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    Manage Global Product Stock: Multivendor Marketplace for Shopify

    Updated 5 February 2020

    Global Product + Stock Management Integration

    With the Multi-vendor Marketplace app for Shopify, You might have used the Global Product feature app to allow multiple sellers to sell a product.

    The Global Product app is now compatible with the Stock Management feature app. Thus, you can now manage the stock of the global products sold by multiple sellers.

    Enable the Feature Apps

    To make the feature work, you need to enable both the feature apps from the Feature App section of the Multi-vendor app.

    global products

    Click on the “Enable” button to activate the “Global Product” feature app.

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    stock management

    Click on the “Enable” button to activate the “Stock Management” feature app.

    Fulfillment Configuration

    For this, you need to enable the option from the “Fulfillment Configuration” menu of the app.
    Go to Configuration>>Click the Fulfillment Configuration>>Configure the settings>>Save.

    fulfillment configuration

    From here, You can enable the “Integrate with Global Product” option to use the stock management feature for the sellers. Thus, manage stock of the global products.


    As soon as the admin enables this configuration, the seller will have the option to choose the fulfillment option. The seller can choose whether he/she wants to fulfill the global products on his own or wants the admin to fulfill the products.

    You can choose the fulfillment service from your admin panel or allow sellers to choose the fulfillment service.


    Once you enable the option “Allow Sellers to change the product Fulfillment” then the sellers will have the option to change the fulfillment option from their respective seller panels.



    In this case, the sellers will do the fulfillment of their respective orders having global products (that they sell) from their seller panels.


    This is the case when the merchant will be responsible to fulfill the orders of global products. So, the seller will send the stock of the desired product quantity to the admin for fulfillment.

    In this case, the seller will send the global product’s variant stock to the merchant to fulfill the order.

    Multi-vendor Seller Panel>>Go to Products>>Global Products>>Seller will select a global product whose stock needs to be sent to the merchant.
    Now, Edit product>>Variant Details>>Send to Merchant (Action menu).


    Now, the seller will enter the quantity of the global product that he/she wants to send to the merchant for fulfillment.



    The admin can view the received items in the Stock Product section of his admin panel.


    Clicking the Stock Product section, the admin can view the list of all the global product stocks sent by the sellers for fulfillment.


    Clicking the View button, the admin will update the global product quantity received by him/her from the seller.


    This is how you can manage the global product stock in the app.

    Check the Demo

    Follow the below links and credentials to check the demo of Global Product Feature app:

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