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    POS Membership App for Shopify

    Updated 11 October 2023

    We are here with the all-new POS membership app for Shopify. With this app, you can have the feature of Loyalty Points and loyalty points redemption by customers for your sales channel or e-commerce store.
    At POS channel admin can redeem customer’s points by opening the app and also set points that customer wants to redeem.

    The App is Compatible with Shopify POS Pro

    POS Membership App for Shopify features

    • Admin can add rules to assign loyalty points.
    • Admin can also create a membership.
    • The store owner can select loyalty rules and can add redeem rules.
    • Admin can also renew the memberships of the members.
    • Moreover, the app is cross-browser compatible.
    • The app is now compatible with POS Pro.


    Click here to install this app and enter your Shopify store URL and then click on the install button.


    After the installation is completed the app will be listed here in the apps section of your Shopify backend.

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    POS Membership App for Shopify Workflow


    Moreover, after the installation is completed you will straight away be landed on the home page of the app.


    The configuration is divided into two parts.

    • General Configuration
    • Mail Configuration

    In General configuration, you can configure your domain name, logo, manage the setting of expiry tenure of memberships, redemption, and also the loyalty gain setting and much more.

    Default Membership Expiry:- From here, you can set the expiry tenure of the customer’s membership.

    Redemption Method:- From the below-two options, you can choose the one to create redemption rules for the customers.

    1. Redemption rule based on points range:- Select this option if you want to create redemption rules based on the point range.
    POS Membership

    2. Redemption rule based on discount per point:- Select this option if you want to create redemption rules based on the discount per point.

    POS Membership

    Loyalty Gain Method:- From this configuration, you can set the collection priority based on which the loyalty points will be getting assigned to the customers in case a product falls in multiple collections.

    Understand the whole scenario with an example in the Loyalty Points Rule panel of this blog.


    Whereas in Mail Configuration, the mail sent on two events (loyalty assigning and loyalty redemption) can be enabled or disabled and can also be edited as well.



    From this section, you can create Loyalty Points rules in the app on the basis of the Purchase Amount or Collection. Based on these rules, the points will be assigned to the customers.

    Further, you can also edit, delete & enable /disable any rule created rule and can add a new rule from this section.



    While adding the loyalty rule you will have to select the source for loyalty that :
    If loyalty points will be based on the Purchase amount you set.
    The Loyalty points will be getting assigned by purchasing from a particular collection.

    Further, on the basis of these conditions, you will enter the value and loyalty points.


    Based on Purchase Amount

    Select the source as “Purchase Amount”.
    Enter the minimum purchase amount required for the customers to get the loyalty points.
    Further, enter the loyalty points you want to assign to customers on the mentioned purchase amount.


    Suppose you select the source as Purchase Amount & add the amount as 1000 & Loyalty point as 50 then, the customer who makes a purchase of 1000 USD will be awarded 50 loyalty/bonus points.

    Based on Collection

    Add loyalty points based on the collection.
    In this case, the Loyalty points will be getting assigned to customers once they purchase items from a particular collection.

    Firstly, select a collection from your Shopify store.


    Further, click the Assign Loyalty Rule.

    assign loyalty rule

    Enter Loyalty Points for the added collection & Save.

    loyalty points

    This way, you can add Loyalty points to the added collection & also, create a rule based on the collection.

    Now, as you can configure the Loyalty Gain method in the app by choosing the below three options:-
    Collections have minimum points
    Collections have minimum points
    Points from all Collections


    Let’s suppose you create 2 loyalty point rules based on 2 different collections. Item A is added to both the collections C1 & C2 but…

    in rule 1--> 10 Points will be assigned to customers by purchasing Item A added to collection C1
    in rule 2–> 20 Points will be assigned to customers by purchasing Item A added to collection C2

    CASE 1:-
    Now, if you configure the Loyalty Gain Method as Collections have minimum points then, considering the above example, 10 Points will get assigned to the customer if he purchases the Item A (falling in both the collections).

    CASE 2:-
    In case you configure the Loyalty Gain Method as Collections have maximum points then, considering the above example, 20 Points will get assigned to the customer if he purchases the Item A (falling in both the collections).

    CASE 3:-
    If you select the 3rd setting as Points from all Collections then, (10+20) points will get assigned to the customer for purchasing Item A (falling in both the two collections).

    That is how the collection rule will be applied for the loyalty points to be given to the customer.


    This section of the app displays redemption rules listing from where you as admin can edit, delete and enable/disable any rule.
    Moreover, redemption can be done on the basis of discounts per point or on the basis of points per range.



    In this section, you will have the list of all your Shopify customers whose membership card is created by the admin from the Shopify POS.

    Further, you can view all the transaction details & card details of your customers and also edit, renew or delete any customer.


    To create a membership of your customers, make sure to add customers as Shopify customers from the POS.


    You can also update the membership details of the customer in bulk by using the CSV method.

    NOTE- You can only add 500 customer membership details at a time using the CSV.


    You just need to download the sample CSV file, edit it and upload it. Moreover, we have also provided an Instruction file to assist you in creating the CSV. Do read the instruction file once before creating a CSV file.


    How to Add a Customer?

    From the POS, firstly, add a customer or select a customer who is already added.

    Create Customer:-
    Enter the complete details & create a customer.



    Enter the customer’s details:


    Further, you can proceed to create a membership for the customers that will be listed in the app.

    customer details

    Moreover, the customers having membership cards will get listed in the Membership Customer section of the app.

    Further, let’s see how to renew the customers.

    How to Renew the Customers in the App?

    To renew a customer click on the Renew button from the options and simply increase the validity and expiry date.


    Now, you will be asked to view the customer’s details & option to extend the expiry to renew the customer.


    This way, you can renew the customers.


    With the All-New Shopify POS, using the POS Membership app for Shopify, you can reward your loyal customers once they make online & in-store purchases.

    For that, you need to Add the App to your Shopify POS Pro using the steps shown in the screenshots:-

    Firstly, Add Title.

    add title
    STEP 1

    Click App

    POS pro
    STEP 2

    Add the App Link

    add app
    3RD STEP
    POS membership app
    STEP 4

    This way, you can add app to the POS pro.

    On the cart page of POS for Shopify, here is the POS membership loyalty section.


    Further, you can create the card if there is no pre-existing card in the App. This is the page to create a membership.


    Then create/generate code for the membership.


    Clicking the “Redeem Points” button, you can redeem points for the customer. Thus, the discounted price will be shown in the customer’s cart on Shopify POS.


    Once it is done, the full info will get displayed like this:


    In case the membership has expired, it will reflect in the message as shown here and it can be renewed by clicking on the Renew button.

    POS Membership App for Shopify DEMO

    Moreover, check out the demo for this app:

    Demo Store Link:


    Furthermore, if you need any kind of support/Consultancy then please raise a ticket at or drop an email at [email protected].

    Thanks for reading this blog!!! 🙂

    . . .

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