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Selling Time on Shopify: 5 Lucrative Business Ideas

Updated 23 July 2021

With the evolution of eCommerce, e-business ideas are emerging to a great extent like never before. Resulting in tons of productive business ideas to kickstart an online business.

What comes to your mind first if you think of selling on Shopify? Maybe, the idea of selling physical products. Undoubtedly, selling physical products is a fair business idea to start with. But it requires a big deal of effort in managing inventory and order shipment in real-time.

Selling digital products on Shopify is also trending in this digital era. No doubt, it is profitable but selling an intangible product is something like selling a promise.
Let’s say you are selling online courses. You need to ensure your customers that they will learn exactly what you are offering.

Now, what’s the best alternative to start with Shopify? Selling Your Time can be, isn’t it?

“Selling time basically means getting paid for the services that you offer on your booking website, that too based on the time slots selected by the customers”.

Let the customer choose a time slot to book a product/service from your website, pay for the service & avail the benefits. This epic idea of selling time on Shopify opens up tons of opportunities to uplift the growth of your online business.

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There are plenty of online businesses that follow the online booking industry trends & ready to sell their time on Shopify. A few of them are listed below:-

House Cleaning Business: Residential & Commercial!

Online cleaning business is one of the most profitable businesses with lesser pocket expenses. There were around 2.3 million jobs in 2016 in the cleaning sector as per the Bureau of Labor Statistics analysis & expected growth of 10% by 2026.

People always want to keep their home & working space clean & tidy. In the busy going life, people start searching for maid services online So, it’s time for the entrepreneurs who don’t mind trying their hand in the cleaning business.

If you want to start your business with less investment, go with the online cleaning business. It’s up to you if you opt for online residential or commercial cleaning businesses.

online cleaning business
pic courtesy: Pixabay

Booking app can be a good choice to sell time as an online cleaning business on your Shopify store. Using the app, You can create slots for bookings & customers will choose a slot when they want to hire the cleaning agent (maid) for the cleaning service. You will have the list of customer’s bookings & a simplified process to manage them.

Start a personalized online booking marketplace with Shopify, Explore!!!

Salon Appointment Booking Business: Hire Stylists & Designers!

This business type also makes the best use of selling time online. Starting an online appointment booking system for beauty professionals & stylists is the leading business that sells its time to potential customers.

So, if you own a salon & have multiple stylists & designers to showcase their talent then, Booking App is all that you want to set up an online appointment booking website using Shopify.

You can register multiple designers & stylists and let them sell their time to the valuable clients who are seeking to have the salon services in one click just by sitting at home.

Salon booking online
pic courtesy: Pixabay

Being a merchant, you can start a Salon appointment business with Shopify and sell your time by offering services to your customers. Here, selling time means you can sell time slots to customers in order to book the stylists or designers.
Thus, booking app for Shopify will help you in setting up such a powerful booking website with a minimal cost.

Being a doctor, you can also sell your time online to needful patients. All you need to do is just go with the Booking App & create an online doctor’s appointment booking system having multiple categories such as Dental Bookings, surgeons, etc.

Here, selling time is to offer a time frame to customers so that they can avail the service benefits for the specific time-interval & get paid for it.

Rental Booking Business: Hire Car, Bike, Dresses Online!

People love to try different brands for each fashion trend. Especially those, who frequently attend big parties don’t prefer to buy dresses every time. What’s the alternative then? Clothing Rentals! Yes, that is what people prefer to do. They rent clothes, jewelry, shoes, etc for a day & enjoy the eve.

This can be a great opportunity for entrepreneurs to start an online Clothing Rental business to rent products to customers for a specific time frame.

Rental bookings are not limited to this, as these business types include online Bike rental or car rental booking business as well.

Rent a Car online
pic courtesy: Pixabay

People like to roam around different cities to enjoy their vacation. So, they definitely need a bike or car to explore the adventurous places out there. What they do is just pick out their phones & search for hiring a car or bike on rent.
Thus, setting us an online self-drive car or bike rental booking business is also an optimum business idea to go for.

The Booking App for Shopify will help you to set up such online rental businesses in a go.

Learn to start an online rental booking marketplace with Shopify!

Venue/Stadium/Auditorium Booking Business

Start an online venue booking business and make customer’s dream event come true!

Venue bookings are made when customers need to book a stadium, auditorium, banquet hall, etc for the events to take place. For sure, people first prefer to search for these venues online. So, that’s the perfect business strategy to start selling time with the venue booking services online & let the potential customers book for the finest venues for any occasion.

Now, what are you waiting for?? Explore the Booking App and offer venue booking services to valuable customers on your Shopify store. In addition to the slots, create custom fields to let the customers choose additional services.
Example:- For a banquet hall booking, customers can add caterers, photographers, decorators just with a minimal addition in the slot price.

Explore some of the outstanding features of the Booking App for Shopify!!!

Tuition/Art/Painting Classes

In this fast-paced busy life, parents have not much time to roam around the city to search for the best tuition classes for their children. What will they do in such cases? Start searching for online courses that are selling their time to educate children & help them in building a successful career.

So, if you have a list of some knowledgeable teachers who are ready to get registered with your marketplace, then you can start an online booking marketplace with Shopify. This will let the teachers registered themselves as faculties & publish their courses for Art, Sketching, paintings, Reasonings, etc.

Grown your website visibility & let people find your website & start booking slots for their children’s classes!

You, on the other hand, appreciate commission on each booking made from your website.

Know the Multivendor-Booking App Integration to start an Online Booking Marketplace with Shopify!!!

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