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How to Create an ONDC Marketplace

Updated 25 September 2023


The phrase ONDC refers to the Open Network for Digital Commerce. It is a network created to provide functionality for small businesses to use the digital commerce process.

This step has been taken to help small merchants sell their products using digitalization on ONDC which is similar to the eCommerce marketplace

The emergence of ONDC occurred during the Covid-19 pandemic because there were several risks of fraud, which affected customers and businesses. The cause was a lack of digital infrastructure standards.

The government decided at the time to develop a centralized environment for buyers and sellers to connect through the ONDC network.

It provides a safe and transparent environment for merchants and consumers to exchange products and services.

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ONDC encourages open networks to enable local retail enterprises to get access to the single platform that every seller is using.

ONDC links buyers and sellers and makes them available on a single platform to exchange products and services.

In the last year, ONDC has expanded to 236 cities and added 36,000 merchants to its platform.

For Example, There are various apps in which the ONDC option is available such as Meesho, Mystore, Dunzo, Craftsvilla, etc.


An ONDC app will have options for the ONDC grocery, food, home decor, etc. If the user searches for the ONDC, the options will be displayed to the user.

It gives a list of the sellers available according to the area pin code you entered in the results. Users can select their preferred seller to proceed with order placement. 

Benefits of ONDC Marketplace

  • Smaller companies and retailers, such as food, groceries, and so on, may benefit from this.
  • The network connects sellers to a huge number of buyers, sellers may reach a larger audience.
  • The ONDC marketplace has the potential to decrease the dominance of large e-commerce sites.
  • It prioritizes local businesses and sellers due to the use of the hyperlocal concept. 
  • It allows the vendors to have direct interaction with the customers without any middle layer.
  • The ONDC helps logistics companies, as the sellers can use their own staff or startup firms as delivery partners.

Technology Behind ONDC

ONDC network is developed on blockchain technology to offer a secure and transparent platform for sellers and buyers. The platforms developed on blockchain records all the transactions to maintain transparency.

ONDC backend development uses the Beckn protocol to maintain monetary transactions like; placing an order, payments, order delivery, etc.


It ensures the standard of these transactions so that they will take place in a proper manner.

As ONDC focuses on local businesses, a hyperlocal search approach has been taken to list the local sellers who want to join the ONDC network.

The app searches local sellers and products such as hyperlocal mobile apps.

How to Create ONDC Marketplace?

Here, we will discuss the two main components of the seller and buyer apps to create an ONDC marketplace. 

The shoppers and vendors will only be able to join the ONDC network through the seller and buyer apps. To create an ONDC marketplace, the creation of the seller and buyer apps is important.

ONDC Marketplace is available on some popular apps. To start an ONDC marketplace, sellers need to register themselves on the apps. Or use a web-based platform such as Magento 2 Multi Vendor.

ONDC aims to promote open networks in the eCommerce industry to break the chain of the platform-centric model.

ONDC Buyer Application


In the buyer app, there will be a customer frontend from which buyers can search for ONDC-registered products or sellers. Here, the products and sellers will be visible that are registered on ONDC. 


The products available on ONDC have a lower cost than those on other popular websites.

The customers will register themselves on the buyer app. The buyers only need to complete the registration process on the ONDC app to become ONDC buyer network participants.

Buyers can easily go to the ONDC apps and search for the sellers or products they want to buy. The list of ONDC registered sellers will display to the buyer based on their entered area pin code.


They just have to select the preferred seller and add the product and place the order. After that, they can place an order and a delivery partner will get assigned for that particular order.

The buyers can purchase the products from the ONDC app simply as any other eCommerce app. The shoppers do not need to download any other specific app for the purchase as there is no unique app created for ONDC. 


Paytm, Pincode by Phonepe, Craftsvilla, Magicpin, Mystore, etc. are examples of ONDC buyer apps.

ONDC Seller Registration


To register themselves as a network participant on ONDC the sellers can use seller apps like Mystore, Seller App, Bizcom, Digiit, e-Samudaay, Growth Falcons, and others listed here.

The sellers need to fill out the form to sign up as an ONDC seller using any of the seller apps. Here, the sellers need to fill in the basic details such as business account details, a GSTIN number, or other required details.

After that, the seller needs to list their products by uploading their inventory, and the vendors can start selling their products through ONDC. 

The sellers can assign their staff or use any third-party company to fulfill the product shipment.

The vendors can compare the price with ONDC registered delivery partners, and then they can accordingly decide on the delivery partner.

There are various delivery companies registered in ONDC such as; Dunzo, Delhivery, and Ekart.

ONDC facilitates vendors in lowering their transportation costs through registered delivery partners and the option of choosing their staff members for the delivery.

How Webkul Can help you in building ONDC Marketplace

Webkul has more than 13+ years of expertise in building marketplaces. We have delivered multiple successful projects for marketplace websites. Along with it, we have developed NFT marketplaces that are built using the Ethereum blockchain.

Webkul will help you to develop the ONDC marketplace app where sellers can register themselves as ONDC seller.

We will also help you to create the buyer app through which the buyers can search for the ONDC registered vendors and products to place an order.


Thus, ONDC offers buyers a seamless shopping experience with their preferred sellers. The ONDC concept primarily leverages small and mid-level sellers by connecting them with buyers and lowering the cost to sell their products.

With the ONDC network, small shops may now connect with a huge number of buyers and compete with major giants like Amazon, Flipkart, eBay, and others.

It will not only benefit sellers but also small startups for shipment, allowing them to expand their business in this modern era with ONDC. In this way, it is also advantageous for the logistics industry along with the vendors.

That was all about How to Create an ONDC Marketplace. If you have any queries regarding the plugin, please get in touch with us at Webkul Support System.

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