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    Prestashop Marketplace Membership Addon

    “Prestashop Marketplace Membership” module, allows admin to create one or more membership plans for sellers in multiple languages. These plans need to be purchased by the sellers in order to add the products to their store. The plans will be restricted by the number of products that can be active at a time i.e. seller can add various products, but the active products will be equal to or less than the number of products specified in the plan.

    Seller can easily upgrade/degrade the plan anytime. Seller will also be notified for the plan through mail before the plan expiration.

    This module is an add-on for Marketplace Module. Therefore “Prestashop Advanced Multi Vendor Marketplace” Module should be installed before installing this module.


    • Admin can add/create membership plans from back-end. Plans can be created in multiple languages.
    • Admin can enable Free Membership Plan for sellers for one time use only.
    • Remaining days to buy plan before product deactivation for existing sellers, can be set by admin.
    • Seller can upgrade/degrade the plans whenever it is required.
    • Admin can enable the option to add the existing membership plan remaining days in the next plan the seller purchase. This option will be applicable only when seller degrades the membership plan.
    • Admin can enter the number of plans he wants to showcase on a plan page.
    • Admin can set number of days after which upgrade warning message will start displaying.
    • Admin can set number of products after which upgrade warning message will start displaying.
    • Admin can set number of days when the upgrade warning message will be send to seller.
    • Seller can renew the latest expired plan if needed.
    • Admin can view the history of all the purchased membership plans seller wise.
    • Admin can add CRON expression “cron task manager” module.
    • Admin can add auto approve membership feature for one or more order states
    • Seller can check membership plan history according to ordered currency and language


    For installing Marketplace Seller Membership module you need to install Prestashop Advanced Multi Vendor Marketplace module first.


    Marketplace Seller Membership module support standard way of Prestashop Installation

    • Simply go to Back office ->Modules
    • Click on “Upload a module” and drop your module zip file
    • The “ Prestashop Marketplace Seller Membership” module will get installed on your Prestashop.


    Now, since the module is successfully installed in your Prestashop. Admin can now configure the module from here itself.

    Configuring the Module

    The admin can also configure the module by navigating through Modules->Modules & Services->Installed modules. Then finally click on configure button as shown in the picture.


    From here the admin can configure the settings of the module as per his requirements.

    Note: To send the warning and expiry membership plan mail to the seller and to disable all the product(s) of seller after the expire membership plan. Please set the CRON settings as shown in the picture.


    If the admin has enabled the Free Membership plan for the sellers, then it will appear on the sellers end like the way it is shown in the picture

    Note: Free Membership plan is valid for one time use only i.e. if the seller has purchased free membership plan, then it won’t be visible to that seller again on the Membership Plans page.


    If Seller request for the Free Membership plan, then it will be automatically activated and will appear at the sellers end like the way shown in the picture below.



    After installing membership module, two tabs will be created:

    In Marketplace Management ->

    1) Membership plan

    2) Seller’s Plan detail


    Go to Marketplace Management –> Membership plan

    Under this, list of all the plans that admin has created for the sellers will display with an option to either edit or delete plan.

    Admin can create a new membership plan by clicking on “Add new plan button” or by clicking on the symbol “+”


    After clicking on the “add new plan” button, fill in all the details like Plan name, Plan price etc. and click on Save.


    The plan is created now. Admin can view the plan in “Membership Plans” page and can edit/delete a particular plan as per his needs.


    Go to Marketplace Management-> Seller’s Plan Detail
    Seller requested plans will be shown at admin end.


    Note: Pending request will set to zero if all the requested plans of a particular seller are activated by the admin.

    When admin click on “View” button.



    After successful configuration, a new tab name “Plan Detail” will be added at sellers end.


    Note: To add any product in the store, seller has to purchase a membership plan.


    On clicking Buy plan, list of all the available plans will display
    Note: Free Membership plan has already been used by the seller, so it won’t appear again.


    Once the Seller has purchased any plan, click on “Plan Detail” tab to view the details of the plans purchased by the seller.
    Seller can also buy a Membership Plan by clicking on “All Membership Plan” button at “Plan Details” page

    If existing seller wants to add more product to his store than the number of products specified in the plan, then a message will appear as shown in the picture.


    Now, Seller will click on “View all membership plans” button to buy other plans available. But seller can only add one membership plan in a single cart. After purchase of single plan , seller can add other plan to cart.


    Add to Cart page with an option to proceed to checkout.


    After successful payment “seller membership plan” request is send to admin.

    After admin approval, the status of the plan will change to active. Seller can also extend the activated plan.

    1. At sellers end

    2. At admin’s end


    Also, once the purchased plan gets expired, seller can renew it.


    But, if seller wants to buy the degraded plan, then before buying the plan he has to bring his number of products within the limit of the allowed number of products in the plan. Refer the screenshots-


    Seller can deactivate his products by clicking on the “Product” tab.


    If seller purchased some other plan and its status is updated to “Active” by admin then, the previous plan automatically gets expired even if it has time for its expiration .

    That is it for the Prestashop Marketplace Seller Membership.

    We hope this Add-on will enhance the functionality of your Marketplace.


    For any kind of technical assistance, just raise a ticket at : and for any doubt contact us at [email protected]

    Current Product Version - 5.1.0

    Supported Framework Version - 1.7.x.x

    Blog Version - 1.7.x.x
    • Version 1.7.x.x
    • Version 1.6.x.x
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  • pablo
    if customer has plan with 2 products limit, his plan will remain active or will be deactivated? is there any configuration for that?

    does this plugin have methods to check if logged customer has active subscription?
    i want to display special content(hidden for users without subscription) based on membership status. is this possible ? 🙂


    • Mehul Gupta (Moderator)
      This module allows you to create membership plans for marketplace sellers. This module does not create membership plan for the customers.

      If you are looking for a membership module using which you can create membership plan for your customers, then do check out this module :

      If you have any doubts please raise a ticket at and we will assist you on the same.

      Best Regards

  • Rinat
    Is this module compatible with the Marketplace v3.0.1?
    • Mehul Gupta (Moderator)

      Yes, the module is compatible with the Advanced Marketplace v3.0.1
      If you have any doubts please raise a ticket at and we will assist you on the same.

      Best Regards,

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