Mobikul Mobile App Builder for Magento 2

Mobikul Mobile App Builder for Magento 2

The mobile application is contributing a tremendous role to creating a competitive advantage for your eCommerce Store. The best mobile application can help you to create a competitive environment for your competitors. The best Mobile App for your Magento2 store must have all the essential features and functionalities and it should work perfectly according to your business needs & strategy. Also, you need to take care of technology which is used to create the mobile application so that you do not face any performance issues.

The Mobikul does this work for you so that you can engage your customers over the mobile platform. The mobile platform has a huge role to engage your customers to your mobile store. Mobikul Mobile App supports the feature Push Notification which is an essential feature of the mobile application. It helps to increase the customers’ engagement over the mobile store. You can also see the benefits of push notifications by clicking here.

Mobikul Mobile App Builder for Magento2Webkul’s one of the best product MOBIKUL, a mobile app which can do all the basic MAGENTO2 tasks in your Android and IOS smartphones. The app’s features are very much similar to your normal magento2. We have replicated all the features and functionality of the basic magento2. Your buyers will not have to bother about complex functionality because they can find things on their fingertips.


  • To attract the attention of the customers anytime anywhere, while they are on a move with their mobiles.
  • Assuring you for your customers’ privacy and security concerns.
  • To Open a New Avenue for increasing the Sales.
  • Providing flexibility and ease of connectivity, in learning about customers.
  • To increase customers’ engagement because of their growing reliance on mobile technology.
  • Provides an easy way to compare the Product, Prices, and Reviews.
  • Fully Native Android and iOS
  • Unlimited Push Notifications
  • Real Time Synchronization
  • Multi Payment Gateways supported
  • Multiple Shipping Support
  • Multi-Lingual Support
  • Interactive Theme
  • Enhanced Layered Navigation
  • Offline Mode
  • Finger Print Login
  • Related Products
  • Next/Previous Product View On Product Page
  • Voice Search
  • Mobile & Tablet supportEasy Checkout Process
  • All types Product Supported
  • Multi Currency Support
  • Product Sharing over Social media
  • Social Login (*)
  • Mobile Login (*)
  • One Time Password (*)
  • Order Tracking by Notification (*)
  • The features with Asterix mark (*) are the paid features.

Some technical aspects are as below:

  • Time Critical services’ like Push notification, and alerts.
  • Easy ‘Sharing of Products’ through various platforms like Whatsapp, Fb, Twitter etc.
  • Ease of use by ‘Attractive and Convenient UX’.
  • Application frameworks or Operating systems, which it supports are ‘Android and Apple platforms’.
  • Provision of ‘Synced carts or Cross Platform carts’ to bestow a seamless experience to browse on one platform and purchase from another. Along with it provides ease to shoppers as stored customer data doesn’t have to enter again, like delivery address and billing details etc.
  • Supports ‘Multiple trustworthy Payment methods’ like Paypal, MangoPay, Stripe, WePay, Credit Cards, Cash on Delivery etc.
  • Providing Layered Navigation for filtering the products on various attributes.
  • Interactive Front-end Panel for the stores.
  • An additional feature providing Multiple Store Views in which the store can be customized to view in Different languages.


The dashboard will show the recent activities of the customer in 3 sections viz. Recent orders, Account Information, and Address Details.

  • Recent Order section shows Order Ids, Shipment details, Status of the Orders and allows the customer for View/ ReOrder.
  • Account information section shows the Contact Information and list of Subscribed Newsletters (if any) and allows to edit the details.
  • Address Books gives the option to manage the Shipping and Billing Addresses.



It allows the customer to update the account information details by filling up the fields like First name, Last name, with the option to change the Email and Password of the account.




The section will show the default Billing and Shipping Addresses and allows to change or add new address details.




It will display the details of all the downloadable products of the customer with Order ID, Date, Title, Status and Remaining Downloads, along with a link to open the product directly.



It will show all the orders made by the customer with their Order Ids, Date, Shipment Details, Order Status and to View/ Reorder.



It will show all the cards details that you have saved for the future transactions in advance.



A newsletter is a kind of periodic publication distributed by e-mail to an opt-in list of subscribers. Newsletters are normally used by organizations or Store Owners to communicate with their readers and customers.

The feature shows the list of all the subscribed newsletters (if any) by the customer in their account panel, or else gives options to subscribe or unsubscribe for the same by approving in the checkboxes.



It will show all the billing agreements that you have generated for the orders.



It will list up all the reviews made by the customer on different products of the store with the reviews and ratings for the product.



It will exhibit the products added by customers which they want to purchase, with product details, selected quantity and an option to add the product to cart or remove it from the wishlist.

The app also provides a feature of Sharing the products or wishlist with your friends, and relatives through various platforms.



The feature permits to display all the products of the store, with their assigned and associated Sub-categories and Parent category in the mobile application too. That means, all the categories (Root category with their Sub- Categories) and all the products (Simple, Virtual, Configurable, Grouped, Bundle and Downloadable) of the store owner which are displayed on the store, will also be shown in the MOBIKUL.

The Page will display the Status of the product, Details of the product, Quantity selected and options for-

  • Add to cart
  • Add to Wishlist
  • Add to Compare
  • Share Options
  • Review and Ratings



To provide a hassle free experience for the customer in order to prevent them from searching for everything, a catalog accommodates the features of Layered Navigation, Search Engine Visibility (by capturing traffic with highly relevant keywords), Recently Viewed Products, Options for Comparison, etc.


The search feature operates in 3 ways- Like, Full Text, and Combine. ‘Like’ finds the similarity between the keywords matching with product titles, whereas ‘Full Text’ exactly matches the keyword with the titles and ‘Combine’ is a mix of both.
There are two ways to search for a product, one is the search engine known as Catalog Search which will show all the products related to the searched keyword along with its Price and buttons for adding it directly to wishlist or to compare.

The other is Advance Search (under Quick Links) to find products on more parameters like Name, Description, Price, Color, Size, Gender etc. In order to narrow down the navigation.




Provides a section to show the featured products.

  • Show featured products from all categories or specific categories beautifully in horizontal carousel slider.
  • Responsive and mobile friendly.



It beautifully displays all the new products added to the store in a horizontal carousel slider with the Product Title and its Price.



The specified tab will redirect you to the shopping cart page which will display the products in the cart with Product details like major attributes, price, quantity, subtotal and an option to remove the product from the cart. It also provides options to apply discount quotes (if any) and to estimate the shipping and tax rates according to the customer’s location and shipping rates.

The Grand Total amount will be shown along with a button to proceed towards the checkout.



Calculation of Taxes (Tax Rule) is based upon 3 mandatory fields- Customer Tax Class, Product Tax Class, and Tax Rate. Each customer is assigned to a particular Customer Class, similarly for each product will be associated with a particular Product Class (selected at the time of creation of the product). Magento calculates the Tax by matching these 3 areas, Tax Class of the product in the cart (Taxable Goods, Shipping goods etc.), Tax Class of the Customer (Whole seller, Retailer etc.) and the Location of the transaction taking place (which is set in the section “Manage Tax Zones and Rates” ) traced from Billing or Shipping Address.



The Checkout is further divided into 4 sections-

  • Showing Billing and Shipping Address with options to update/ change it.
  • Selection of Shipping Method which may include the option to add Gift options (if enabled).
  • Payment information from various payment gateways.
  • Order Review, which will display all the products with its Price, Quantity, and Grand Total after adjusting discounts, shipping charges etc. With Sub-Total.






It provides an option for Multiple Store views, i.e. the feature allows user to customize the Store View in various languages like-

  • English
  • Arabic etc


That’s all for the MOBIKUL, still have any issue feel free to add a ticket and let us know your views to make the module better