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    Multi Vendor Marketplace for Shopify: Stripe Connect Integration

    We have launched Stripe connect payment gateway in Multivendor Marketplace app for Shopify where now after the customer pays the amount for the order, the amount will go to respective Seller and Admin account directly as per the share configured on the basis of commission.

    Both admin & seller needs to have their respective Stripe accounts.

    This feature is available at a cost of USD 10 per month over and above your monthly plan. And you can use marketplace shipping or any other shipping of your store with this feature.

    NOTE: If you as Store Owner sell products, then you have to become Seller to get Payment through Stripe Connect.

    – This will not work in the case of a Gift Card.


    If customers are applying a discount code on the orders, then all the order amount will be sent to the Admin Stripe Account. And then Admin will be responsible for sending the seller earning to his account. Admin can do that from the app either by using Paypal.

    NOTE:- If you are using the older version of Stripe API (before 2019-08-14), make sure to upgrade it to the latest version.

    Video Guide

    Go through the Video Guide of this Integration feature.


    Firstly enable this feature from the “Feature Apps” section by clicking on the (…) three dots on the top right-hand side in the main menu in your app.

    Once you will click on the “Enable” button, you need to agree on additional charges which are USD 10 per month.

    Now, let’s understand its workflow:-

    Workflow in New theme

    Now you need to go to the “Checkout Payment method” section from the “orders” section of your app.

    Here add the Stripe Payment method and its details for the checkout page.

    Enter the details such as SCA Regulation Account (in case you want to use SCA for Stripe). Click here to know more. Also, select where you want to get customer’s card details i.e on Thank You page or on Checkout Page.

    Stripe Account Types

    Also, you need to choose the Stripe account type of your sellers while configuring the Stripe details in the app. Select the account type whether Standard or Express that the seller is using with Stripe. Know more about the Stripe accounts.

    NOTE:- You can’t change the account type to Express if the seller is already connected to the Standard Stripe account and vice versa.

    Additionally, enter the details like Secret key, Publish Key and Client ID and then click on save.

    You need to log in to your Stripe Account to get the above keys.

    “Secret key” and “Publish key” you will get from the “API” section of your Stripe account.

    “Client ID” you will get from “settings > Connect Settings” of your Stripe account.

    Copy the client ID:

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    Now, to connect seller’s Stripe account to your stripe account copy the code from “instruction for marketplace” section of configuration menu in the app and paste into the “Redirect URI” section of your Stripe account and make this default as shown in the following screenshot:-

    Admin end>> Configuration >> Instruction for marketplace >> Visit “Stripe connect” section>> Copy the given code to connect seller’s Stripe account to your Stripe account.

    Now open your “Stripe account” and paste the code in the “Redirect URI” section and make it default.

    Go to Settings>> Connect Settings >> Redirects:

    Enter the URL:

    Set it as default:



    Admin just needs to create a custom payment method from the Shopify store backend and Please note:- Name of your custom payment method should be the same as the name of the Stripe Payment name (Which you have entered from “Checkout payment method” section of the multivendor app).

    Then customers must need to pay via this custom payment method, Only after that payment gets split between admin & seller.

    Admin needs to create the stripe connect payment name from Shopify store settings to add Payment Name for the checkout page. Please follow the below steps:-

    Admin panel of Shopify store>>Settings >> Payment Providers>>visit “Manual Payments” section>>click “Create Custom Payment Method” from drop down>>Enter Payment Method name>>Click on “Activate” button.

    Please note:- Name of your custom payment method should be the same as the name of Stripe Payment name (Which you have entered from the “Checkout payment method” section of the multivendor app).

    This way you can create the payment method which the customer will select at the checkout page once added by the admin.


    Now a menu name “Stripe Connect Configuration” in the “orders” Section will be added to the seller panel of your multivendor marketplace app.

    After visiting this section click on “Add account to stripe”




    At the checkout page, a customer can choose the “Stripe Connect” payment method to pay for the order.


    Furthermore, if you need any kind of support/Consultancy then please raise a ticket at or drop an email at

    Thanks for reading this blog!!! 🙂

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