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Upcoming Auction: Product Auction for Shopify

Updated 12 September 2022

Product Auction app helps the merchants to provide an engaged bidding experience to the customers on their Shopify stores. Merchants set products up for auction and customers bid on the auction products.

Upcoming Auction is an amazing feature of the Product Auction app. While adding an auction to a product, if you don’t want the auction to get started in the run time then, you can set a future date on the auction product. Now, the auction will be started running automatically on the future date.

In case you are setting up a future date on your auction product then, the products will be listed in the “upcoming auctions” on your store.

Benefits of Adding Upcoming Auctions to Your Store:-

  • Add upcoming auctions to your Shopify store and let the buyers make up their mind to bid on the items.
  • Buyers will have the time to examine the price on which he/she wants to buy the auction product.
  • Allow your buyers to analyze the competitive environment before the bidding starts.
  • Share the upcoming auction listing page of your store on social media platforms to notify the visitors if the bidding on the items is about to start.
  • You can create an engaged-bidding experience amount the buyers.

How to Configure the Settings?

In the app, you can configure the visibility of upcoming auctions on your Shopify store. You have the option to enter the number of days prior to which the customers can view the upcoming auctions. You can follow these simple steps to configure this setting:

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  • Go to the admin panel of the product auction app.
  • Visit the Configuration menu.
  • Go to the Auction Configuration.
  • Just drop-down to bottom to get the configuration in the Front section.
  • Get the option “Number of days prior to which customer can view auction” and enter the number of days.
  • Click the Save button.

Thus, prior to the n number of days, the customers can view the upcoming auction.

Upcoming Auctions on Front End

upcoming auctions

You can also view the auction timer running on the collection page of your Shopify store. Have a look:

collection page

Upcoming Auction on Product Page:-


Show Start Date on Upcoming Auctions

You can now show the starting bid amount on the product page of the upcoming auctions of your store. For this, you just need to visit the App>>Go to Configurations>>General Configurations>>Enable the Tab “Show start bid for Upcoming Auction“>>Save changes.

This is how the Start Bid appears on the product page for upcoming auctions.


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