click here!
Software for controlling & managing pre-orders on your store: Click here!

Also, don’t ever provide an ambiguous shipment deadline to your customers. It’s fine to deliver products before the ETA but never push the mentioned ETA. This will really irritate your customers.

Customer loyalty
Image Source: Burst by Shopify

Store Policies

Introducing a comprehensive policy will reduce your return resources and make your customers come back to back.

Don’t make your customers go for a hunt to find information & policies regarding your store. Have easy navigation on your storefront. You can even use carousels to put up your policies & contact information on your storefront.

Personalize your policies & use simple English. The goal is to make them understand and not to confuse them by showing your vocabulary skills.

Include each and every information regarding your service from returns, exchange to order cancellation situation.

💡 Include your policy details (link or pdf) in the order confirmation mail that you send to your customers.

customer loyalty
Image Source: Burst by Shopify

Ask for reviews/feedbacks

Approach your customers to provide feedback. This will make your customers think that their contribution and thoughts are useful and making value.

Moreover, there is no doubt that you know your product very well but still, this knowledge can curtain your thoughts. Thus hiding the faults that your customers will catch. So, getting feedback from your customers will help you find the loopholes that you might be missing out on. Sending feedback emails is a good approach to prompt a response from your customers.

customer trust
Image Source: Burst by Shopify

Take & work upon constructive criticisms

The last point takes us to this one. What’s the point of taking feedbacks if you’re not going to implement them.

Constructive criticism is taking valid and well-reasoned opinions (both positive and negative comments) about your work, in a friendly manner and implementing those to better your services.

As our body tells us what to do, similarly, your customer’s feedback will guide you to tell what you might be lacking in. This could actually be a valuable tool to help you grow.

Try to build your service quality

Your product/service quality is the key to build customer loyalty. There are different ways that you can use to work on your product’s quality. Like taking the feedbacks and implementing them. Know what faults that your product might have.

Moreover, if there is nothing wrong with the product, think what more it can have to serve your customers in a much better way.

Improving the product’s quality is an ongoing task that requires patience, management and a period of hard work. Having a team that understands this fact will definitely be beneficial in improving the quality of your product.

Offers, deals & discounts

The best way to draw the attention of the audience and retaining the older ones is by offering deals & discounts on your product/service. This technique will definitely help you gain traffic in your store.

Notify your customers about the upcoming deals in advance so that they can do some word-of-mouth marketing for you.

Boost sales, offer discounts & great deals to the customers using the Lightning Deals app for Shopify!

customer retention

Send personalized birthday emails

What is the best way to let your customers know that you care for them by sending them personalized birthday emails? Moreover, you can provide them special discount coupons on their next purchase. This will not only make your customers happy but also better your revenue by getting extra orders which you might not have gotten otherwise.

customer retention
Image source: Pexels

Product Knowledge

Customers trust salespeople who are confident in themselves and know what they are selling. This is the result of proper knowledge regarding your products or services.

American Express revealed that 3 out of 5 customers were willing to give up a favorite brand in order to have better service experience.

Thus, to provide the best customer service, your business development team must have the proper knowledge of the services that you are selling. This is the only way that they can guide your customers and help them resolve the query.

Create membership for loyal customers

Creating membership for your loyal customers is a good way of building healthy relationships with them.

By creating customer memberships, you are creating a community of loyal customers. This way, you can provide value to your customers, treat them well & provide them more than they might be expecting.

Providing extra benefits to your membership customers will not only help in retaining them but also increase your overall revenue. Just a bit will give you a lot!

customer trust
Image source: Pexels

Present loyalty points with the loyalty program

With creating memberships, you must also have the feature of Loyalty Points and loyalty points redemption by customers on your eCommerce store.

With a customer loyalty program, you can reward the customers who frequently make purchases in your store. Using a loyalty program, you may give a customer free merchandise, rewards, coupons, or even newly released products for pre-order.

Create different loyalty rules and provide loyalty points based on customer membership plans that you have created in your store. Customers earn points on every purchase they make, which can then be redeemed and further encourage them to make a repeat purchase.

Loyalty points can be offered on events like:

Customers for registering on your store or maybe on their first purchase.
Reward points on the customer’s birthday or anniversary.
Rewards for sharing your store or referring to other people.
The reward for making a purchase above a certain amount.

Make sure that the loyalty points redemption process as simple as you can.

If you currently have a Shopify store and are thinking about starting a loyalty program, then check out the POS Membership app.
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customer membership

I hope the above points will help you retain customers on your store and build a community of loyal customers using the loyalty program & membership features!

If you have suggestions to make something better, do let us know.

In case of any issue or suggestion, create a ticket at Webkul UV desk.


Until next time. 👋

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