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    AR Product Backend Management In Mobikul Mobile App Builder for Magento 2


    The AR Product Backend Management in Mobikul Mobile App Builder for Magento 2 is easily done by admin to provide the facility to the customer to see products in the real world. These products are the revolution in the e-commerce industry as now the product being sold by admin could be sensed by the customer in reality.

    In Mobikul Mobile App Builder for Magento 2 and AR (Augmented Reality) we had discussed the AR Products and how it is operated using the app. So, in this article, we will present you that how an admin can create the AR Products from Magento 2 Backend.

    AR Products

    As specified in our earlier article we have implemented the AR Products in two ways-

    AR Product Visualisation

    This product type will allow e-commerce customers to try products in 3D with the help of the mobile application. The products are the simple product and configurable product type with Mobikul Configuration attached to it for AR-Product type.


    Here the admin can enter the details of the product as in default Magento.

    However, as specified above the admin needs to enter details in Mobikul Configuration-

    • AR-Model Type- The admin can select the 3D model option to view the 3D image of the product.

    This option will enable two fields-

    1-AR Model File For Android- In this field the admin needs to enter the .glb file which will contain a 3D image of the product.

    2-AR Model File For Ios- Here the admin needs to enter the 3D image of the product in the form of the .usdz file for the iOS device.

    • Texture Image- Here, the admin needs to enter the background of the 3D image.

    If the admin select 2-D for AR Model Type then the following options will appear:

    • AR 2-D Model File- Here the admin needs to select the .png file type image for the 2-D model.


    Now the rest of the options will remain the same as in default Magento 2 Mobikul App.


    In the Mobikul Mobile App Builder for Magento 2 the customer can view the products with the AR feature enabled as in the screenshot below.


    Hence, after this, the customer can detect the surface and place the product on the desired surface.

    surfacedetectionproduct placing

    The customers can view the 2-D model images in the frontend as shown.



    AR- Virtual Measurement

    This technique is for now in the iOS app only where the customer can virtually calculate the size of the object. This records the size of the object.

    This type of product is a simple product with custom options. The admin can specify the attributes of the product.

    With the help of the AR measurement tool, the admin can measure these dimensions and save it in the respective field.

    Now let’s see how the admin can enter measurement fields-

    So, for this admin needs to create a simple product by filling the required fields. Here, the admin must enter the Customizable Options.

    AR measurementproduct_backend

    Thus, the admin will create customizable options like the length, height, size and other desired options. This can be done by entering-

    • Option Title- The name of the option as it will appear in the front end.
    • Option Type-The type of option that is if its field, Radio Button, some file, etc for taking the input. Here the admin can select the only Field.
    • Required- The admin can check the box to make the input filed compulsory.
    • Price- The admin can enter the additional price that will be charged for the option.
    • Price Type –The admin selects if the additional price will be on the basis of percentage or the complete price will be added.


    Once admin configures all the details of the product, the customer can view the product in the frontend of the app as in the below image.


    Thus, the admin now clicks on the AR-icon as highlighted above to enter the measurement. In this case, we have a shirt for which we need to enter the Shoulder size and Height dimension.


    So, that’s all for AR Product Backend Management In Magento 2. Still, have any issue please feel free to add a ticket at

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