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    Unleash POS Combo Products in Odoo 17

    Updated 22 September 2023

    In today’s business world, making more sales and earning more money is important for every business owner. Odoo 17 has a great new tool called ‘POS Combo Products’ that can help you do just that.

    It’s a powerful feature that can change the way you sell things and make your customer’s shopping experience even better.

    Meeting Market Needs

    Now, more than ever, customers crave simplicity and convenience in their shopping experiences. They seek value-packed options that make their decisions easier. Odoo 17  recognizing this market need, introduced ‘POS Combo Products.’

    It makes it easier to sell things that go together in a package, which is good for both customers and employees.

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    Benefits That Matter

    So, what advantages does Odoo’s POS Combo Products feature bring to your business?

    1. Sales Surge: Imagine effortlessly bundling related products. It becomes irresistible for customers to choose complementary items. This exciting plan encourages customers to spend more money on each purchase. It also helps your business make more sales and earn more money.
    1. Competitive Edge: Attract price-sensitive customers by offering pre-packaged bundles at slightly discounted prices. This clever pricing strategy sets you apart from competitors. Additionally, it increases your overall order value.
    1. Effortless Upselling: Odoo’s smart recommendations and promotions have two main benefits. First, they encourage customers to explore additional products within the combo. Second, they motivate customers to upgrade to a higher-priced bundle. This boosts your sales and revenue without resorting to aggressive sales tactics.
    1. Customer Loyalty: Consistently delivering value through well-curated bundles is the first step. This creates a positive shopping experience that keeps customers coming back. As a result, it fosters long-term relationships.

    How Odoo POS Combo Products Work

    • Customers have the freedom to choose from a wide variety of items included in the combo. This makes their decisions a breeze. 
    • Multiple combo choices can be generated and included under a single product combo. This gives you flexibility and customization options.
    • Prices of products inside combo choices can be easily manipulated. This allows you to align them with your pricing strategy.
    • The combo selection interface visually represents product options. This makes it easy for customers to pick what they need.
    • Customers can also compare rates between products within the same combo choice. This feature helps them make informed choices.

    How to Get Started with Odoo POS Combo Products

    1. Admin’s Perspective: Setting up combo options is a breeze. Navigate to POS >> Products >> Product Combos. Here, you can create new combos or edit existing ones, offering you complete control.
    1. POS Operator’s Experience: Your POS operators can search for combo products with ease. They can then select the ones they need. Once selected, a user-friendly popup appears. It allows them to choose from a variety of product combos configured earlier.


    In summary, Odoo 17’s POS Combo Products feature is a game-changer for businesses of all sizes. It increases sales and operational efficiency.

    Additionally, it enhances the customer shopping experience. Its user-friendly design guarantees accessibility. Furthermore, it can boost earnings through bundled offers and promotions.

    This unquestionably adds value. By leveraging this feature, your business can solidify its position in the market. It can also nurture customer loyalty and thrive in today’s competitive business landscape.

    Besides, if you have any questions, queries, or doubts about Odoo payments or a project relating to the same. You can get back to us at [email protected] or Create A Ticket Here.

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    I hope you find the blog helpful; if so, let us know in the comments.

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