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Create an Online Rental Booking Marketplace for Shopify

Updated 28 January 2020

The online booking system has been revolutionized in such a way that it is estimated that almost 70% of people prefer to book online (reference). So, if you want to start your online rental booking business, creating an online rental marketplace can be an ultimate solution for you. An online rental booking marketplace will let you register multiple sellers across the globe who can rent their products or services on your website. Thus, you can earn commission on each product purchase.

Despite the fact that there are many platforms that let you offer products or services on rent, you need to be very specified in choosing a platform especially when you are new in the booking industry.

If you think of considering a SAAS based platform, then Shopify can be a good option to have a fully-fledged marketplace.

Why Shopify?

shopify for rental service

If you are about to start your online store and have thought of converting it into a marketplace then SAAS based Platforms can be the best option to go for.

Shopify is a SAAS based application and the simplest platform to opt for running an online marketplace. In this, you will get the source code as well as the robust API to build applications. Building up an online marketplace needs customizations a lot. And in an online rental marketplace, you may receive multiple requests from your customers to customize additional features.

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In Shopify, customization can be done if the feature needs to be implemented is feasible. This is the reason you can simply go with Shopify in order to have a powerful online rental marketplace.


Planning to start your personalized online marketplace for rental services? If yes, then, the same can be achieved effortlessly using Multi-vendor Marketplace-Booking App Integration for Shopify. It’s awesome if you already run your Shopify store. If not, you can simply create one & install the Marketplace add-on to it.

Multi-vendor Marketplace app helps you to convert your Shopify store into a multi-functioning marketplace. Once you end up creating your own marketplace for Shopify, you can effortlessly build up an online rental marketplace with the integration of Multi-vendor & Booking App.


Before started implementing the things, the merchant must know the benefits of running an online rental marketplace. What exactly the requirements are? And how it affects online sales performance? etc.

Building up an online marketplace is simple these days but to keep up the sales performance consistent throughout may not be for every store owner. Although you get the option to create your own marketplace for Shopify, You must have some strategic approach to understand how to tackle things on store front end.

How to Create Online Rental Marketplace?

Online Marketplace is basically a platform which connects buyers & sellers and let them process transactions through the website. You as a store owner can easily convert your Shopify store into a marketplace & register numerous vendors to publish their products on your store.

Features of an Online Rental Marketplace:

  • Allow sellers worldwide to offer rental products or services on your website.
  • Earn commission on each sale.
  • Allow customers to select start date-time & end date-time to book a slot.
  • Add custom fields to get additional info from your customers at the time of booking.
  • Add custom information with your rental products or services to let the customers know more about what you are selling.
  • Allow multi-users to book a slot at a time.
  • Add blackout dates to close booking on some specific dates.

How Benefits the Merchant?

You as a store merchant can get commissions on each product purchased. The commission is the merchant’s share from the vendor’s total earning. In general, vendors are responsible for order fulfillment but you as an admin easily earn through commission.


Steps to build up an online Rental Marketplace with Shopify

Now, all the vendors registered to your marketplace will get the option to add bookings to products. In order to add bookings, both you & your vendors need to follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Go to the Products section of your Shopify store. Select a product & click on the Booking Product button in the Action menu.
  • Step 2: Select a variant, if required & proceed to fill additional details of the product such as Single-user or Multi-user booking & service location.
  • Step 3: Select the Booking type as “Rent Type” or “Rent Type with Time“.
  • RENT TYPE: In case, You want to provide bookings for the whole day irrespective of the time, You can go with the Rent Type booking. For this, You need to select a date range when you want the bookings to be available for rent.
  • RENT TYPE WITH TIME: In case, You want customers to book a slot for some selected time-interval, You can go with Rent Type with time. To create the slots, You need to select a date range when you want the booking service to be available for the customers and set the slot time.
  • Step 4: Add custom information in case you want to display some required information about your bookings & add custom fields to take some additional info from customers.

This way, you can have your online rental marketplace for Shopify using which both you & your sellers can rent products or services online & let your customers have a better booking experience on your website.


This manageable yet powerful system helps you to convert your Shopify store into a fully-functioning marketplace & add rent type bookings to have a lucrative online rental marketplace. This will help you to have a profitable booking business in a very less time span. Also, let you serve a better booking platform for potential customers. Ultimately, this will upsurge your sales productivity & explore your brand worldwide.

Feel Free to connect in case of any questions. We are open to all your suggestions.

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