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    Odoo 17 POS Self Ordering- Next Step in Dinning

    Updated 18 September 2023

    The restaurant industry is changing and self-ordering is the new trend in the business. However, independent restaurants are slow to adapt to this new change, especially POS Self Ordering which shares a significant stake in the market.

    Self-ordering was earlier seen as a costly and impractical method but the pandemic changed the landscape. Now, self-ordering is considered one of the most cost-efficient and effective methods.

    Odoo POS Self-Ordering: The Change You Need!

    Odoo, a leading ERP software trusted by businesses worldwide, is unveiling its innovative “Self-Ordering” feature, a game-changer set to redefine how restaurants cater.

    The 17 edition will introduce a seamless and efficient way for customers to access menus and place orders through the use of QR codes.

    By simply scanning a QR code with their device, customers can instantly retrieve the menu, customize their meal, and pay the bill, all without having to wait for a server.

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    This innovative feature revolutionizes the dining experience, offering customers a convenient and personalized way to order their food.

    For restaurant owners, Odoo Self-Ordering can help to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and increase customer satisfaction.

    Benefits of Odoo POS Self-Ordering

    Now, customers can order and pay for their food at their own pace, without waiting in queue for their turn or dealing with a server lag.

    This can be especially beneficial for large groups or customers with dietary restrictions. Additionally, Studies have shown that restaurants that use self-ordering technology have higher customer satisfaction ratings.

    • POS Self-Ordering can help reduce wait times and improve table turnover, allowing restaurants to serve and get more customers.
    • Odoo Self-Ordering can help to reduce labor costs and the need for physical menus.
    • Customers appreciate the convenience and personalization offered by Odoo Self-Ordering.

    How to Configure Odoo POS Self-Ordering

    Simply follow the listed steps to configure Odoo POS Self-Ordering

    • Go to POS Configuration 
    • Settings > QR Code Menu
    • Then enable the QR Code Menu feature
    • Click on the “Print QR Code” button
    • Print the QR code and place it on each table in your restaurant using Odoo Self-Ordering

    Allow Customers to Pay After with both Mobile payment and at the Cashier’s counter 

    Using Odoo Self-Ordering is simple, customers have to scan the QR code on their table with their device. This will take them to a digital version of your menu, where they can browse items, customize their meals, and place their orders. 


    Also, you can define an online payment method to receive payments from customers when they place orders via their phones.


    When you enable the ‘Self Ordering’ feature, it can be seen on the POS dashboard as well.


    Mobile view

    This is the homepage of Mobile View, and the background image is editable, so you can have your desired background image. Click on the ‘View Menu’ button to see the menu.


    Here, you can see the items available to check out and order.

    • You can filter items by their categories.
    • Also, can get the button to review your cart. 

    By clicking on any item from the list, you can get the following options:

    • Add Notes
    • Increase/Decrease quantities
    • Add to cart

    While placing the order, the customer can enter/confirm their floor & table.


    After placing the order, the customer can see their orders in ‘My Orders.’


    The customer can pay for the order.



    It’s an undeniable fact that self-ordering is the future of the restaurant business. It has multiple benefits and advantages that can help businesses sustain and flourish in the long run.

    They also have a great impact on the sales and ROI of your restaurant. Their popularity is increasing day by day and one day in future they will be the prominent source for orders for restaurants.

    Besides, if you have any queries or doubts about Odoo payments or a project relating to the same. You can get back to us at [email protected] or Create A Ticket Here.

    You can further check our Odoo development, migration, theme, POS services, etc. Also, find our extensive range of quality Odoo Apps here.

    I hope you find the blog helpful; if so, let us know in the comments.

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