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    Mobikul Mobile App Builder for Magento 2 and AR (Augmented Reality)


    Mobikul Mobile App Builder for Magento 2 is the app will convert the Magento 2 based website to an app. The app is combined with Augmented Reality feature to increase the functionality of the app and make it more user-friendly.

    What is Augmented Reality?

    Augmented Reality is a part of artificial intelligence. Where the objects present in the real-world environment are augmented into computer-based information.

    It is different than from virtual reality, that refers to the adaptation of the real world into a virtual. However, augmented reality is about harmonious co-existence of the real and virtual world.

    So, the functionality is usable in various places like- surgical procedures, statistics calculation of growth in population, home interior decor, and other places.

    Types Of Augmented Reality

    The augmented reality is a diverse field that can be divided into several categories –

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    Marker Based Augmented Reality

    This type of Augmented Reality uses a camera and a visual marker(usually a QR/2D code). That gives a set of output when sensed by a reader. The camera of a device can distinguish between real-world object and marker.

    The best example of the technology is car interior design selection. Where the customer can view multiple designs for car interiors (like seat color, steering type, and color and many other details).

    Markerless Augmented Reality –

    This type of Augmented Reality uses a GPS, digital compass, velocity meter, or accelerometer which is embedded in the device to provide data based on your location.

    Thus, this feature is useful for mapping directions, finding nearby businesses, and other location-centric mobile applications.

    Projection-Based Augmented Reality –

    This works by projecting artificial light on a real-world object surface and then sensing the human interaction of that projected light.

    Superimposition Based Augmented Reality –

    This type of augmented reality either partially or completely replaces original view with the new one. This type of feature can be highly useful in furniture shop or determining the design of a building.

    Advantages Of Augmented Reality in Mobile Apps

    This technology is helpful when we talk about the e-commerce industry due to multiple reasons. After creating a revolution in the gaming industry with games like Pokemon Go.

    It is also serving other industries like healthcare(majorly operations), books and extensively the e-commerce industry.

    Hence, the major reasons behind the usage of Augmented Reality in the e-commerce industry are –

    • Product Virtualization-Virtualizing the presence of objects that are not there within the customer’s mobile phone. This will undoubtedly influence the customers more rather than the videos or pictures.
    • More Customer Engagement -Augmented Reality creates a sense of presence for objects that aren’t really there. As per a study, this will surely increase the customer engagement and bring down the number of unsatisfied customers as.
    • Memorable Shopping Experience -As customers can interact with virtual objects like the real world.  This feature can engage the customer more than the videos or pictures. As now the customer can virtually see the real world object.
    • Modify & Customize Selection -Customers love to customize the products they like and with the help of this feature. They can modify their selection by resizing the object, rotating, and placing the same object more than once as required.

    Magento 2 mobile app and augmented reality

    The Mobikul app is moving towards new advancement where it has introduced a feature of Augmented Reality.

    This feature will enable the customer to view the product in real life instead. Thus, facilitating with better purchase as stated above in the advantages.

    Mobikul has implemented Augmented Reality in two ways- AR Product Visualisation and AR Virtual Measurement.

    Note- So, the customer can check for admin end configuration, here- AR Product Backend Management In Mobikul Mobile App Builder for Magento 2.

    AR Product Visualisation

    In this case, the customer will have the facility to view the products in AR mode by clicking the AR option. The AR option is available on the product image as shown in the snapshot below.

    augmented reality demo snapshotsaugmented reality demo snapshots

    Here, the customer can click on the AR Button to detect the surface on which we need to place the product.

    After which they can click on the detected surface which will make the product visible virtually. The customer can decide the exact section of product placement.

    augmented reality demo snapshotsaugmented reality demo snapshots

    After that, the customers can even resize the object, rotate, and place the object more than once as required.

    augmented reality demo snapshots

    augmented reality demo snapshots

    So, for more insight check the below video –

    AR Virtual Measurement

    In this case, we can virtually record the measurement of the object for which we require the product. This feature is present only in iOS App.

    These products are the simple product with the custom option. The customer can enter the size with the help of AR Option in the product page.

    Thus the major requirement of this feature is where we require the customer to enter the details.


    Here, the customer can click on AR-Icon present in the custom field, which will open up the measurement recorder window.

    The admin here can click on Start button to being recording. After which the customer can click on the correct button to save the measurement.


    After, this the customer can click on the Add To Cart button and product will be delivered as per the required size configuration.

    For more insight check the video below-

    Hope this gave you some insights of AR use in e-commerce. This feature can easily be incorporated within our Mobikul Mobile App Builder for Magento 2.

    For any query or suggestions get back to us at [email protected] or raise a ticket at our HelpDesk system.

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