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Shopify Multi Vendor Marketplace Stripe Connect Integration

Shopify Multi Vendor Stripe Connect gateway Integration.
We have launched Stripe connect payment gateway in Shopify Mutlivendor Marketplace app where now after the customer pays the amount for the order, the amount will go to respective seller and admin’s account directly as per the share configured on the basis of commission.

To be able to use this feature you have to enable and use our checkout feature mandatorily.

This feature is available in featured app section as a featured app costing USD10 permonth over and above your monthly plan. And you will have to use marketplace shipping with this feature.


To be able to use this feature you have to enable and use our checkout feature mandatorily.

Enable Stripe after enabling checkout feature:


Now visit check out payment section and add stripe method and stripe credentials.

Fill in all the details like secret key, publish key & client Id.

To get these above keys, you will have to go & login to the stripe account of yours and visit the API section.

Once this is all entered, the configuration is set.

Seller panel

On the seller panel, you will now get the section of stripe gateway to be configured by the seller.

Then click on add account to stripe button and enter details.

After entering stripe details, click on connect button:

After connecting you will get the success message on the seller panel.

Points to Remmember

While creating the product, seller and admin both should have selected the marketplace shipping while creating the product and should even make it as default option.
Also for the customers while checkout should choose the marketplace shipping as the option.

After choosing marketplace as shipping, choose the payment method as stripe.


Furthermore if you need any kind of support/Consultancy then please raise a ticket at or drop a mail at

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