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    Multivendor Marketplace for Shopify: Digital Products

    If you are looking to build a marketplace with no restriction of shop type then Multi-Vendor Marketplace for Shopify is the solution. Selling physical as well as digital products on this Multi-Vendor Marketplace is really flexible & easy.

    So, in this blog, we’ll see how to add digital products on the Multivendor Marketplace for Shopify.

    Configure Shop Type

    Firstly, the admin needs to configure the Shop Type as digital or both (digital + normal).

    For this, go to Multivendor Marketplace Admin Panel > Configuration > General Configuration:

    On the redirected page, change the shop type as digital (if you only want to have digital products on your store) or both (if you want to have both digital & normal products on your store):

    Digital Product Form Customization

    The admin can configure the product form, i.e., the form for adding a new digital product.

    For this, go to Multivendor Marketplace Admin Panel > Products > Product Form Customization:

    On this page, mark the fields you want to have and further save the customization.

    How to add digital products?

    To add a digital product, go to Multivendor Marketplace Seller Panel > Products > Product Listing > Add Product:

    Choose the product as digital & in the digital product details section; upload your digital product file (the file should be less than or equal to 100 MBs), enter the number of accessible days for which your customers can access it & enter the number of downloads allowed. (By default, the value is equal to zero which means unlimited access & downloading)

    Mark: You can’t add variants to a digital product.

    The added product will be listed in the Multivendor Marketplace Seller/Admin Panel > Products > Product Listing.

    Digital Product As Service

    The admin can now have the option to add digital product as service in the Multi-vendor App.

    In this case, both you & your sellers can directly create & sell digital products without uploading the digital files. Instead, both can upload digital files after the order is placed for the digital product.

    First, the admin needs to enable the configuration.

    • Go to the Configuration menu of the app.
    • Visit the Product Configuration.
    • Enable the “ADD DIGITAL PRODUCT AS SERVICE” tab.

    As soon as the admin enabled this tab, the option starts getting reflected in the admin & seller’s Edit Product sections respectively.

    While adding/editing digital products, you can enable the “ADD DIGITAL PRODUCT AS SERVICE” option. This action will disable the rest of the options (upload file, no of accessible days) for that digital product.

    Now, once an order is placed for the digital product, both admin & seller will get the option to upload the digital file from the “Order Listing” section of their respective panels.

    As soon as the customer places an order, both admin & seller will get the option to upload a digital file.

    App>>Orders>>Order Listing>>Edit Order>>Upload the digital files.

    After this, the customer will receive an email regarding the same from where they can download the digital file.

    Configure Frontend

    Furthermore, to display a downloadable link on the customer’s order page, the admin needs to do some code pasting.

    Go to Multivendor Marketplace Admin Panel > Configuration > Instruction for Marketplace:

    Here, the admin will have the code that needs to be pasted with all the instructions.

    For pasting the codes, go to Shopify Backend > Online Store > Actions >Edit Code:

    Search for customer/order.liquid template file, search ‘line_item’ in the code & paste the following code in the <tr> tag as shown in the image below:

    id="{{ }}" class="wk_lineitem" data-wk_lineitemid="{{ }}">

    Frontend View

    Digital Product Storage:

    The digital storage provided in the Multivendor Marketplace for Shopify depends on the plan that you have activated:

    • Pro Plan ($45/month)- 15 GB digital storage
    • Executive Plan ($30/month)- 5 GB digital storage
    • Basic Plan ($10/month)- 3 GB digital storage

    Moreover, the admin can check this storage by going to Multi vendor Marketplace Admin Panel > Hover over the three dots (⋅⋅⋅) on the top right of the dashboard > click on the ‘digital storage’:

    In case if the admin wants to increase this digital storage, then, he can go for either way:

    Go to Multi vendor Marketplace Admin Panel > Configuration > Products Configuration:

    After selecting Merchant S3/Box, go to Multivendor Marketplace Admin Panel > Configuration > Amazon S3/Box Details > Fill the required details & save.

    In the case of Amazon S3:

    For more details on how to get the AWS details, refer: Merchant Amazon S3 Setup

    In the case of Box:

    This all about Multivendor Marketplace digital products!

    Demo Details

    Need Help?

    In the case of any query or suggestion, please drop a mail at or raise your ticket at Webkul UV desk.

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