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Odoo 17: Enhance Invoice Authentication using Code on Ticket

Updated 2 January 2024


In the ever evolving world of business software, every upgrade comes with the promise of new and improved features. One such feature in Odoo 17 that is making waves is the Code on Ticket.

It acts as an Advanced Authentication Feature. Furthermore, it adds an extra layer of security and convenience to your billing process.

So let’s move further and check how this feature work and enhance the security in Odoo v17.

Odoo 16: QR Codes Without Authentication

In Odoo 16, generating and accessing invoices was a straightforward process. Anyone who had access to the QR code could retrieve the invoice, leading to privacy and security concerns.

Customers want the ability to access their invoices securely at any time using e-invoice as shown in the clear survey.

The Game Changer: Odoo 17 New Invoice Authentication Feature

Odoo 17 introduces a game changing feature for POS: Code on Ticket. With this addition, users can access their invoices online. They can do so via a unique URL provided on their bills.

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A  5 digit code on the receipt allows users to request the invoice for an order on the portal.

How does Odoo Code on Ticket Feature Work?

1. Configuration: Enable feature from the backend settings of Odoo v17

2. URL Inclusion in POS Bill: In Odoo 17, every bill contains a secure URL. This ensures that customers can easily access their invoices online.

URL at Bottom of POS Bill

3. Authentication Process: When a user goes to the URL, they are directed to a dedicated portal. In this portal, users are required to enter specific details.

These details include the date of the invoice, the order number, and a unique 5 digit authentication code.

Invoice Request URL asking for Code in Odoo

4. Secure Viewing: When users enter the right information, they can safely see their invoice. This extra check makes sure only approved people can see important billing details.

Invoice displayed after correct authentication on Odoo

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Benefits of Odoo 17 Invoice Authentication Feature:

  • Enhanced Security : 

By asking users to confirm their identity, Odoo 17 makes invoice viewing much safer. This protects both your business and your customers from unauthorized access.

  • Convenient Access : 

Despite the added security measures, Odoo 17 maintains a user friendly approach. Customers can conveniently access their invoices without compromising on ease of use.

  • Reduced Errors :

The authentication process reduces the risk of errors. This is because users must provide specific information related to their invoices. This ensures that customers are viewing the correct billing details in Odoo v17

  • Privacy Assurance :

It provides peace of mind to businesses that are concerned about the potential leakage of their personal and business information.

It enhances their overall experience and, in turn, increases customer satisfaction and loyalty.


The inclusion of the invoice authentication feature in Odoo 17 marks a significant step forward. It aims to ensure the security of invoice access for businesses and their customers.

Additionally, it focuses on providing convenience in this process. 

As we continue to witness the evolution of Odoo v17 ‘s capabilities, this article serves as a demonstration. It shows the platform’s commitment to addressing real-world business needs.

Upgrade to Odoo 17 now and see the valuable benefits of this feature for yourself.


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