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How to to use Translation in akeneo

Updated 1 May 2018

Localization in Akeneo:

Translation and localization are both main features of Akeneo or any PIM (Product Information management) system.
While adding features in Akeneo or creating a module for Akeneo. the user will need to add messages and their translations.

So, let’s use some messages and add their translations.
This could be done in 3 simple steps:

Step 1:

First, specify messages to translate.

In javascript

Suppose user want to add the translation in akeneo for some messages.
then the user can use already present oro/translator requireJs module in  his/her module. for that user need to register module in requirejs.yml

# config/requirejs.yml
        pimenrich/custom/mymodule: pimenrich/js/custom/mymodule

Then, use  oro/translator module in js module

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// in defination of module pimenrich/js/custom/mymodule
"use strict";
) {
  var msg = __('message to be translated message'); //now msg contains translated message

In HTML template

The user can also translate messages into HTML template using underscore.js.
For translation, underscore.js must be available in the template.
then, the user can translate messages like

  <%- _.__('message to be translated') %>


Step 2: Adding Translations in files

Now, the user will finally need to add the translated messages in config files.
In any enabled bundle Go to Resources/translations/jsmessages.{locale}.yml (like, and add the translation in the key-value pair like:

message to translated: message à traduire


Step 3: Clear Cache

Then, dump translation by running this command from the terminal:

php bin/console oro:translation:dump

After clearing the cache of Akeneo and browser, you can see these changes in the webpage of Akeneo.

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