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Odoo 17 POS: New Features

Updated 30 October 2023


Prepare to transform your business operations with Odoo POS! 

The latest version, Odoo 17 to be released comes packed with game changing features. They have been designed to elevate retail and restaurant management experience.

It introduces many exciting new functions. Here we will discuss some features linked to Point of Sale.


Odoo v17 POS has a brand new feature called Code on Ticket. It adds security to invoices with a special 5 digit code. This keeps invoices private and only allows the right people to access them. 

Code on Ticket feature on Bill in Odoo 17 POS

In the past version, anyone could access the invoice by scanning a QR code. But now that has changed for the better. This feature eliminates unapproved access and increases trust for customers.

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The new feature of Odoo POS includes the creation of Combo Products of desired related products. This helps sell more and makes customers spend more with Odoo 17 POS.

The clever strategy provides a competitive edge by offering discounted pre packaged bundles. This makes orders more expensive and lets us suggest more things to customers.

The feature promotes customer loyalty and offers a variety of product choices. They can be easily set up by admins and accessible to Odoo POS operators.

Combo Products feature in Odoo 17 POS


In the Odoo v17 POS system, the floors and tables map for restaurants and bars are now easily accessible. By opening Odoo POS, admins can now create floor plans for multiple POS systems for restaurants.

Floor and Table Map for Restaurants in POS


The Odoo 17 POS has a Kitchen Display designed to improve restaurant operations. It is a combination of Preparation Printers and Preparation Screens. 

This makes it easier for the kitchen to handle orders by showing updates right away.

Preperation Display in Odoo 17 POS module

It helps kitchen staff work together on orders. This in turn streamlines kitchen operations automatically by adjusting stages based on preparation times for different product categories. 

Only the Enterprise version of Odoo supports this. Finally, check out the Odoo POS Kitchen Screen module for similar features in the Odoo community version.


In Odoo 17 POS, this new feature allows credit limits set for customers to extend to the point of sale. Odoo 17 introduces the Sales Credit Limit feature for Sales and POS modules.

Credit Limits configuration for Customers of POS

Businesses can set credit limits for customers. They receive alerts when customers exceed their specified limit. Businesses can configure credit limits in the Customer Invoices section.

Credit Limit Alert in Odoo 17 POS


Odoo 17 POS introduces an exciting feature known as Self Ordering. This method is fast becoming a popular trend in the restaurant industry. It offers an efficient way for customers to access menus and place orders using QR codes.

Customers can scan a QR code on their table with their device. Furthermore, it enables them to view menus, customize meals, and pay their bill without the need for a server. 

Mobile Self Order Configuration in Odoo 17  POS backend

It revolutionizes the dining experience by offering convenience and personalization. Also, it brings significant benefits to restaurant owners.

With Odoo Self Ordering, customers can order and pay at their own pace. They can also add custom notes. This reduces wait times and increases customer satisfaction. It is particularly helpful for large groups and those with dietary restrictions.

Mobile Self Ordering in Odoo 17 POS


Odoo v17 POS system introduces many features that improve dining experience. With this, customers can place orders and make selections on their own.

The Splash screens offer an educational start to interact with the Kiosk. Furthermore, the Language customization ensures interface access to a wide range of customers. 

Additionally, restaurant owners can easily customize headers to reflect their brand identity.

They can configure tax options to impose tax on dining preferences. Feel free to check out our 800+ Odoo Apps fulfilling various business needs.

Kiosk Integration Frontend in Odoo POS


Table booking feature is Odoo 17 POS allows business owners to make advance bookings. Customers can make reservations for tables or seating areas online in advance. 

Manage bookings for Table feature for enterprise version Odoo 17

It allows customers to easily choose their preferred date, time, and seating.  It is a user friendly and efficient way to manage reservations.

Table booking on appointments for Odoo 17 POS

Most importantly, it ensures that the establishment is fully prepared to accommodate guests. Simultaneously, it optimizes table allocation for an efficient experience.

Booking of Table confirmation in Appointments module on Odoo 17 POS


This feature allows Odoo Point of Sale operators to provide customizable tips. It gives user friendly tips page post payment. This enables POS operators to collect tips for services with ease. 

With customizable options, operators can choose the preferred tip amount of customers. Moreover, it reduces calculations and provides a smooth dining experience.

Tips page post payment in POS

10. Enhanced UI of Restaurant

Editing the layout of restaurant was less user friendly. In the previous version, there was an edit pencil icon. This icon revealed very small icons that didn’t clearly describe their functions.

In the newer versions, these tools come with labels. They are prominently displayed at the top to provide better accessibility for users while editing their floor plans.

Additionally, in the Odoo v17, there is an option to add a floor. This feature was not available in Odoo v16.

These changes appear to enhance the user experience. They also make the tools more accessible and understandable.

Enhanced UI of restaurant frontend in Odoo 17 POS

To conclude, Odoo 17 is set to be a game changer for businesses in retail and restaurants with its amazing Point Of Sale features. 

In the Odoo v17 release, some expected features include the ability to share open orders within multiple active POS. Also, Paytm payment terminal integration and Automatic order validation are included.


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