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    POS Membership App for Shopify

    We are here with the all new POS membership app for Shopify. With this app, you can have the feature of Loyalty Points and loyalty points redemption by customers for your sales channel or e-commerce store.
    At POS channel admin can redeem customer’s points by opening the app and also set points that customer wants to redeem.

    POS Membership App for Shopify features

    • Admin can add Loyalty Points.
    • Admin can create a membership.
    • The store owner can select loyalty rule and can add redeem rules.
    • Admin can also renew the memberships of the members.
    • Cross browser compatible.


    Click here to install this app and enter your Shopify store URL and then click on the install button.

    After the installation is completed the app will be listed here in the apps section of your Shopify backend.

    POS Membership App for Shopify Workflow

    After the Installation is completed you will straight away be landed to the home page of the app.


    Configuration is divided into two parts.

    • General Configuration
    • Mail Configuration

    In General configuration, you can configure your domain name, logo, manage the setting of expiry tenure of memberships, redemption, and also the loyalty gain setting and much more.

    Whereas in Mail Configuration the mail sent on two events (loyalty assigning and loyalty redemption) can be enabled or disabled and can also be edited as well.


    This section of the app displays loyalty points rule based on the amount as well as collection. You can edit, delete & enable /disable any rule created rule and can add a new rule from this section.

    While adding the loyalty rule you will have to select the source for loyalty that :
    If loyalty points will be Based on the Purchase amount you set.
    The Loyalty points will be getting assigned by purchasing from a particular collection.

    On the basis of these conditions, you will enter the value and loyalty points.


    This section of the app displays redemption rules listing from where you as admin can edit, delete and enable/disable any rule.
    Redemption can be done on the basis of discounts per point or on the basis of points per range.


    This section allows admin to add customers and also displays the customer information in detail. Clicking on “Add Customer”, the admin will redirect to Shopify’s Add Customer Page. Admin will fill all the details and Save it.

    Moreover, from the list, only those customers will be listed in the customer detail section of the app whose membership card will be created by the admin.
    Admin can view the card details and other transactional details of the customers.

    How to add a customer?
    Click on the add customer button shown in the screenshot above and then you will be redirected to the Shopify’s add customer page. You will have to fill up the form and save.

    How to renew the customer?
    –>To renew a customer click on the renew button from the options and simply increase the validity and expiry date.


    On the cart page of POS for Shopify, the POS membership loyalty section can be displayed.

    Clicking here you will be redirected to the page where you can create the card if there is no pre-existing card or on the card detail to view card details.
    This is the page to create a membership.

    Then create/generate code for the membership.

    Once it is done, the full info will get displayed like this:

    In case the membership has expired, it will reflect in the message as shown here and it can be renewed by clicking on the renew button :

    POS Membership App for Shopify DEMO

    Moreover, check out the demo for this app:

    Demo Store Link:


    Furthermore, if you need any kind of support/Consultancy then please raise a ticket at or drop a mail at

    Thanks For reading this blog!!! 🙂

    . . .


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