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    Multi-Vendor Marketplace for Shopify: Digital Storage

    If you are looking to build a marketplace with no restriction of shop type then Multi-Vendor Marketplace for Shopify is the solution. Selling physical as well as digital products on this Multi-Vendor Marketplace is really flexible & easy.

    In Multivendor Marketplace App for Shopify, a merchant can set up a store for physical (normal) products, digital products & even both. They can easily select the Shop Type from the app’s configuration section. Check out: Sell Digital Products on MultiVendor Marketplace
    Now, for adding digital products to your multivendor store, you require digital storage. The app in itself comes with defined digital storage depending on the subscription plan.

    The digital storage provided in the Multivendor Marketplace for Shopify depends on the plan that you have activated:

    • Pro Plan ($45/month)- 15 GB digital storage
    • Executive Plan ($30/month)- 5 GB digital storage
    • Basic Plan ($10/month)- 3 GB digital storage

    The admin can check this storage by going to Multi vendor Marketplace Admin Panel > Hover over the three dots (⋅⋅⋅) on the top right of the dashboard > Click on the ‘Digital Storage’:

    In case, if the admin wants to increase this digital storage, then, he can do so by Upgrading Digital Storage Plan.

    Upgrade Digital Storage Plan

    For this, go to Multi vendor Marketplace Admin Panel > Hover over the three dots (⋅⋅⋅) on the top right of the dashboard > Click on the ‘Digital Storage’ > Click on Upgrade Plan button:

    This action will take you to the following page:

    Now here, we have three different Digital Storage Plans to choose from:

    • 10 GB for $5/month
    • 20 GB for $9/month
    • 30 GB for $13/month


    Suppose, you are on PRO plan of MultiVendor and further you have selected 20 GB digital storage plan then your total digital storage will become 35 GB (Free digital storage that you got with PRO plan: 15 GB + additional purchased 20 GB). Moreover, you’ll be charged $9/month for the same.
    REMEMBER: This amount ($9) will be deducted as the Usage Charge.

    Usage Charge: These are the variable charges added to the recurring monthly fees of an existing application being used. There might be some features in the application, which requires an extra amount and that depends on the usage of these features, like the number of email count, or the digital storage space you are using.


    Once you select a digital storage plan, you CANNOT disable it or opt it out. Also, if you have selected a higher digital storage plan, you CANNOT degrade the plan, i.e., move to a lower digital storage plan.

    Example: After selecting 20 GB for $9/month digital storage plan, you can’t disable it or move to 10 GB for $5/month digital storage plan. You can only upgrade it to 30 GB for $13/month digital storage plan.


    If you want to have more than 30 GB of digital storage on your Multi-Vendor Marketplace, you can simply contact us.

    Drop an email at regarding the same & we’ll increase your digital storage as per your requirement. (This involves extra charges over & above your monthly multivendor plan charges).

    How to upgrade the digital storage plan?

    Simply, click on the Upgrade Storage button for the plan that you want to go with. This action will give you the following pop-up:

    Here, you can check the Auto Upgrade Plan option to automatically upgrade your digital storage plan to a higher plan once you’re done using all the current digital storage in your store. (This is completely optional.)

    Further, click on the Upgrade button.

    The admin will receive an email regarding the same.

    This is how the plan status will be visible:

    Lower plans will be disabled and you can only switch to the higher ones as explained above.

    Further, you can view the increased digital storage information by going to Multi vendor Marketplace Admin Panel > Hover over the three dots (⋅⋅⋅) on the top right of the dashboard > Click on the ‘Digital Storage’:

    Payment History

    You can check the payment history by clicking on the ‘Payment History‘ button. Refer:

    The redirected page:

    💡 Need Help?

    Drop your query/suggestion at or create your ticket at Webkul UV Desk

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