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Multivendor Marketplace App for Shopify- Payment Flow

Multivendor Marketplace app for Shopify app is a great tool to convert your shop into fully functioning marketplace.

This user manual perfectly guides you to understand the payment flow in Multivendor Marketplace app for Shopify from setting up the payment methods to sending the payments to your sellers.

So in Multivendor Marketplace app for Shopify, the flow of payment goes like this:-

By default, Admin receives the complete amount of order paid by buyer/customer and then admin transfers it to the seller after deducting his/her commission.

Admin can pay to sellers/vendors by four payment methods in the multivendor app in which two payment methods are online and two payment methods are offline.

Online Payment Methods:- By these payment methods, admin can pay to sellers online through the app. Both admin and sellers must have a business PayPal account.

  • PayPal
  • PayFast

Offline Payment Methods:-  Admin can use these payment methods offline and can just track the amount in the app and can have a record the way you pay the seller.

  • Internet Banking
  • Bank Wire Transfer

Now lets understand its workflow:-


Payment Methods Setup:-

Firstly admin need to setup the payment methods for the payment to the sellers from the admin panel of Multivendor app.

Admin end of Multivendor app->> Configuration->> Payment Configuration->> Configure the payment methods from here >> Save

Now the same payment methods will be available at seller end and seller can choose the payment methods from which he wants to be paid from admin.

Seller end of Multivendor app->> Profile->> Payment details->> Here choose any payment method from drop down menu->> Save

Payment Methods added by the sellers from their respective panels can be edited/changed by the admin from his panel.

Steps using which admin can change the Seller’s Payment Methods:

Multivendor Admin Panel>>Sellers>>Select the Seller whose Payment method needs to be changed>>Click on “Edit” button in Action menu.

Now, Click on “Seller Payment Details” from drop down (More Action menu)>>Edit/change/add seller’s payment method>>Save.

This way admin can update Seller’s Payment Methods from his end.


Now to pay to sellers admin needs to visit the “Seller Payments” section under the “payment” menu in the admin panel of multivendor marketplace app

Admin Panel of Multivendor app->> Payment->> Seller Payments->> Click on “View” in front of seller ID->> Select Payment resource (Click PayPal/PayFast if you want to pay online through the app or Click Manual(in case of offline payment) if you want to make a record that you have pay to seller ->> Now enter the amount->> Pay to seller

This way admin/merchant can pay to the sellers/vendors.


If you as an admin want to pay to seller automatically then you can check this feature apps name “Stripe Connect”  in which once the customer pays the amount for the order , the amount will go to respective seller account as well as admin account automatically as per the share configured on the basis of commission. Please refer the user manuals below:-

Stripe Connect:-


Use below link and credentials to use the demo of Multivendor Marketplace app for Shopify:-

Admin Demo Link:-


Password: demowebkul

Click on the link below and then click on “Join us as seller” button and enter below credentials:

Seller Demo Link:


Password: webkul123


Furthermore, if you need any kind of support/Consultancy then please raise a ticket at or drop a mail at

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