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Joomla Virtuemart Point Of Sale (POS) System

Joomla Virtuemart Point Of Sale (POS) System :

Joomla Virtuemart Point Of Sale (POS) System refers to a system where the merchant can create an order from his physical store using the POS and the order will be easily generated at Virtuemart. When you have a physical store and a VirtueMart webshop you can sell your goods with your Point of Sale without giving your sales staff access to the VirtueMart backend. All products/orders/calculation rules/customers will be synchronized into the POS. In this manner, your web store inventory will be synchronized with stock at physical store.


  • Admin can easily integrate Joomla Virtuemart POS System into Joomla Virtuemart site.
  • Admin can decide cashier(s) among the Joomla site users, who can access POS system
  • All virtuemart products are listed in “POS Products” and admin can publish/unpublish product from there.
  • All the registered customers with POS can viewable at “POS Customers”.
  • Admin can set Receipt title from configuration
  • All the virtuemart products are listed in POS view on frontend along with price and SKU on hover.
  • The cashier can add a product to POS cart by simply click on the product and can manage quantity using increment/decrement buttons on POS cart.
  • Option to put a cart on hold is provided.
  • the cashier can simply search for products by name/SKU.
  • the cashier can simply search for a customer by phone number and also can add new a customer.
  • POS orders are integrated with virtuemart and can be managed from virtuemart too.
  • Responsive views.


  • Supports Custom Fields, Cashier can choose from different available variants.
  • Supports Barcode reader, Admin can generate Barcode of products from “POS Products” admin panel and can print barcode label. Casher can add product using barcode reader.
  • Sync order with virtuemart.



Browse the Joomla Virtuemart Point Of Sale (POS) System zip file then upload and install.


Click on ‘Components’ then ‘Virtuemart POS system’.


Now here is ‘POS Products’

Generate Barcode

Click to Print Barcode

Click on Option for POS System Configurations.


Now, this is ‘POS Cashiers’ View


This is ‘POS Customers’ View


And the last one ‘POS Orders’

View Receipt, you can Print or Save as well


And now you have to create a Menu item.


Here is the ‘Virtuemart POS System’ once the POS Cashier login then can see this POS System Dashboard

In case of Product having Variants


Proceed to POS Checkout


Click to generate receipt against the order


That’s all for the Joomla Virtuemart Point Of Sale (POS) System still, have any issue feel free to add a ticket and let us know your views to make the Component better

Current Product Version - 1.0

Supported Framework Version - Joomla 3.x virtuemart 3.x

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  • Owlsome Ohmama
    i wonder if this product is what i need.
    1- is it possible to select only few categories to pick items for the cashier view? i have a complex structure and only a part of my eshop should be involved in the point of sales.
    2- i have a coupon system (awocoupon) based on earned points per buy. is it possible to apply discount codes from the cashier view?
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