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Enhance the Functionalities of Your Booking Website

Updated 16 December 2019

The process of online booking evolves tremendously in the last few decades. With the emergence of SAAS technologies, the trend to start an online booking business keep on increasing.

The online booking industry trends keep innovating new ideas. But no one can deny the fact that the online booking industry is full of competition & challenges. So, you need to think out of the box in order to differentiate your booking website from others. An online booking system brings new opportunities with the times. All you need to do is just figure out the right way to build up a powerful booking system for every need.

Providing an online booking service requires a seamless online booking process!

Booking business has no boundaries. You can start any of the online booking business as per your profession whether it’s a hotel booking business, dentist appointment bookings, salon & spa services, etc. No doubt, business requirements will be the same for all these services but it’s up to you how to create a difference in the online booking process.

booking app

Let’s figure out some ways to enhance the functionalities of your booking website:-

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Optimized Web Booking Flow

If the user finds it hard to schedule appointments from your booking website, the probability of losing a valuable customer is very high. So, providing a seamless booking flow is an important aspect of converting a visitor into a customer.

In order to provide a seamless booking experience for your customers, it is important to have a highly-optimized booking flow. If the customers find it easy to schedule appointments from your booking engine, the likelihood of bookings get increased.

Advanced Slot Management

Almost all the online booking engines allow the merchant to create slots as per the availability but few of them do have the advanced slot management feature. All the booking products you sell on your store need not have the same slot price for each customer. You may require to modify the price per booking.

Then comes the requirement of a price rule feature. Merchant will add the price rule based on which slot price will be calculated for each product booked from your website.

Option to Pay Upfront

Providing the pay upfront option helps to instill trust between buyers and merchants. If you run an online rental booking business, you can let your customers pay upfront and book the service from your website. This will engage more & more customers to invest in your rental products.

Pay upfront

Request to Cancel or Reschedule

Sometimes, customers change their minds & require to change their scheduled booking dates.

Customers preferred to book products online from a website if there seems to be an option to cancel bookings. This can only be possible if you provide the booking cancellation option to customers.

Booking App for Shopify provides the option for customers to request the merchant to cancel or reschedule booking requests.

Let me explain to you how is it helpful for you as a merchant.

If you provide the reschedule or cancel option to customers (customers can directly cancel bookings from your website), you will be loaded with spam by receiving tons of cancellation requests.

If you do not provide the reschedule or cancel option to customers, there will be the possibility of no shows. In this case, neither the customer will be turned up as per the booking made nor he will inform the merchant about the same.

Interactive Booking Product Page

Showcasing the booking products with candid images & proper description is the must-required feature of any booking website. Especially if we talk about the online rental service, it is crucial to present your rental products with a proper description of transactional services like the guarantee of the product quality, on-time delivery, timely payment instructions, security of the items, size alteration and so on.

online booking page

This is a common mistake merchants usually do on their booking website. They publish their booking products with limited descriptions. This insufficient information can confuse the buyers to understand the product features & terms & conditions to rent the product. You may lose a valuable customer in this case.

So, avoid losing sales & get good traction of customers with an informative product page!

User-friendly Mobile Interface

People prefer to book services directly from their mobile devices and save time & effort. This is the reason you can’t avoid having a user-friendly mobile view for your booking website.

Better make Your website & the booking engine Mobile-Friendly!

Mobile Bookings

Option to Categorize Bookings

To offer multiple types of booking services, the major concern is to categorize bookings in a well-managed way. Creating multiple categories helps big firms to easily categorize booking products. This makes it easier for customers to find their required booking products on your booking website.

online booking- category

If a customer finds it easy to rent products from your website, he/she may share his/her seamless booking experience with others. Thus, there can be an engaged rental booking experience on your website with more traffic.

“If you do build a great experience, customers tell each other about that. Word of mouth is very powerful.”
-Quoted by Jeff Bezos.


With the advancement of online booking engines, people become very choosy in finding a lucrative platform to book for the products or services. So, if you own an online booking business, you must think of implementing the above features to enhance the functionalities of your online booking website.

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