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    Akeneo Data Migration From 1.x to 2.x

    Updated 4 September 2023

    With the release of version 2.3 in June 2018 and a dedicated support for a year and a half, it has become indispensable to migrate to the new version to enrich the functionality of the Akeneo PIM.

    The Transporteo tool allows you to perform Akeneo Data Migration from 1.7 to 2.0. Furthermore, Webkul as one of the largest and proud providers of akeneo integrations with e-commerce, you can avail our premium support to perform akeneo data migration.


    Building up extensions for various e-commerce and marketplaces from past 8 years, you can rely on Webkul premium support for efficient and hassle-free data migration.

    Webkul has already released Akeneo connectors for various e-commerce platforms till date and in the process of coming up with more advanced features for the latest Akeneo version.

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    Akeneo 2.3: The New and Improved PIM

    The very first LTS (Long Time Support) version of PIM since 2.0, much additional enhancement has been made by akeneo including new catalogue monitoring dashboard, improving management of product with variants and PAM enhancements.

    Association with Product Models

    Until 2.2, the only product can have associations but now in 2.3, you can define the association in the product model too. You can also add the association for a specific variant level.

    Products_Association Source: Akeneo

    Additional capability to external contributors

    Now your external contributors like translators or suppliers can easily enrich product information using PIM Interface, import and API which reduces your resources and increase productivity.

    Level Specific Attribute Filter

    A new filter called Display all level specific attributes has neem added in PIM 2.3 to display only the attribute belonging to that specific level. This allows the team to enrich the attribute for a specific product variant.

    Products_Filter_Variants Source: Akeneo

    Managing Variant Products

    Bulk actions like change status, add to group and publish can now be easily performed on variant products, given the product, models are selected in the grid.

    Improved Product Assets Management

    PIM 2.3 has enhanced the way you manage product assets in the enrichment process.

    • Organize your product images by simply drag and drop actions.

      Product_Organization Source: Akeneo

    • Click on the thumbnail image to view the enlarged version.

      Product_Preview Source: Akeneo

    • With one click, you can easily upload assets in product form so to easily import and manage assets with products.

      Upload_Asset Source: Akeneo

    Dedicated Dashboard for Catalog

    From the new catalog monitoring dashboard, you can get details of your PIM catalog regarding the number of products, locales, channels, attributes per family etc. This also helps in better understanding of catalog topology and you remain aware of your catalog volume size.

    Akeneo_Catalog_Dashboard Source: Akeneo

    Akeneo Onboarder

    The new product Akeneo Onboarder that is currently available for Enterprise Edition only allows suppliers to provide product information using a cloud-based environment directly to the retailer without the need of PIM instance.

    Akeneo_Onboarder Source: Akeneo

    This saves time and effort of the retailer by accepting product information directly from the supplier. Also, it keeps your PIM secure by presenting only the relevant information to the supplier on onboarder.

    The availability of such advanced featured design to simplify the PIM administration and speed up product publication pave the way to migrate your current version. Also, PIM 2.1 or 2.2, that comes with short-term support. There might be a need to upgrade that as the support can expire quickly.

    For setting up akeneo for your huge product line or data migration, Webkul has got you covered.

    Let us know in comments or mail us at [email protected] if you are looking to Akeneo Data Migration. Stay tuned for latest updates on Akeneo connector and PIM.

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