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    10 Best Odoo Website Apps that can Boost your Sales



    Operating an eCommerce platform is not an easy task. And increasing the website traffic is even more difficult but not impossible. Increasing traffic is essential for eCommerce websites as it will generate more revenue for the business and help get new customers. Hence, this article will discuss the 10 Best Odoo Website Apps that can Boost your sales.

    Without further ado, let’s begin the countdown to Boost your sales!

    1. Odoo Website Guest Checkout


    To begin to countdown for Best Odoo Website Apps. First, on the list, we have guest checkout, which offers many benefits, as it improves first contact with customers. It also helps convert impulse buyers and accelerates the buying process. This module enables the admin to apply restrictions on guest checkout. Admin can restrict guests to checkout without login/sign up to maintain guest records efficiently.

    By the guest records, you can approach them to offer them deals and discounts so they can visit your website and buy again.

    Now, let’s look at some of the major functionalities of the module.

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    Features of Odoo Website Guest Checkout

    • It offers security level restrictions on checkout.
    • Guest can’t place an order without logging in or signing up.
    • Sign up or login in one step.
    • Indirectly increase your website traffic and customers.

    2. Odoo Website Coupons & Vouchers


    On the list of Best Odoo Website Apps, second is Odoo website Coupons & Vouchers. Why, everyone knows that coupons and vouchers help boost sales, right? The module allows the admin to create unique coupon codes by which customers can avail discounts on your website. According to Statista, 83% of customers use coupons for purchases. It signifies how influential and beneficial coupons and vouchers are to increasing your conversion (ROI).

    Coupon codes allow customers to avail extra discount on their purchase, which boost their confidence to buy more. 

    Features of Odoo Website Coupons & Vouchers

    • It allows you to generate voucher & coupon codes for your Odoo website.
    • You can offer flat or percentage discounts to customers.
    • Enables customers to redeem coupons partially or fully.
    • Manage and record coupon usage details on the backend.

    3. Odoo Website Refer And Earn


    In the list, how can we forget to add refer and earn, which is one of the best Odoo website apps?

    Refer and earn is one of the extraordinary methods of converting visitors. It is because 92% of consumers trust the referral of their known. Also, the referral marketing technique derives more traffic to their website.

    The module allows customers to refer to their known ones, which will help them get a reward and compel them to go for instant purchase. For every order your referred person places, you will get a bonus, which will also apply to their referral. Hence, it derives more traffic to the website, which means more conversion.

    Features of Odoo Website Refer And Earn

    • Allows customers to share their referral code with their connections to receive rewards.
    • The module auto-generates the referral code.
    • Customers will get their reward as soon as their referral joins or purchase from the website.
    • Customers can track their earned rewards in real time via the personalized dashboard.

    4. Odoo Spin And Win


    Adding games to the website makes it more interactive to customers, and what better option than a spin wheel that rewards you at the end? The module rewards customers with incredible prizes for spinning the wheel. In addition, the module will let you attract new customers, which improves your website traffic and revenue. Spin and win gamification is very helpful in attracting more customers.

    Also, it helps in customer retention, is fun-filled, personalizes your brand message, and helps you get more emails. The spinning wheel is one of the best Odoo website apps to add to your website.

    Features of Odoo Spin And Win

    • Attract and reward customers on your Odoo website.
    • Add discounts or free merchandise on the spinning wheel.
    • Customize the wheel such as the logo, segments, color, etc.
    • Manage the speed and set the number of spins for each user.
    • Create multiple spinners for different occasions.

    5. Odoo Website Stripe Payment Acquirer


    With this module, you can process payments quickly and safely via the Stripe option available on the website. Also, the payment acquirer handles the transactions, stores card details, and initiates full & partial refunds. The transactions are stored at Odoo end and Stripe merchant portals. Further, the module redirects the customer to the Strip checkout page after payment back to the Odoo website.

    Offering discounts, rewards, and much more on your website is not enough to attract and allure more customers. You also need to add a digital payment to your Odoo website because more and more customers are using them and the annual CAGR from 2022-2027 is 12.31%, according to the data shared by Statista.

    Features of Odoo Website Stripe Payment Acquirer

    • Add the Stripe payment option to your Odoo website.
    • Stripe handles the transactions, stores card details, and initiates a full or partial refund.
    • It provides quick and hassle-free integration of Stripe with the Odoo website.
    • Customers can opt for a Stripe payment acquirer for swift and reliable payment.

    WOW! We are halfway through the list, finding the 10 Best Odoo Website Apps that can Boost Your Sales.

    6. Odoo UPS Shipping Integration


    The list will be incomplete without adding any shipping service. However, you must be wondering how a shipping service can boost sales, right?

    Well, it’s simple, if the customers get their products delivered to them within the promised time, they will recommend the website to others. Also, they will mention the lighting fast delivery which every customer wants.

    The module allows you to integrate UPS (United Parcel Service), which delivers 20 million parcels daily across the globe. Also, it’s reliable, quick, efficient, and safe to deliver goods and packages to customers. You can use the module to deliver parcels both domestically and internationally. And customers can track the package at each step in real-time.

    Features of Odoo UPS Shipping Integration

    • You can choose from the various services available for good delivery.
    • Admin can opt for UPS shipping for orders from the Odoo website and backend.
    • It provides reliable, efficient, and quick service to deliver parcels.
    • Generate the shipment label and other details to track the parcel in real-time.
    •  Set several options to speed up the generation of order shipment from UPS.

    7.  Odoo Website Product Pack


    The module allows you to create product packs in Odoo and offer them to customers at amazing prices. This also influences the sale of the products and helps customers buy multiple products as a bundle.

    Product packs have dual benefits; firstly, they increase your sales volume; secondly, they clear out slow-moving products and let you offer them to customers at discounted prices.

    Features of Odoo Website Product Pack

    • Allows you to create a product pack or bundle.
    • Ribbon tag to differentiate between products and product packs.
    • Show the amount saved on the purchase of a pack as compared to buying them individually.
    • It provides a separate button to add product packs to the order line.
    • The module shows the pack details by clicking product pack.
    • The product page shows the saving on buying the product pack.
    • Set different quantities for different products in a single product pack.

    8. Odoo Website Product Review


    The module enables you to add a product review system on your Odoo website so customers can rate the products they bought. Moreover, the module shows all the reviews and ratings given by customers. In addition, product reviews also help boost your website’s SEO ranking.

    The module is valuable because 93% of customers read reviews before buying products. Hence, the more reviews, the higher the chances of that product sale. The improved ranking will also derive more traffic to your website.

    Features of Odoo Website Product Review

    • Adds product rate and review features on the Odoo website.
    • It helps improve SEO ranking on the search engine.
    • Set the number of reviews to show on the Odoo Website.
    • Approve or disapprove the reviews from the Odoo backend.
    • Customers will see the average rating above the product price.
    • The module shows product ratings on the shop page.

    9. Odoo Website Daily Deals


    The module creates a separate menu on the Odoo website for daily deals and offers. It also helps customers distinguish between products that are available at a discounted price. You can further update or add new deals to the website daily. You can configure the daily deals from the Odoo backend and add original and discounted prices to the product.

    Daily deals bring in new customers to your website. And help you retain the existing customers as they are getting good discounts and deals on products they want.

    Features of Odoo Website Daily Deals

    • Let you mention the start and end date.
    • Create a separate section for daily deals on your Odoo website.
    • It helps increase traffic and customers’ engagement on the website.
    • Provide price abatement to customers on your website.
    • Add unlimited products at discounted prices.

    And finally, the last gem on the list of 10 Best Odoo Website Apps that can Boost your Sales.

    10. Odoo Website Loyalty Management


    This module introduces loyalty reward points on the Odoo website. You can offer reward points to registered customers on their purchases from your website. Customers will be able to redeem those points on their subsequent purchases. Admin can define the redemption rules from the Odoo backend and limit the maximum amount a customer can redeem on a single purchase.

    This module benefits you because it motivates customers to buy more and more from your website and influence other to signup and purchase from your website.

    Features of Odoo Website Loyalty Management

    • Registered customers will earn loyalty points on their purchases from the website.
    • Customers can redeem points on subsequent purchases.
    • Admin can also award loyalty points to customers on registering on the website.
    • Admin can set the rule for customers to earn loyalty points based on their purchase amount.
    • Customers can redeem loyalty points fully or partially.
    • Set redemption rules and define the redemption amount on a single purchase.
    • The module maintains redemption history in the Odoo backend.

    From where You can Buy Odoo Apps?

    There are a plethora of companies out there that sells Odoo apps. But, if you want the best products and services, then Webkul is the name you can trust blindly. We have over 700 Odoo apps for different domains, which you can buy and use for your eCommerce platform. In addition, our customers also trust and recommend us, and according to them, we are the best Odoo website apps development company out there. 


    To conclude, websites’ potential is infinite, and you can add multiple add-ons to your Odoo website that can help boost your sales and traffic. If you want to improve your website ranking and grow your ROI, we have various other modules that can help you. In addition, you can get a module customized as per your need to scale up in the market.

    However, if you have any doubts or queries regarding our apps, please Create A Ticket Here.

    Please further explore our Odoo Development Services & an exquisite range of quality Odoo Apps.

    I hope you find the blog helpful, do let us know in the comment how much you like this blog.

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