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    Prestashop Directory Listing

    Prestashop Directory Listing will add the directory feature to the site. That is the site will list the search results not based on the keywords but based on the categories and the sub categories. The searching is not done for the individual page but for all the pages for the category. The search category in this module is by products, shop, seller and location of the shop

    The sellers will register themselves and can add their products. But its upto the admin whether the admin wants the seller products price and add to cart button to be displayed or not.The list of the sellers on the site will also be available at a single place. Admin can charge membership fees from the sellers for adding products to the store.

    IMPORTANT NOTE – As per the release of Prestashop V1.7 from 4 November 2016, we are working on making all the Marketplace addons and all the Prestashop modules to be compatible with the new version. So all the Prestashop module purchased after 4 November 2016, will get the updated version of the module once available.


    • Merchant eCommerce store converted to a marketplace
    • Any number of sellers can be added
    • Admin can set global as well as individual commission
    • Separate seller shop and collection for each seller
    • Enhanced search based on the product, seller, shop name and location of the shop.
    • Admin can enable/disable the “add to cart” button and the “price display” for the seller products
    • Admin can charge membership fees from the sellers for adding products to the store
    • List of all the sellers is available on the store
    • User can search the seller list by seller name, shop name or location of the shop.
    • User can also search the seller list alphabetically.


    You need to install the zip file of all the modules included in the package.

    Configuring the Module

    You need to configure the marketplace and the seller list module.

    This way, marketplace module is configured:

    Approval Setting screenshot:

    Theme Setting Screenshot:

    Now, configure the seller list module:

    This way the directory listing module is successfully configured and now you can use all its features.

    Functionality of the Module:

    Seller Registration:

    The store gets converted to a full fledged marketplace, where the sellers can register and can add their products on the store. The seller will have its own shop and collection page.

    All your customer will see a new menu “Click here for Seller Request” in the Marketplace account  menu.

    Now user can fill the form and send the seller request to the admin.

    Once the admin receives the seller request, admin needs to approve the request from backend. Now seller can start adding products to the shop.

    This way the seller registers and create own shop on the admin store.


    Admin can also limit the seller by creating different plan for adding products to the store. So, the seller needs to buy the plan before adding any product to the shop and the seller can add products as per the plan selected. Seller can upgrade to a higher plan anytime and can also degrade to any plan anytime.

    Admin needs to create the membership plans for the seller from the backend. Go to Marketplace Management –> Manage membership plan

    By add new button, create your plan and save. The level box indicates the plan level.

    All the plans created will be listed here, you can change the status of the plans and can delete and edit with action button.

    These admin plans in front office for seller, seller can buy the plan using add to cart button.

    To add products to the store, seller needs to buy the membership plan created by the admin. If the seller has not purchased the membership plan then the seller cannot add the product to the store.

    Seller needs to buy any of the plans. These plans are created by the admin from backend.

    There is a limit on the number of the products that can be added by the seller based on the membership plan that the seller has purchased.

    After successful payment, sellers requested plans will be shown in admin section:

    After activating the seller plan,you can see the seller plans. Select seller using dropdown list. You can delete the seller plans also.

    Now a plan detail menu would be added to the marketplace account. From here seller can view the plan detail and the list of subscribed plans.

    Now the seller can start adding products to the shop.

    Product Management by Admin:

    With the help of this admin can hide the “add to cart” button along with the “price” for the products, which is similar to a directory site where user can only view the products but cannot buy it. It’s upto the admin whether admin wants to hide the price or the add to cart button. But whenever the price is hidden, the add to cart button must also be hidden.

    Admin needs to login to back office. Then under marketplace management > marketplace product configuration. There all the sellers products will be listed. See the screenshots below:

    Click on the edit button, to edit the product configuration. You can display or hide the “add to cart” button or “price display’ for the product.

    When the “add to cart” is enabled, “price display” is automatically be enabled, you cannot disable it.

    From frontend, user will not be able to buy the product, as the “add to cart” button has been disabled. Only the price display is visible to the customer.

    On the home page also the add to cart button will not be displayed.

    This way admin can either enable or disable the add to cart and the price display for individual products.

    Seller list

    The module also displays the list of the seller by which they can view all the seller’s that are registered on the store. User can search the seller by name, by location of shop or by shop name.

    A ‘marketplace shop’ menu is added to every page. From here user can view the list of sellers added to the store. All the sellers would be listed, this would make the choice for the user easier.

    Clicking on the link “Marketplace shop”, you will get the seller list page. Using ‘Go To Shop’ button, seller can also go to one’s own shop. Below the description seller shop list, latest uploaded product will be displayed.

    If the seller’s shop list is long, then use this “+”, to view the alphabetical list of all the sellers.

    Click on the alphabet and the shop name with that alphabet will be displayed, as shown below.

    You can search by the seller name, shop name and by the location of the shop. You need to select the search criteria from the drop down and the search will be refined based on the search criteria.

    This helps the user to search the individual seller products

    Advance Search:

    The module also gives the advance search functionality to the user by which user can refine the search based on the products, seller name, shop name and the location of shop. User can search by any of these categories one by one or can search all of the categories at once.

    In the search result, only 4 results will be shown and can be viewed with the “view all” button product. Please see the screenshot attached:

    Now the user can choose the desired category and the search will be done for that particular category. The search will include all the results which include the search phrase.

    All the above features converts the admin store to a directory site where the user can search the products and refine the search based on the categories.


    For any kind of technical assistance, just raise a ticket at : and for any doubt contact us at

    Current Product Version - 1.0.0

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