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Mobile Bookings: Drive the Growth of Online Booking Website

Updated 9 August 2019

As the world is digitalized now, you need to keep pace with the evolution of new digital platforms especially mobile devices. If you run an online appointment booking website or online rental marketplace, you can’t afford “not to have a mobile-optimized website” for better user experience.
This will somehow affect the growth of your booking website in terms of sales performance, revenue & customer satisfaction.

“Mobile is becoming not only the new digital hub, but also the bridge to the physical world. That’s why mobile will affect more than just your digital operations — it will transform your entire business.”

-Quoted by Thomas Husson

This is what this blog is all about. You will get to know what is the use of Mobile booking for an online appointment booking website, rental marketplace & how it affects your business growth rate. Let’s get started with the online booking system.

Mobile Bookings
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Online Booking System

Booking App by Webkul helps the merchants to create an online booking website for appointment booking services, rental services, venue booking service, event bookings and much more with Shopify.

In order to install this app, you need to have your own Shopify store. With a widely popular e-commerce platform Shopify, you can effortlessly create an online store & install the booking app to sell products & services to the customers.

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The app facilitates the following features:-

▶️ Add booking products or services to sell on your booking website.

▶️ Have six different types of bookings to choose as per the profession.

▶️ Create time slots to let the customers schedule appointments for the service you provide.

▶️ Add rental products & allow customers to select a start & end date to rent the product from your website.

▶️ Let the customers request the merchant to cancel bookings if required.

▶️ Also, allow customers to reschedule bookings directly from their account.

▶️ Going out of town & service unavailable? Close bookings for the customers for some specific time interval.

▶️ Also, you can easily limit the bookings by setting up the maximum & minimum guest limit for the customers.

Now, if you are seeking to let these actions performed by the customers via mobile then, you can offer a user-friendly mobile experience to your customers. Let’s proceed to understand each booking type one by one and how customers book for the products & services.

Appointment Booking

Create appointment bookings on your website

If you want to have a booking website typically for salon services, dental appointments, spa or similar professional services then, the appointment booking type is the right choice for you.

Now, what if the customers don’t have a laptop or PC to book the service? Then comes the requirement of Mobile booking. People find it more easy & handy to use. Surprisingly, if you provide a highly optimized booking widget for the users on your website front, they can easily book an appointment for the service using their mobile phones.

This will increase the likelihood of receiving more bookings on the merchant end & ensure to uplift the growth of your booking website.

Rental Booking

Create an online rental booking marketplace for Shopify

The trend to start an online rental service is booming like ever. In this fast-paced modern world, people prefer to rent products rather than purchasing it. The concept is clear. Why invest in something for the lifetime if we need it for a specific time period?

Rental Booking system enables the customers to rent the products from a website. But as people are seeking to find the simplest path to rent items, they go for mobile booking. So, it’s crucial to have a mobile-optimized website to rent products & offer a rich-booking experience to customers.

So, if you think of having your own rental websites for car rental services, dresses on rent, bike rentals, etc, & provide a mobile-optimized booking experience to customers then, you can go with the Booking app for Shopify and let the customers rent items directly from their mobile phones.

Moreover, in case you want to have an online rental booking marketplace, you can go with the Multi-vendor Marketplace-Booking App Integration.

You can have an online rental booking marketplace by following some simple steps:-

Convert your Shopify store into a fully-fledged marketplace using the Multi-vendor Marketplace App.

Enable the “Booking Product” feature to let the sellers add rental bookings from their respective seller panels.

Let the sellers rent products & earn a commission on each product rented from your marketplace.

Sellers can effortlessly add bookings to products published on your marketplace & let the customers create bookings from your website as well as mobile devices.

Learn to start your own online rental booking marketplace

Thus, you can now start your online rental booking business with Shopify & get a boost to your online sales.

Venue Booking

If you plan to have a venue booking system with Shopify, then this is possible with the Booking App. You can add event booking products to your store & create slots for the customers. Have the simplest booking widget on your store front end and engage customers to book a venue for the event.

This is what the concert type booking is all about.

Customers always prefer to book venues from a website where they get the cancel & reschedule options. The reason is quite obvious. User may need to modify the event date or time.

So, this is one benefit of choosing booking app for your Shopify store because the app provides the simplest way to book venues via mobile devices & option to reschedule or cancel bookings if required.

One day Booking

If you are searching for a platform to sell services for a day, then you can go with Booking app for Shopify. As you know Shopify is one of the simplest platforms that are widely used by the small business, you can offer one day booking such as cab booking service for a day, stadium booking, auditorium booking service for a day, etc. You can create services from the app & customers will select a date to book for a day.

This way, you can offer one-day booking services to customers on your mobile-optimized website & drive the enormous growth of your booking website.

Wrapping Up

Mobile traffic is increasing at a higher pace year over year. So, it’s better to optimize your website for mobile. This will ultimately help you to drive huge traffic to your booking website via mobile & earn profit from mobile bookings.

Additionally, you can entice more and more customers for your brand to give it a try as the mobile booking is comparatively fast & the users can operate it from anywhere on the globe.

Know the Key Trends of Online Booking Industry

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