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Five Top Odoo POS Apps for Your Business

Updated 13 March 2024


In this discussion, we’ll dive into the five top Odoo POS Apps for your business.

Sales, be it in small, medium, or large stores, heavily rely on effective POS systems. However, these POS systems alone may not suffice for your business.

To optimize your Odoo POS and make it the best fit for your unique needs, incorporating additional extensions, add-ons, or apps is crucial.

To ensure your POS is the most robust and reliable solution, integrating apps, extensions, or add-ons becomes essential.

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Without further delay, let me introduce you to the top 5 Odoo Point of Sale Apps for your business.

Top Five Odoo POS Apps

Odoo POS Merge Category


This app tackles a big issue in any Point of Sale system. When products aren’t sorted and categorized, it creates headaches for both customers and users.

That’s why it’s crucial to have a system that makes product identification a breeze. With  POS Merge Category, you can easily organize your products into different categories.

This app lets you export all your product categories to  Point of Sale. You can also link these categories with their respective POS categories.

Plus, it lets you create new categories as needed and add products to them.


  • Easily create a product category for each item in Odoo POS with just one click.
  • Add products effortlessly to existing or newly created categories.
  • Seamlessly export your product categories to Point of Sale.
  • Link the exported categories to their respective POS categories and products.


  • Customers and POS Users prefer neatly sorted and categorized products. This saves them time and effort.
  • Merging categories and creating subcategories facilitates easy product discovery. Also, it streamlines the process of adding items to the cart.
  • Moreover, this practice enhances your business’s operations and contributes to effective inventory management.

Odoo POS Stock


Managing inventory and ensuring products don’t run out of stock can be a real challenge. This happens especially since the default Point of Sale system doesn’t provide a stock count. 

You’ll need an additional app that keeps you updated on product stock. This app allows you to view the current product stock and stock type during POS sessions. 

Plus, you can set a product limit, and orders falling below this limit will be rejected.

Control whether an order can proceed when a product is out of stock. Also, you can create a personalized message to display when a product is out of stock.


  • Easily check the current stock of products during your POS session.
  • Flexibility to choose the stock type you want to display on your POS.
  • Decide whether you want to allow or deny orders for products with negative stock.
  • If the stock falls below a specific stock limit, the POS will automatically deny the order.
  • Add a personal touch by setting a custom error message for out-of-stock products. 


  • POS Stock helps you streamline your orders by allowing you to keep track of product stock.
  • It ensures accurate stock management, with real-time checks and updates. This eliminates any stock discrepancies.

Odoo POS Advance Screen


Supercharge your business operations with Odoo POS Advance Screen. This module is the ultimate game-changer for seamless multiple-screen management. 

It brings together kitchen, review, and cart screens, simplifying control and optimizing workflows.

Customize each screen effortlessly to fit your requirements. It enhances visibility and gives your brand that personal touch. 

Launch screens with ease using unique URLs. It ensures smooth communication and efficient feedback collection. 

If you want centralized management and real-time updates to take your POS experience to the next level, this module is your go-to solution.


  • Configure for multiple screens simultaneously in Odoo POS
  • Set up review, cart, and kitchen screen from the same module without POS/IOT box.
  • Add numerous details like banner image, heading, sub-heading, and welcome message.
  • Add a title, sub-title, welcome message, and a banner to configure the customer review screen.


  • The Odoo application simplifies the creation of screens and the processing of orders. This minimizes delays and improves the shopping or dining experience.
  • It manages all three screens in a central location, making communication more efficient for the kitchen, customers, and reviews.
  • The app allows customization of the review and cart screens to enhance the brand or store. The review screen helps collect feedback that can be valuable for enhancing services.

Odoo POS Fast Loading


Upgrade your POS with Odoo POS Fast Loading and boost your POS speed by up to 80 times! Say goodbye to sluggish loading times as this module optimizes data handling for efficiency.

Load thousands of products and customers instantly, transforming your Odoo POS experience. Utilize MongoDB or your LocalDB for seamless data storage, reducing the load on the Odoo server.

With cache support for faster loading and flexible sync options, Odoo POS Fast Loading is your go-to solution for enhanced and swift POS performance.


  • Load POS 80 times faster.
  • Load Product from Cache to make POS More synchronized.
  • Real-time sync and Additional Product and Partner fields to Odoo POS.
  • It uses MongoDB or PostgresDB to store and upload data to Odoo POS.


  • With Odoo POS Fast Loading, you can make your POS load 80x faster and make product and customer handling efficient.
  • Further, this system stores cache, so for the next time, it loads even more speedily. Additionally, data handling and storage also become cost-effective.

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Odoo POS Coupons And Vouchers


Customers always love a good deal. But in the world of offline stores, handing out discount coupons and vouchers can be a bit tricky.

That’s where our superhero, Odoo POS Coupons And Vouchers, comes to the rescue! With this, you can create coupons and vouchers right in your POS system.

It’s like giving your customers a little gift every time they make a purchase. Not just a discount, it’s a psychological boost that keeps them coming back for more.


  • Admin creates cool discount coupons and vouchers in Odoo.
  • Easy creation from the POS session (front end).
  • Set expiry dates for those coupons.
  • Customers can use the same coupons on the Website, POS, or Core.
  • Send Coupons to customers via mail.
  • admin can view the entire list of created coupons.
  • Voucher history shows the list of relevant details of all coupons.
  • Rule-setting for partially redeeming the coupon/voucher.
  • Unique codes for each coupon.


  • This app makes customers happy by giving them discounts on purchases. They can use the coupon all at once or bit by bit, multiple times before it expires.
  • Plus, you can email them these more coupons, making it more likely they’ll come back for more shopping.


To sum it up, these fantastic Odoo POS apps can transform your business. 

From easily sorting products with POS Merge Category to making POS Load fast with POS Fast Loading, these apps boost efficiency and make customers happy. 

POS Stock makes handling inventory a piece of cake, and POS Advance Screen provides all-in-one screen management.

Lastly, POS Coupons And Vouchers not only give discounts but also keep customers coming back. With these apps, your POS system becomes a super tool customized for your business. 

For any doubt, contact us at our support mail.

Thanks for paying attention!!

Happy selling! 

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